Reminder: Personal Insults are a violation of the CoC

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Reminder: Personal Insults are a violation of the CoC
1. No direct or indirect derogatory references to other members

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1. No direct or indirect derogatory references to other members

A derogatory reference is a negative statement about another member. Often this is called a personal attack. The best way to avoid a derogatory reference is to not make an uncomplimentary personal comment or include an insulting label. Basically, address issues and arguments, not individual members.

Derogatory references can be direct or indirect. A direct reference singles out the target (e.g. ‘you are a troll’). An indirect reference targets a category which includes the member. Derogatory statements attacking all within a category (e.g. liberals, conservatives, theists, atheists, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.) are indirect derogatory references.

Several people seem to be of the opinion that the Moderators here are biased against them when in reality it is their constant violation of the #1 Rule of the CoC that is getting them in trouble. As a general rule, the Moderators have been giving a lot of leeway to these Members because of the fact that we actually don't like to suspend people; we would rather them behave like adults when discussing the issues. This has drawn fire from BOTH sides of the aisle as we are accused of bias against the accusers political views. This couldn't be further from the truth. First off, we don't go looking for violations, we respond to Flags usually. In the process of responding, we will often review the thread for any subsequent portions for removal of  references to the Flagged item per the CoC. In so doing, we will often find items that also violate the CoC and respond accordingly. 

I'm going to offer two more friendly reminders from the CoC :

  Types of Violations        

       Comment removed for CoC violation: I direct insult. You are an Ahole. This is a violation.

       Skirting the CoC: An indirect insult. Anyone who would right that comment is an Ahole. This is a violation.

And in case you are wondering:


You are allowed four (4) Code of Conduct (CoC) violations before you get your first suspension. A CoC violation is defined as violating site policy – typically this is a violation of one or more of the six codes.

Two (2) ‘skirting the CoC’ violations is equal to one CoC violation. (‘ Skirting the CoC’ is defined in Behavior Policies).

Suspensions start at two (2) days with two (2) days added for each additional suspension over a month's period. At the end of the month, a member's slate is wiped clean.

Now for those complaining about bias , think about that for a second; how many times today have you violated the #1 Rule of the CoC and yet here you are..

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