The PC Clique On NT

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The PC Clique On NT

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There's a book I read entitled; "A Nation of Victims: The Decay of the American Character". The author is Charles J. Sykes, a noted Milwaukee conservative. I hardly agreed with everything he wrote but he was on point about political correctness and victimization.

Yes, there are people in life, some here, that go out of their way to be offended and victimized by even the slightest hint of something "they" consider offensive. While they wallow in their own self pity, claiming to be traumatized or slighted by a misused noun or verb, they cajole everyone around them to be as offended as they are.

Your rights end where my feelings begin - or, your rights end where their moral approval begins. PC'ers (usually liberal), and the religious right, see themselves as morally superior. Tragically, most of them lack the finesse or tact to articulate their disapproval other than to whine or criticize things, they know nothing about....other than they "feel" offended.

In a political/news forum, where emotions push the limits, you cut people slack. The problem can usually end there. But PC'ers have their own agenda, which depending on the topic and their level of righteous indignation, cause them to band together like fly's around shit, mindlessly spewing against those evil people who offended them.

Charles Sykes is sort of a jerk, like most (not all) conservatives are. A William F. Buckley, Jr he is not. But he is right about self-vicimization and Political Correctness.


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