I am FED UP with Conservative's Derogatory Articles and Remarks -- RBRs

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I am FED UP with Conservative's Derogatory Articles and Remarks -- RBRs

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Fed up, I say.  Just in the past week, these articles have vied for position on the Front Page:

LIEberals Will Say Anything

Why Liberalism is a Mental Disease

Cosa Sinastra - The Left as a crime family

The Left's False Vision of Economics and Morality

The Liberal Land Grab

The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2017

Alt Left Insanity-- "Trump Trauma" is making Liberals freak out

 Do Liberals have any sense at all?

On the edge of insult:

In 2018, Danger for the Party of the Rich, (democrats)

Looking for the same, on the Conservative side, I found twp articles that even mention the word "conservative", and the first one of those is from a conservative viewpoint:

Google has "Reeducation Camps" for Its Conservative Employees

Conservative writer -- Trump Called Friends to Brag About Shith*le Comments--  and this doesn't paint all conservatives with a broad brush.

What makes some conservatives on this website feel that they can insult and degrade a more liberal viewpoint with impunity?  Why do some of the conservatives on this site feel the need to denigrate liberals to make their point?

For me, as soon as the name-calling starts, I am done with the article.  I don't use the word "rethuglican" and I don't expect to have to wade through comment after comment about Libtards, etc.  If you can't make your point without insult, obviously, you have no point to make.

So, you don't like the liberal way of thinking.  SO WHAT?  Good for you!  Just don't express your distrust, distaste, and loathing in a derogatory manner, OR make base comments and article titles.  

About 1/2 of us on this site are liberals and about 1/2 on the site are conservatives.  Why insult 50% of the membership with your personal, nasty, remarks?

I call a moratorium on nastiness, meanness, and insults.  Elevate your vocabulary!  Treat each other with respect!

Thank you!


Be Kind

Be Respectful

Be on Point, or

Be Gone!


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