Front Page Clean Up

By:  pat wilson  •  10 months ago  •  52 comments

Front Page Clean Up
Lets streamline it a bit.

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I think we could clean up the daily front page for greater ease and use. It would also free up bandwidth used by the site.

1) Article/seeds that have no action for three days are automatically migrated to an archival group so that those that want to beat a dead horse or make zombies of their articles can still do that.

2) Articles/seeds that are locked for more than 12 hours are deleted. Reasons are obvious. How many times have you seen a title that looked interesting and go to it only to find its locked, while it still cycles through the FP list. And how many times have you wanted to respond to a comment and “poof” its locked ? Waste of space and bandwidth.

3) All “articles”, columns and blogs must be original content from the “author”. I see a number of articles in the columnist section of the FP that include text lifted and pasted into the content of the “article”. This is risky for the owner of this site as it risks charges of plagiarism. Any text from other authors/articles must be credited with links. I think this is in the ToS or CoC.


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