NewsTalker Community Group Announcement

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NewsTalker Community Group Announcement

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The NewsTalkers Community

  Larry Hampton Becomes Co-Administrator of The NewsTalkers Community Group

Larry Hampton

In an effort help to make the  The NewsTalkers Community Group  a hub of the general community activity, and to assure the NTC is helpful in providing information regarding changes in the mechanics and functions of the site,  Larry Hampton   has graciously volunteered to become a Co-Administrator of NTC.

Having been a member of NT since 2011 and sharing Friends List with over 330 members, Larry is very knowledgeable about the history of NT, and can reach out to a large number of the membership, which will help the NTC to be a more effective center for the exchange of information and ideas between the members and with the administration.

I personally thank Larry and Im very grateful to have him step up and agree to co-administrate this group.

If you are not currently a member of NTC, please click  this link   and sign up.

Thank you,
Jerry Verlinger
Co-Administrator -The NewsTalkers Community Group


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