Police Brutality & Misconduct

Police Brutality & Misconduct

Police Brutality, abuse of authority and other police misconduct is running rampant in America. It is becoming apparent 
that over the years, our country has been moving ever and ever closer to a becoming a Police State. 

Everyday increasingly unacceptable behavior is being demonstrated by Police Officers all over the country.

Please join us in gathering these stories and exposing the ever increasing number of rogue cops among the thousands of  honorable police officers that make up the majority of our law enforcement community.



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Jerry Verlinger

Police Brutality in America - A Growing Problem

link Last Reply By @Jerry Verlinger 4 years ago
    The full context of this article can be read and is being...
Tex Stankley

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids

link Last Reply By @Jerry Verlinger 5 years ago
     Thanks for that link. No problem. Use it to find police...


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