One Vision of What Can Be. What the New Site Contributes to That Vision.

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One Vision of What Can Be. What the New Site Contributes to That Vision.

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It is inevitable, and in my view healthy that there are more than one views for what this can and should be.

Nature loves diversity. It is the most successful survival strategy for any species. Similarly, at the metaphysical level diversity is best for optimizing societal and spiritual health. So I opine.

My vision of bringing out the best of Thenewstalkers.coim is that it has the potential to be a site where we can all get smarter, and enjoy fellowship in a relaxed, cordial and harmonious atmosphere. Not everyone is into discord and disrespect. Not everyone cares for being told what to think. Not all of us confuse getting under our skin with digs or having discussions de-railed so our voices can be drowned out, and the site monopolized by the few at the expense of the many.

There are those of us who value reading what fellow talkers originally write. If we are interested in reading what non news talkers have written, there are search engines for that. We don't come here for it. A simple keyword or two in a dialogue box can yield upwards of half a million articles on any issue form people who are not site members.   

Many of us left the because it dulled down. Hate peddling became a cottage industry all too often there. Some of that spilled over into here. Not all of us, indeed the vast majority of us haven't any use for such childishness.

This new format isn't perfect. Nothing is. It will only be as good as we make or don't make it.

There are those of us who take the time and effort to research, write and encourage others to read and comment on original work. We ask they share their views and ideas whether or not compatible without ours in a mode of fellowship, mutual respect and warmth. This is a site where that can now happen more easily.

The sowers of division, even hatred still have plenty of places, within limits even here to stir the pot of "my way or the highway" stew.

My vision is that this site can be a "Festivus for the Rest of Us". This line, taken from the TV series Seinfeld is on point.

Site owners and moderators know from me and others we would like ways to upload original works as easily from our hard drives as those who seed the works of others can point and clink on internet links. Over time, of the many possible things the site can have which promote originality and harmony, we can always improve on a good thing.

I like this new site. I am still learning how to us it. It has potential.

We need patience and open communication.

Onward and upward.



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