Let's be PRECISE!

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Let's be PRECISE!

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Red Box Rules Protocol Discussions


Chatter, chatter, chatter...

"I think yada yada!!"

"No! You're wrong, bada bada!!"


Could we please come down to Earth? Be real?

Here are the Red Rules I plan to use the next time I feel they would be helpful:

- Be polite. No insults. Insults never improve a conversation.

- Stay on the topic of the seed/article.

- Explain your own thinking. Ask about others' thinking. Do not try to explain others' thinking.


Meta is off-topic . Please send me any questions or comments about meta via chat or email. Let's not derail the seed into meta. Thanks.

Three strikes and you're out . Three deletions and you're evicted from the conversation on the presumption that you are intentionally disrupting.


The topic of the seed/article appears to me to be __________________.

You may challenge this interpretation, but please be explicit, like, "It seems to me that the topic of the seed/article is XXXXX, because of the following excerpt: "yyyyy yyyyyy yyyy yyyyy yyyyyyyy yyy yyyy yyyyy ". Be... factual!

If you do not challenge my definition of the topic, then please stick to that topic. Thank you.

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