Satanic baby-killers

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Satanic baby-killers
S&B just had a discussion about crazy devil-hunters. Why do they do this? Some do it for money, of course, but not all. Some "truly believe......."

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Sometimes I have to tease out the pattern , to search the subtext and read between the lines in order to detect the ever-near shadow of the Satanic baby-killer disease that has, for centuries, been the enabling excuse used to justify and rationalize and defend oppression, recasting injustice as a sacred duty and a badge of pious virtue.

But sometimes the thing is just right there on the surface, explicitly staring us in the face: “ ‘UK’s worst troll’ claimed London school was center of baby-eating satanic cult .”

Sabine McNeill’s actions forced innocent children to change their names, carry tracking devices and practice panic drills, a court heard.

512 The 74-year-old, described as one of the UK’s worst trolls, perpetuated “baseless” allegations about families whose lives had been “ruined.”

After years of lying about others in order to lie to herself, Sabine McNeill’s smile no longer reaches her eyes.
Ed Willcox from Telegraph story at link

Southwark Crown Court heard that McNeill had led a campaign to uncover claims of devil worship, child rape and murder at the school, harassing four mothers who now live in fear of violent reprisals.

Judge Sally Cahill, QC told the weeping pensioner: “This case has to be one of the most serious cases of stalking and breach of a restraining order that there can be.

“The direct consequences of your actions, is that for the four families concerned you have ruined all normal family life.

“The allegations were of murder, cannibalism, satanism and sexual abuse. They could not be more serious or vile.

“The children’s lives have been blighted forever. In my judgment you are an arrogant, malicious, evil and manipulative woman.”

… The judge criticized those who had republished and circulated the claims “with flagrant disregard” for the welfare of the children,” irrespective of whether or not they were true.

McNeill, from Camden, north London, was convicted of four counts of harassment and six counts of breaching a restraining order.

McNeill hasn’t publicly acknowledged the harm her deliberate lies caused to all those families, nor has she expressed any remorse or regret for her actions. She appears to be doubling-down, like Bad Jackie .

In a sense, she has to. Sabine McNeill spent years bearing false witness against her neighbors, but the purpose of those lies was to shore up her own self-deception. And now her entire sense of identity — of who she is and of what she is — is based upon the lies she’s been telling herself about herself for as long as she can remember. Those lies are a bearing wall. Admit that they are false and everything she is, everything she knows, will come tumbling down.

It needs to come tumbling down. That’s her only hope for redemption — for liberation from the Hell she has trapped herself in. But I am not sure she could survive it.

Sabine McNeill knows all of this too. She knows her entire identity is based on an ugly lie — based on a flattering fantasy about herself that is, in turn, based upon the hateful, deliberate bearing of false witness against her neighbors. By lying that those neighbors were superlatively evil, she was able to justify herself as, by contrast,  superlatively righteous. That’s why her lies had to be so outrageous — why she had to accuse those neighbors of being the worst possible thing she could imagine.

And that worst possible thing, inevitably, is Satanic baby-killers. It is ever thus when people of limited imagination who have been raised in Christendom try to slander others with the worst possible thing they can imagine. What’s the worst possible thing you can do? Murder. And who would be the worst possible victim of that? Babies — sweet little chubby-toed babies . And, um, they don’t just murder those babies, they also, like rape them. And then they eat them too, of course. And why would anyone do such unimaginably horrible things? For the worst possible reason: for Satan himself.

This template is rarely applied as crudely as it was by Sabine McNeill, but it’s everywhere. See, for example, this Christian Post piece on how “ Abortion is Satanic worship .” The author of that piece, a David Hoffman, is every bit as delusional and self-deceiving as McNeill. And he props up his self-deception with the same Escher-staircase circular reasoning that McNeill uses to preserve the fraudulent foundations of her identity.

They know that what they are saying about their neighbors is false. They know that those neighbors are not monstrous Satan-worshipping baby-killers. And they know that this bearing of false witness against those neighbors is wrong. But then the function and the purpose of the whole Satanic baby-killer mechanism kicks in and they tell themselves that even if that’s true, even if lying is wrong and bad, it’s Not As Bad As murdering sweet little babies and then cannibalizing them in service of the Dark Lord. What’s a little thing like lying compared to that?

What’s anything compared to that? It doesn’t matter what I do as long as I define myself by my opposition to the worst imaginable thing. And there can’t be any greater priority than that of opposing the worst imaginable thing. So if I build my entire life and faith and purpose and identity on my opposition to that worst imaginable thing it doesn’t matter if I’m also lying about others in order to lie to myself. I’m still righteous and good. And if my righteous person’s righteous battle against the Satanic baby-killers requires me to continue bearing a little bit of false witness against neighbors I don’t even know, then that is what I must do because those Satanic baby-killers must be stopped by good and noble and righteous people like me.

Racing around that circle of reasoning over and over as loudly as she can to herself is all that Sabine McNeill has left at this point.

She has spent decades doing real harm to real children in order to stroke her own ego with the fantasy that she is a heroic defender of (imaginary) children from (imaginary) monsters. Admitting that, after all these years, might well kill her. But it’s also her only chance to awaken from the living death she’s trapped herself in.


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What drives a person to malevolently destroy innocent lives?

Fred Clark takes us on a horrific guided tour.

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I'm completely and totally disgusted, horrified and angry.

Somebody was eating babies and I wasn't invited?

This is what happens when fantasy overthrows reality and when money comes before compassion. This woman made/makes a good living at one of the easiest jobs in the world telling some people what they want to hear so the fantasy can continue and if a few people get hurt, that's too bad.

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The internet opens so many doors for the Elizabeth Hubbard want to be's 


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