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Has NT been "NewsVinified"

By:  Coral Atlas  •   •  8 years ago  •  6 comments

Has NT been "NewsVinified"

What first appealed to me about NT way back was the words adult community ... meaning moderators would not be prudes invoking their gospel subjectively & arbitrarily or hardly at all if at all ...

It seems moderation here on NT ischameleonlike and changes colors based on the person currently with the power of moderation .... it's a carousel of sorts ...which also makes it akaleidoscope

the smallness of the NT community also colors the waters quickly .... like urine detectors in a pool ...

However something is wrong and somewhat claustrophobic with the smallness ..... it can easily morph to small minded on an individual case by case basis ....

I suppose it's human nature .... sigh .... but in many respects NV is less likely to be polluted because of the larger volume of members in the pool...

granted NV has it's flaws ... and NT has a nice community feel ..... yet like any small town when you first arrive to live in it - everybody is a stranger ... but after a while when eating out and running into the same people all the time it gets a bit claustrophobic ... the gossip kicks in ...

what first appealed to me with NT was the word adults was used to describe the community.....

and I always feel we're all adults ... and that no adult anywhere is more adult than another .... so if I say fuck you it's taken at it's facecolloquialvalue .. like one adult to another ... it is what it is ... a way to communicate

in truth many children act more like adults should and adults act more like dolts the bulk of the time ... but that's another subject ..

Anyways I just ran into some "moderator" dolts here on NV ... which just serves to illustrate that the grass is always greener ...

I like to be able to call a dolt a dolt ...... and an ass an ass ... that's all I'm sayin' here ....

so if your a prude don't comment, if not take what you give ...()



jrBlog - desc
link   Dowser    8 years ago

I'm sure there are quite a few of the long-term members feel that way! While an influx of new people is a good thing, it also causes some major changes... Smile.gif

link   mocowgirl    8 years ago

I am sure that there are many places on the net where there is no moderation and people while away their lives cussing strangers.

I am certainly hoping that News Talkers is not one of those places.

link   mocowgirl    8 years ago

I don't mind swearing. In fact, I was fairly proficient at swearing by the time I was 5 years old.

However, I am pleased that personal insults are not allowed. If they were, I would not be here.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    8 years ago

I'm sorry Coral that you couldn't call a member an idiot. The CoC which was written by the group was the same when you first came here and now and it never allowed for one member to call another member an idiot.

And that hardly makes NT NVified.

Coral Atlas
link   author  Coral Atlas    8 years ago

NT appear to be worse if not the same as NV when it comes to poor moderation ...... everyone wants to be a Nairobi monkey as per The Ernie Kovacs Show ....

in 2013 we have a religious and social civil war going on in America ..... instigated mostly by the GOP to divide voters into to camps even tho 90% of us should be in the same camp ...

colloquial english is a sophisticated emotional form of communication ..... some can't deal with it but can dish it out .... I have no problem with someone calling me a mother fucker etc ... not calling someone an idiot or whatever aptly describes their words and actions ..... we live in a makebelieveworld and it's time to stop the bullshit and use whatever words are available to describe how we feel ..... that's life ... live with it ....

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    8 years ago


No one makes you post here, or even at NV. It is your choice. Our CoC is fairly liberal. You can use curse words when discussing a topic, but you can't make a personal attack on a member and call them an idiot.

colloquial english is a sophisticated emotional form of communication ..... some can't deal with it but can dish it out .... I have no problem with someone calling me a mother fucker etc

Grand., Then take it else where. Long before you came here, the members voted on the CoC. This is what the group wanted. It's a concept called democracy. I and the other mods do nothing more than enforce the CoC. It's not about to change for one member.... or you can wait till the next update and make your voice heard. Those are your options.