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wandering on the net

By:  Coral Atlas  •   •  8 years ago  •  4 comments

wandering on the net

I spend too much time on NV ... and need to stop spreading myself so thin ....

newstalkers seems alive and well .... it feels comfortable .. I need to clear out some space for newstalkers in my schedule ....

nice community ...

I was thinking of starting a newstalkers nation on NV as a gateway ...

jus' thinkin'


jrBlog - desc
link   Dowser    8 years ago

I'm with Mike on this. First, I don't think you can put a link on an article that directs anyone to another "social" or "news" web site with comments, without it being a CoH violation at NV.

Secondly, there already IS an Us vs. Them mentality over there-- and some of the comments I've read truly stirs that boiling pot... According to some people, those that have come here are traitors, and it is an either/or kind of thing. Nothing could be further from the truth, but there it is.

Lastly, I've missed seeing you! I'm glad you're going to spend more time here, because I've really missed talking with you! Take care and I'll look forward to more of your marvelous articles! Smile.gif

link   bluearcher    8 years ago

Hop over to NVoccasionallyto view the train wreck. Seems to be a rise in NeoCon|teabagger nonsense.

The Facebook\Pintrest mash-up makes for less serious dabte...let's avoid that here.

Hal A. Lujah
link   Hal A. Lujah    8 years ago

The new format at newsvine makes me cringe, and makes my computer want to punch me in the face for making it go there.

link   Wheel    8 years ago

I agree with everyone else I think. There are a few friends on the Vine I would LOVE to see come here, but I think the best way to go about it would be to send them an email rather than setting up a gateway. I really can't see any way that would go over well.

As someone has already said, there is an 'us vs them' mentality there already. No need to fan the flames.