Here is your space to complain/respond about Moderation and Administration on this site.

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Here is your space to complain/respond about Moderation and Administration on this site.
Forum discussions are not the place

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Forum discussions are not the place to argue with Moderators or Administrators, and that comes from someone who has made that mistake themselves. Some people feel that there is a bias against them by Moderator's or Administrator's. I would love to be able to dispel that notion completely, but I can't. People are judged and viewed by how they act here just like in Real Life. Some are well behaved; some aren't. Most fall somewhere in-between.

I can't speak for the other Moderator's or the Administrator's of this site, but when I see comments that push the boundaries, I tend to apply the person's past performance as an indicator of what their true intentions are, as well as the person/people they are addressing. It's usually pretty easy to read between the lines when it comes to these types of comments simply because it's usually pretty easy to see who gets along with whom, and who doesn't. Sometimes what would be a CoC violation elsewhere, is nothing more than a joke or good-natured ribbing between friends.At other times, what may appear to be a compliment, is actually intended as an insult. Both are technically violations of the CoC and ToS, but it is a judgement call at that point. Sometimes we get it wrong! Been there-done that, not only as a Moderator, but also as a User. I blame it on being Human. Or the level of alcohol having been consumed! :)

This is where the majority of complaints seem to occur as people try to play innocent, or others questioning the decision made. This is fine to do, but should be done through the Private Message feature; not on the discussion page. If it is such a big deal that you believe ALL users should have a say in the debate, then please--by all means--publish an article here on the Meta Page where it belongs. If you see Comments about Moderation taking place elsewhere (or any other violations for that matter), then Flag them immediately! We are NOT an All Seeing Eye that sees and reads every Comment made. We depend on the Users to report violations. Some Users choose not to do so. and in so doing, they are actually encouraging Bad Behavior. I get it; you believe in Free Speech, as do I, but I also agreed to follow the Guidelines when I joined this site.  These poor souls are the ones who usually respond to others who bait them easily into making mistakes. As soon as they do, one of the compatriots of their antagonist will report the Comment, and then this person winds up getting Ticketed!

These are just some of the considerations we have to take into account when deciding what to do about Flagged comments. We want to be fair to ALL Users, but when people are playing these games to skirt the CoC and ToS, it makes it nearly impossible to be consistent. Keep that in mind when you lodge those Moderation complaints. Most of the problems we encounter would be solved just by people actually doing what they agreed to do--Be Nice, and Report those who aren't! If you aren't doing those two things, then you really have no room to complain about over Moderation, or lack of Moderation. Suck it up Buttercup until you are willing and able to hold up your end of the bargain you made.


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