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The lead up to the Iraq war (what you may have forgotten)

By:  Krishna  •  History  •  one week ago  •  14 comments

The lead up to the Iraq war (what you may have forgotten)

I can support an action against Saddam Hussein . . .

The following are genuine comments from politicians regarding the need to go to war with Saddam. (Warning: this was aired as a political ad, so its intent is biased. But the comments of politicians are authentic).


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1  author  Krishna    one week ago

He will rebuild his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction . . . 

2  author  Krishna    one week ago

Iraq is a long way from Ohio.But what happens there matters a great deal here.  The risk that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, biological or chemical weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat that we face.

3  dave-2693993    one week ago

Interesting seed Krishna.

This will be a good exercise to follow, basically about politics in general.

I will follow the hopeful progress.

Bob Nelson
4  Bob Nelson    one week ago

That's the original address, in French.

The heart of de Villepin's argument is:

The question today is simple. Do we believe in good conscience that disarmament via inspections is now leading us to a dead end, or do we believe that the possibilities regarding inspections presented in 1441 have still not been fully explored?

In response to this question, France believes two things. First, the option of inspections has not been taken to the end. It can provide an effective response to the imperative of disarming Iraq.

Secondly, the use of force would be so fraught with risk for people, for the region and for international stability that it should only be envisioned as a last resort.

That last portion has proven exactly true. The intervention was hugely costly, in lives and fortune... accomplishing nothing except to ruin "the people, the region, and international stability"... exactly as de Villepin predicted.

Here's a transcript in English.

Meanwhile, John Bolton was proclaiming WMD (video format not compatible with NT):

John Bolton on Iraq WMDs in Nov. 2002

Dean Moriarty
5  Dean Moriarty    one week ago

Dean Moriarty
6  Dean Moriarty    one week ago

7  dave-2693993    one week ago

Maybe my mistake. I thought many would take a go at the irony posed in this seed.

8  dave-2693993    one week ago

I am even wondering if such an image would would raise discussions of irony? After all, promoted, bought and paid for by our prior administration. Where does our politics care about we the people as opposed to we the party?

BTW, the photo was from a left leaning source. Does the A ring any bells?


Bob Nelson
8.1  Bob Nelson  replied to  dave-2693993 @8    one week ago

If your posts have something to do with the seed, please indicate what that is.They appear to be irrelevant.

8.1.1  dave-2693993  replied to  Bob Nelson @8.1    one week ago

It appears to me, the seed is about political irony.

My posts are specific about that.

Bob Nelson
8.1.2  Bob Nelson  replied to  dave-2693993 @8.1.1    one week ago

Does the photo have anything at all to do with Iran or Iraq?

8.1.3  dave-2693993  replied to  Bob Nelson @8.1.2    one week ago
Does the photo have anything at all to do with Iran or Iraq?

Why should they when the seed is screaming political irony at the top of it's lungs.

I am sure political irony is apparent in more than Iraq/Iran discussions.

Greg Jones
9  Greg Jones    one week ago

It appears to be a seed in search of a topic or making a point.  jrSmiley_26_smiley_image.gif

10  bbl-1    one week ago

What I learned from the "Iraq War-----------Wars---Wars---and so on."

1.  My nephew was killed in 2007.

2.  There was far more investigation in the Benghazi/Clinton thing than there was for the entirety of the "Iraq War---Wars---Wars and so on."

      a.  Everybody has already conveniently forgotten about the pallets of US $100 dollar bills, each one in the value of billions, that somehow-somewhere-------just vanished---somehow--somewhere. 

           And that is just one little itty bitty item that don't mean crap. 

Lead up to the Iraq War my arse.