The Hateful Self-Righteous Hypocrite Trump Voter Guide And Drinking Game - By JBB...

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The Hateful Self-Righteous Hypocrite Trump Voter Guide And Drinking Game - By JBB...
"What? Me Worry?" - Alfred E Newman

The Hateful Self-Righteous Hypocrite Drinking Game And Voter Guide. Take one drink for each time one of the following atrocities happens...

1. A young black or native girl is gang raped.
2. A gay man is bashed to death.
3. A woman dies from a back-alley abortion.
4. A poor child is denied healthcare.
5. An unarmed person is shot by police.
6. A lesbian loses custody of her child.
7. A mosque or black church is burned.
8. A gay couple is denied housing.
9. A trans person commits suicide.
10. A prisoner is abused by their guards.
11. An immigrant family is separated by ICE.
12. An innocent person is wrongly convicted.
13. A black man is found hanging from a tree.

Extra Points - In the event of a mass shooting everyone chugs a beer and does The Macarena.



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Professor Principal
1  author  JBB    2 years ago

Some of y'all are going to get drunk this morning...

Dean Moriarty
Professor Participates
2  Dean Moriarty    2 years ago



Professor Principal
2.1  author  JBB  replied to  Dean Moriarty @2    2 years ago

14. A synagogue or gay bar is bombed.

Freshman Quiet
2.1.1  Suz  replied to  JBB @2.1    2 years ago

Just here or all over the world?

Professor Principal
2.1.2  author  JBB  replied to  Suz @2.1.1    2 years ago

Since it is an American election this particular Drinking game is USA specific though nothing stops Nazis, The Skin Heads, Aryan Nations, the KKK, Proud Boys or any other White Nationalist groups from contributing. You can call you local chapter for updated times and dates...

Professor Expert
3  Kathleen    2 years ago


Professor Principal
3.1  author  JBB  replied to  Kathleen @3    2 years ago

15. Police execute a petty criminal by suffocation.

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
4  Trout Giggles    2 years ago

I haven't done the Macarena in years. I hope I don't hurt myself

Professor Principal
4.1  author  JBB  replied to  Trout Giggles @4    2 years ago

Then there won't be a pizza party again this month.

Professor Quiet
5  bbl-1    2 years ago

The trouble with conservative religious freedom is...………….there is no religion and there is no freedom.

Note a couple of the MAGAs have shown up. 

Jeremy Retired in NC
PhD Guide
6  Jeremy Retired in NC    2 years ago

16.  Idiots riot over something they have very little or absolutely no information about.  

Professor Principal
6.1  author  JBB  replied to  Jeremy Retired in NC @6    2 years ago

No, but thanks anyway for bumping my blog...

Jeremy Retired in NC
PhD Guide
6.1.1  Jeremy Retired in NC  replied to  JBB @6.1    2 years ago

You're not providing anything to prove it wrong.  Not that I expect you can.

Professor Principal
6.1.2  author  JBB  replied to  Jeremy Retired in NC @6.1.1    2 years ago

Because you did not admit that the violence was instigated by outside rightwing agitators!