Three Years Later Marc Is Still In The Fight

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Three Years Later Marc Is Still In The Fight

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1610991_10207759766810355_4564620316934039380_n.jpg?oh=25121a5dfb500a35bb2eb33fe8d37d35&oe=595A22D1 Three years ago I posted an article on NewsTalkers about my second son, Marc, shortly after I learned he had been diagnosed as having uncontrollable cancer in his kidney. At that time he was told by his doctor he could only expect 6 months to a year to live.

Well here he is, still fighting his 'Cancer Dragon' in his own way (he's been doing things his own way since he was born). Now he has forged a new way to carry on with his fight.  In an article he recently posted on facebook (which is the reason for this post) he describes exactly what he is facing and what he is currently doing about it, he said:

Diagnosed with Sarcomitoid renal cell carcinoma, an aggressive deep cell kidney cancer that already showed signs of metastasizing, spreading to the prostate and the right lung. With no known cure or any way to stop this type of cancer, I've opted out of traditional treatments and medications. No radical surgery, no chemo, no radiation. I decided to accept my fate, treat the symptoms from this dragon as they come, living a better quality of life, even if it's a shortened life. I refuse the cold steel table and the precise sharp edge of a scalpel.

With no support from the cancer society or medical institution, selling my art will help fund the holistic treatments that can be very expensive and sometimes hard to obtain.

Marc is a very talented artist and sculptor, (he also is a very talented Rock drummer) and he has created the following Hanes Tee shirt that he is selling through 'teespring' on line, to help finance the battle he is fighting with the "Cancer Dragon" he has depicted on the Tee shirt shown here. 


/\/\/ Light Steel T-Shirt Front

With this post I am unashamedly asking for your help to make this effort more successful. You can order one (or more) of the shirt by going to     THIS LINK .   Available only until March 31

I also am very happy to inform all of you that, under the circumstances, he is doing very well and appreciates the NewsTalkers friends he made from my original article about him.

Thank you all for your help..   

I've had people contact me asking for a way to donate funds instead of the tee shirt. Marc has a "gofundme" account at  THIS LINK


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