Ground Control We Have a Problem

By:  Trout Giggles  •  5 months ago  •  13 comments

Ground Control We Have a Problem

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It's concerning the ignore function. It works quite well on the Front Page and in seeds but the problem is that when someone replies to you you can see the comment in your private notes. I could turn off my private notes notification, but then I wouldn't know who has commented to me that I want to read or get updates on my seeds.

I have told people in PN that they are on ignore, but they ignore and continue to comment anyway. I have one particular nasty gnat who is either thick headed or wants to see how far he can push me.

When I have someone on ignore, I don't want to know what that person is saying to anyone but most especially myself.

Call me a whiner but I'm trying to be a better member of NT and it really helps if people know they are on ignore and stop with the buzzing around my head trying to annoy me.

Thanks for listening


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