The greatest strategy game of all time

By:  Vic Eldred  •  2 years ago  •  2 comments

The greatest strategy game of all time
the main enemy for the German player is time

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It's called "War in the East 2."   Yes, there already was a game 1. The creator Gary Grigsby has improved the game after hearing from some of the early critics. Mostly it was about giving the air war role a more accurate representation. He went to a lot of work on historical research and you get every unit deployed by both sides. (The Soviet player gets to create new ones as the game plays out.) This incredible game (now on sale via steam for $50) is best explained by one of it's most dedicated devotees - The CA lawyer, who goes under the Suto name "Strategy Gaming Dojo" (created by his wife, no less.)  Grigsby always gives him advance copies of the game and right there in the part 1 (kickoff) you'll get an idea of what is involved.


You have the choice of playing as either the German or Soviet player. Of course, the challenge is playing as the German side. I've played it many times and all I can say is I have no idea why the Germans ever embarked on this unimaginable undertaking. Gary Grigsby is a stickler for the elements of supply & logistics, so you'll understand that problem very soon. The other question is why Hitler went through with this operation after having to delay the all important early spring start time to go bail out the Italians in Greece?

It is now in your hands.

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