Well This is Incredibly Stupid


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By:    Homero De la Fuente

Well This is Incredibly Stupid
US track and field star Sha'Carri Richardson has been suspended for one month from the Olympic team after testing positive for THC, a chemical found in marijuana, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced on Friday.

I am getting so tired of seeing athletes getting into trouble for using a drug that is not performance enhancing at all, if anything it would make your performance worse, and has been legalized in like half the country.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Richardson had booked her spot at the Tokyo Olympics with a runaway victory in the women's 100m at the US Olympic track and field trials in Eugene, Oregon last month. Due to the positive test, her Olympic trials results were automatically disqualified and she will not be allowed to participate in her signature 100m race at the Tokyo Olympics later this month.

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Dismayed Patriot
Professor Participates
2  Dismayed Patriot    4 months ago

How exactly is marijuana an "enhancement drug"? It might make sense if it was a food eating competition or a couch sitting competition, but the Olympics?

Sophomore Principal
3  Hallux    4 months ago

THC enhances my performance every time I go online. So much so that I have to tamper it down with copious quantities of a Scotchlike substance.

Professor Principal
3.1  Tessylo  replied to  Hallux @3    4 months ago


Sean Treacy
Professor Expert
4  Sean Treacy    4 months ago

Better off being  a man pretending to be a woman than a woman smoking pot if you want to be an Olympian

Professor Principal
4.1  Tessylo  replied to  Sean Treacy @4    4 months ago


Professor Principal
5  JBB    4 months ago

Meth, coke and booze are undetectable in hours...

A contact high shows traces a few weeks later on.

Yeah, this is STOOPID!

Professor Principal
6  JohnRussell    4 months ago

Sha'Carri Richardson has taken full responsibility for her mistake and says she will be back to competing in events when her suspension is over. 

If marijuana is on a prohibited list you can't use marijuana.

Hopefully by the time the next olympics or world championships roll around this archaic rule will have been changed. 

Dismayed Patriot
Professor Participates
6.1  Dismayed Patriot  replied to  JohnRussell @6    4 months ago
Hopefully by the time the next olympics or world championships roll around this archaic rule will have been changed.

Hopefully by the time the next Olympics or world championships roll around smoking weed will be one of the competitions...

You can die from drinking too much water, no one has ever died trying to smoke too much weed.

Once you hit a certain level of high, you can't get 'more high', you just get 'less weed'.

Professor Principal
7  Tessylo    4 months ago

I'd love to be in that competition.  I've had decades of practice

Professor Expert
8  Tacos!    4 months ago

Two reactions to this:

1) Marijuana? Who fucking cares? It’s not remotely performance enhancing unless “relieving anxiety” is performance enhancing, and why would you begrudge that to anyone? What a dumb rule.

2) Even so, she’s an Olympic athlete and should know better. It might be a dumb rule (no - it is a dumb rule), but you still know it’s there, and breaking it weeks before the Olympics is pretty dumb, too.

charger 383
Professor Quiet
9  charger 383    4 months ago

This is a stupid rule and by the way Marijuana has been legal here in Virginia for 2 days now


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