VA Socialized Medicine At Its Best

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VA Socialized Medicine At Its Best

Nothing but negative news coming out from VA cops falsifying records, assaults, killing vets to supervisors that are convicted murders. Socialized medicine at its best hiring right out of the penitentiary. Veterans are told to seek mental health, VA approves it than refuses all the bills. Veterans in crisis become more stressed out wont seek mental health anymore and end there lives. VA Fortwayne destroying lives and fueling the opioid epidemic. Every Dr that failed to follow the required standards for opiods and the chief of staff at the Fortwayne VA need removed. The government that says they care are the ones causing this epidemic. 300,000 veterans deaths from a incompetent agency. This agency buries it mistakes as there no accountability as lives are ruined. We have invaded other countries for much less when are we going to invade the VA? This government has failed to hold any one accountable but go after whistle blowers, veterans and the disabled.


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1  author  ghostlybear    last year

whole system needs to collapse and start over

2  Ed-NavDoc    last year

I am fortunate that I am retired military and have TriCare for Life. I am in the VA system but refuse to use them for any major medical issues.

Trout Giggles
2.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Ed-NavDoc @2    last year

I'm a dependant spouse (Mr Giggles in retired Air Force) and I am currently not happy with Tricare at the moment. I can't get the medication I need because Tricare doesn't want to pay for it. It cost me 30 dollars the other night for a month's supply. That's all. I will continue to pay for it out of my pocket because the bastards were giving me a different med that doesn't work and charging me 7 bucks a month for it.

2.1.1  Ed-NavDoc  replied to  Trout Giggles @2.1    last year

I am truly sorry to hear that. I on the other hand have never had a problem obtaining my medications through Tricare, thus I have no reason to be dissatisfied. When my late wife passed away in December of 2016, between Medicare and Tricare, all the hospitalization and ICU costs for two weeks were completely covered with zero out of pocket expense to me.

2.1.2  XDm9mm  replied to  Trout Giggles @2.1    last year
It cost me 30 dollars the other night for a month's supply.

Was that using one of those operations like Goodrx?  ( )

I have a great Medicare plan now where my BP meds are "0" co-pay, the one I had before sucked.   I found it was better paying the goodrx price than the medicare plan co-pay.

Do a search as there are a number of those types of operations.

3  arkpdx    last year

I am writing this while laying in my bed at a VA  run rehabilitation center in Vancouver Washington where I have been for the past month and a half.  I have been getting excellent care from the VA for 4 years. I have been completely satisfied

pat wilson
3.1  pat wilson  replied to  arkpdx @3    last year

I hope you have a full recovery.

3.1.1  arkpdx  replied to  pat wilson @3.1    last year

Thanks, I am almost back.  I broke my hip and wrist in a fall last May and I am now just beginning to walk on it again 

3.1.2  Kathleen  replied to  arkpdx @3.1.1    last year

Hoping for a speedy recovery.

3.2  XDm9mm  replied to  arkpdx @3    last year
I have been completely satisfied

Not all are as lucky as you.   It's entirely predicated on the local operation and of course the volume of patients the facility has in it's geographic area.

Having said that,

I wish you well and hope you fully recover.  Hopefully, you have additional family waiting to support you when you're finally discharged.

The Old Breed Marine
4  The Old Breed Marine    last year

"The VA" sucks!

I know some VA hospitals are better than others, and people still get good doctors and good service, etc., but overall, the VA is horrible, and our Vets deserve so much better.

4.1  XDm9mm  replied to  The Old Breed Marine @4    last year
but overall, the VA is horrible,

Years back, my maternal uncle died in a VA "Hospital" in Brooklyn NY.   He went there with chest pains and was told to wait.  While sitting there waiting with his brother, the pain got worse and he collapsed.  My other uncle (also a patient for other issues) was trying to get him help for almost a half hour and he was ignored.  Needless to say, by the time they got to him, he was dead.

Lease died in the VA after surviving the initial assault at Normandy day 1.   His brother Jim died years later of complications related to smoking and alcohol.  He survived the Pacific theater fighting the Japanese.

The Old Breed Marine
4.1.1  The Old Breed Marine  replied to  XDm9mm @4.1    last year

So sad... I have a couple of similar stories... but like so many things, those of us that know, know, and those that don't....telling them won't help.

4.1.2  JBB  replied to  XDm9mm @4.1    last year

Most people die in hospitals. I once sat with a friend who died waiting to be seen at a major city medical center's emergency room. He could not breath. They would not do a thing while he turned blue and died. How is someone who cannot breath supposed to complete reams of paperwork? He did not have insurance and I believe they were just in no hurry to treat him. We saw person after person being seen before him who were in no immediate danger, things like minor cuts and kids with coughs and even a case of ringworms. My Father died at the VA but by then it was a blessing. Of course, he was at a VA Center which is quite a different type of facility than a VA Hospital. VA Centers are where old soldiers go to die...