Is it only me?

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Is it only me?

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I'm getting real fed up with the forum...for technical reasons, not CoC crap, that's for other people. I'm talking about slow servers and shitty JavaScript text codes that are making posting, a massive annoyance.

1) Yellow screen - Every time I want to post, I have to wait for the text screen to turn from lite yellow, to white...that's when all the text icons show up

2) ....and even then, there's a 50-50 chance that when I either switch from "Visual Mode" to HTML Editor or post something, the editor wipes out everything I typed.

This isn't Perrie fault, it's "Ning" and the shitty servers they use at "" that lag behind with "Nings" proprietary codes, which are awful, specifically their convoluted javascript.

I'm tired of waiting and tired of losing my posts. Like I said, it's 50-50. No, it's not my browser, ISP or O/S. I've used different browsers and different IP#' difference.


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