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the world at 6:05pm est April 18, 2013

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the world at 6:05pm est April 18, 2013

in no order ofsignificancerockies just rocked the Mets

looking forward to saturday game Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls ... two tough teams

NT seems to be healthy and growing ....

OUR Presidents speech was compelling and powerful at the memorial in Boston

the two suspects look like Syrians to me ....

the horrible explosion at the fertilizer plant in Texas is perhaps the result of texas business friendly and lax regulations??

gun legislation in early stages ... not done by a long shot ... despite the nervous crowing from the right ...

majority rule will return for once and for all in 2014 ... the tyranny of the white male minority of the past two+ centuries is over

the founders were more like flounderers when we can step away from the propaganda ... treating women and slaves like property .....

the SCOTUS has beenembarrassedand exposed by the likes of Thomas Scalia Roberts

how do Thomas and his wife get away with tax evasion ..... but then how does Bush/Cheney get away with Iraq? and neglecting Afghanistan??

the white male plutocracy ... that's how ... a minority of tyrants ...

time for democracy and majority rule folks ..... in case anyone hasn't noticed the majority contains minorities and lots of decent white folks!

extreme weather events continue to remind us thatcapitalismhas exploited nature for profit and screwed human civilization in the process .... as well as all life on earth ...

hope this gets your juices flowing ....



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Thoughts, in order of the events discussed:

Go Team! and, is this baseball? (I keep up oh so well...)

NT IS great! And continually growing! Yeeeehaaaaa!

The President's speech was good. We need to hear words of comfort and strength from our president and it was timely and well-done.

I don't know what they look like-- or even if they are the right suspects. Seems awfully soon to me to be figuring all this out.

I thought the same thing about the explosion in Texas... Poor to NO regulation, and then this. Hope there can be a NASA type inquiry into the ammonia explosion. We have ammonia tanks on our site for disinfection purposes, and expect it daily.

It would appear that reasonable and common sense legislation is an impossibility for the NRA. I would think that a background check, to make sure that guns are not sold illegally, would be a common sense move.

I don't see how 2+ centuries of old white men are going away any time soon... I wish I could be as optimistic as you!

I think we have to look at the founding fathers as a product of their times... It was the norm, back then. Hopefully our constitution is written to be more elastic, to change with the changing times.

SCOTUS should be ashamed. But, of course, they're not.

Who is Thomas and his wife?

The majority also contains decent diverse peoples, too!

Absolutely. The biggest ones are those who go for the Black Gold, Texas Tea...

I tried... Smile.gif