Worthless Elkhart Police

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Worthless Elkhart Police

The Worthless Elkhart Police

My wife friend was named a suspect in stolen checks

The Elkhart Police thought her body shape was same as lady that stole the checks

She lost her job and the South Bend police contacted her with a picture

The picture looked nothing like her the suspect looks like she missing teeth

Thanks for ruing her life, Barney from May Berry could of done a better job


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2  TᵢG    last year

Did they clear her or is this ongoing?

Dean Moriarty
3  Dean Moriarty    last year

My next move will most likely be to an area without a local town clown police farce. 

4  author  ghostlybear    last year

I believe she can file a tort claim against the police. The elkhart police in Indiana has had nothing but problems. They were just on the news for beating a guy on camera. The Attorney general of Indiana Curtis Hill is from there. Amazing all I here from his problems is these are allegations but if your in a court room the prosecutor would want you to believe a jailhouse snitch! I have no faith in our system. A system that will bankrupt you even if your innocent. I tell people even if you have done nothing wrong they will still try to lock you up case in point! Don't talk to the police they are not your friend! A veteran called the local police because someone was breaking into his house the police killed the veteran! Veteran in Indiana at VA indianapolis a cop falsified police report and beat the hell out of him.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
5  Perrie Halpern R.A.    last year

Really sorry to hear this. I would think you get this straight although with legal help. 

6  Enoch    last year

Dear Friend Ghostly Bear: Most sorry to hear what happened to your First Lady.

Am here for you and her by site private message in any way wanted and needed. 

Peace and Abundant Blessings to You Both.


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