2025 RAM 1500 Tungsten -- This Luxury Truck Takes Things to a NEW LEVEL!


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2025 RAM 1500 Tungsten -- This Luxury Truck Takes Things to a NEW LEVEL!

For 2025, RAM has refreshed their iconic 1500 pickup to up this model in terms of tech and style! Additionally, we spent time with this *new* range topping Tungsten trim!

So, is this RAM Tungsten a true Denali Ultimate competitor now?


Headin' for Lowes, pardner.... Gotta get some plywood. I hope they got small sheets....

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T


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Yeah seriously! Mr Giggles is thinking of buying a new truck.

I'm gonna go rob a bank

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Today's pickup trucks are just as ugly and impractical as some cars, if not more so. Whatever happened to style and streamlining?

I had one just like this back in the day. Except for the wheel skirts. Also a blue and white 56 Bel Air later on.....some kids stole it and wrecked it.



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