History of the song ''Red River Valley''

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History of the song ''Red River Valley''

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Many people believe that the song ''Red River Valley'' is about the Red River in Texas. It isn't.

It was written in the 1860's by a Metis (Michif) women to her British Lover at the start of the Metis Rebellion in Canada led by Louis Riel. Riel is known as the father of Manitoba and a huge figure in Canadian history.

The Red River starts in Minnesota, forms part of the border between Minnesota and North Dakota, and runs 550 miles north and empties into Lake Winnipeg.

Over the years some of the words have been changed, but very few.

These are the original lyrics.


O consider awhile ere you leave me, do not hasten to bid me adieu, but remember the Red River Valley, and the half-breed that loved you so true.

It's a long time, you know, I've been waiting for the words that you never did say, but alas! all my fond hopes have vanished, for they say you are going away.

From this valley they say you are going, I shall miss your blue eyes and sweet smile, and you take with you all of the sunshine that has brightened my pathway awhile.

So remember the valley, your're leaving, how lonely and dreary 'twill be; Remember the heart you are breaking and be true to your promise to me.

As you go to your home by the ocean may you never forget those sweet hours that we spent in the Red River Valley and the love we exchanged 'mid its bowers.

There could never be such a longing in the heart of a pale maiden's breast as dwells in the heart you are breaking with love for the boy who came west.

And the dark maiden's prayer for her love to the Spirit that rules all this world is that the sunshine his pathway may cover and the grief of the Red River Girl.


Many singers have recorded the song over the years. This is a version that I enjoy by Stevie Nicks and Chris Issak.


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