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We the peeps will get to a point where we ban guns altogether ... since they are uncivilized

the problem is that 99% of humanity is well on it's way to extinction except for the tyrants in the minority who will and already are prolongingtheir lives using science

... poor people can't afford and don't buy body parts in the black market nor can they afford underground homes ... or to relocate to safe havens on the planet when disaster strikes ...

the luxury real estate market and black market for body parts would not exist without some of the wealthiest humans .... and their invisible weapons

some missing persons are providing a steady supply and choice of body parts .....

climate change is just another silent weapon used to depopulate the planet ..alongside a long list of others that represent calculated neglect ... new virus's aid's and manufactured crisis like shortages of vaccines .... etc etc etc

There is no need (for this group of tyrants) to be concernedabout over population ... these powers that be (the world wide plutocracy) have the solutions (for themselves) ..... we the so called tyrants in the majority are contained in a media bubble that blinds us from the truth

the concept of a republic says we must protect ourselves from the tyranny of the majority ... except that we in the majority have never ruled nor are we tyrants ...

We have been ruled by tyrants in a minority of white men since America become a nation!

We have been taught since birth to worship the "founders" and a constitution that was intended to treat women and slaves as property ...


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