A perfect example....

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A perfect example....

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I'm posting this here in the Metafied group because it's a discussion of NT.  But there is a political slant to it.

I've been absent for quite a while.  I've been dealing with major home remodeling, an absolutely outstanding Shindig reunion of Submarine sailors, and a mental health healing regime of model building.

So a gentle prod from Perrie has me perusing the usual flame wars of the front page and the usual whining articles of Metafied.  And as I read the comments of displeasure in the moderation (which is nothing new) as well as the displeasure in the CoC and the new rules, I'm reminded of the last Presidential election.

You see, those of you who are crying about the CoC, the application of the rules, and the new rules that many are having a hard time getting used to...you are a minority.  (Disclaimer:  the use of 'you' does not mean that I'm not also displeased with some of the new changes).  And all of the changes that have taken place in the last 6 months were voted on by the majority.   Majority rules.  Simple as that.  

Compare that to the Presidential election.  I find it ironic that many who are whining about the recent changes here, where the Majority ruled, are some of the same people who would be all for a national election where the majority ruled.  Thank God the founders recognized that majority rule was a really bad way to run a diverse country.  

Missouri has three major metropolitan areas.  St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield.  But the majority of the country in this state is farmland and ranches.  During the 2012 election, a ballot measure was introduced that would apply strict laws to animal breeding.  It was the work of some misguided individuals influenced by PETA to try and shut down puppy mills.  It's a nationwide, state by state effort.  The problem with this ballot measure is that it would have put just about every dairy, beef, and other livestock rancher out of business with its draconian regulations for animal habitat.  The measure passed.  Not because the farmers agreed with it.  But because the liberal snowflake infestations of the metropolitan areas voted for it.  Majority rules.  Luckily, several lawsuits allowed for the legislatures to modify the resulting ballot measure to provide relief to ranches.

My point?  Simple.  Majority ruled.  The changes were voted on, and this is the result.  Don't like it?  Start pushing for a timely change tot he CoC again.  Or...you can just keep whining.  It's rather entertaining.


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