Watch SpaceX Starship's 3rd Launch Attempt


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By:  dig  •  3 months ago  •  5 comments

Watch SpaceX Starship's 3rd Launch Attempt

It's live right now and launch is only a few minutes away, but if you miss it you can click back in the timeline and rewatch it.


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Professor Participates
1  author  Dig    3 months ago

Go now. Hurry. Only a few minutes left. :)

Freshman Silent
1.1  bccrane  replied to  Dig @1    3 months ago

I missed it live, they were to launch it at 8 am eastern, so when it came close they changed it to an hour later, and a little later they added even more time to it putting it beyond what I could watch live.  So had to settle for the rerun right here.

Professor Principal
2  Kavika     3 months ago

Where we live we can see all the launches from Space Center. I've posted photos of some of the launches in the past.

Professor Participates
2.1  author  Dig  replied to  Kavika @2    3 months ago

That's really cool, Kav. 

Starship launches from way down at the bottom tip of Texas. I think people on South Padre Island have front row seats.

Freshman Silent
2.2  bccrane  replied to  Kavika @2    3 months ago

Amazingly enough, here in Michigan above the 44th parallel, I seen one of the launches that sent up a group of Starlink satellites, it was just after sunset and I seen what I thought was the ISS coming but it was moving NNW which was wrong then it disappeared which was also wrong, about ten to fifteen minutes later a line of light showed up overhead moving NNW and as it passed overhead you could see the individual satellites.  So what I seen was the rocket heading up out of the earth shadow and when it disappeared it was actually descending back into the earth shadow. 


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