Moderate and Balanced Rules for Civil Discussion

 The Moderates and Balanced Group is a place where we can discuss issues without insulting each other.  If you can’t do that, do not join the group!  A brief rundown of the rules:     

As a member of this group you are expected to discuss the issues with civility and respect.    

If you are banned from the group, do not try to rejoin. If you wish to appeal the banning you must contact me personally and agree to abide by the rules by contract.  If you are subsequently banned again, there is no appeal. 

Pay attention to moderation directives.  Moderators can give directives in a thread (e.g., stop posting off-topic, stop bad behavior, etc.).  Everyone is expected to abide by such directives.  Directives may be general ("stop being so hostile") to specific ("no more talk about chili”), and are intended to keep a thread from completely derailing.  If you feel that your article is being derailed, please contact me and I will delete as necessary, or issue a moderation directive.

No trolling. Don't make posts that are inflammatory.  Attacking other members of our group is not acceptable. Substance with a dash of personal attacks is considered skirting the rules of the group and will be treated as a violation. Emojis used alone as a comment, will not be tolerated.  If you disagree, you must state why.

Ad hominem and personal attacks are not permitted. Again: criticize the ideas, not the people.  An ad hominem attack is a logical fallacy describing the attempt to discredit an argument by merely attacking the credibility of the arguer.  Excessive flaming will not be tolerated.  Users who verbally assault the character or person of other posters on a regular basis will be banned.  Moderator's judgment applies here.  "You are wrong" is not a personal attack; "You wrong because you are an idiot" is.  Persistent name-calling is a violation.

No Armchair Moderating. If you’re not an assigned moderator, do not add your moderation. All concerns about moderation should be sent to the group owner.

In all ways, we will abide by the Code of Conduct, as a minimum standard of behavior.

To file a complaint, ask a question, etc., please contact the group owner, Dowser.  You can contact me via Private Message or Chat.

Do not publish articles whose titles are designed to be hurtful to others.  There will be no acceptance of articles that denigrate other groups of people, including religion, party affiliation, race, etc.  Articles that are newsworthy about a group i.e. “Muslim men are raping German Women" is acceptable as news story.  An article entitled, “All Muslims Rape”, is a hate piece and will be removed.  Please make sure your articles are factual, and do not publish “click bait” articles, unless they are of innocuous subjects, like cute dogs and cats, (as an example).

The use of foul language is prohibited and will be deleted.

Other rules may be added as needed, as will be other moderators, etc.  Until then, I expect all of us to behave as adults!  Comments will not be archived, and therefore, cannot be restored. We will discuss rule changes as necessary. 

The Moderate and Balanced Group is like a neighborhood-- we all have to 'get along' to make any progress.

Thank you,







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link   Nona62    4 years ago

Dearest Dowser,

I would like to know if posting pictures will be allowed.....Thanks!   ♥♥♥

link   Dowser  replied to  Nona62   4 years ago

Of course, dear Nona!!!  Picture are always welcome!!!  For the benefit of the group, not pornographic or tacky ones...  You know what I mean!