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Bob Nelson

Halfway to the Firing Squad!

link Last Reply By @Bob Nelson 16 hours ago
     Once again... I am not complaining about these Tickets....

Are you KIDDING ME??

link Last Reply By @Bob Nelson 17 hours ago
     Beware of "off-topic". If I understand correctly (which...

Moderation or Policing?

link Last Reply By @Bob Nelson 17 hours ago
     I missed the initial posting of this conversation. I was...
Perrie Halpern R.A.

From Dulay:The Snowflakes Are Causing An Avalanche Of Bullshit.

link Last Reply By @Dulay yesterday
     reading comprehension, is your friend Yes it is. That is...
Bob Nelson


link Last Reply By @Bob Nelson yesterday
     Well... if Bruce says so, then it must be so...     

Off Topic

link Last Reply By @Kathleen 4 days ago
    Go on my animal seed, its much better. : )

Banned Terms On Newstalkers

link Last Reply By @Bob Nelson 2 weeks ago
    Are you trying to be a caricature of yourself?   

what difference does it make

link Last Reply By @Heartland American 3 weeks ago
    It doesn’t in any objective measure.  


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