What REALLY constitutes "sweeping generalization" ticket?

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What REALLY constitutes "sweeping generalization" ticket?

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S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

I posted something that was CLEARLY not a sweeping generalization, but because it was directed at democrats, it was ticketed and taken down. 

I think the sweeping generalization, like the no value ticket should have a very clear definition to what can lead to a post being ticketed and removed.

Unfortunately, these 2 things are more subjective to a mod's personal views than a true violation.

This is the post I made and it was deleted less than 2 minutes after posting...

No, I don't think ALL of Trump's supporters are democrats, but I'm sure there are some mixed in now after 4 years.

Honestly, I wish those liberals would stay in the democratic party where they are well received.


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