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Das Boot

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Das Boot

Last Summer my son, the Marine, took my wife and I, and our two granddaughters out on the lake in a fishing pontoon boat for a day of sun, surf, and fishing.  The boat was a loan from a retired Colonel Jason knows.  Told him to take it out a few times and see if it had any problems.  We all had a great time. 

My wife enjoyed it so much, with the grandkids, and the fishing, that she started talking about getting one for ourselves.  And so, a plan was hatched.

I priced the pontoon boats, and realized that the cost about the same as what we paid for my wife's jeep some years back.  Which meant that when we paid off the car loan, we could get a loan for a boat without much of a hit on our finances.  The problem I faced was did I want to go into retirement with a big boat loan hanging over me.  I plan to retire in 5 to 7 years.  So I wanted to be able to finance it and have it paid off before I retire.  A call to my loan officer at my credit union gave me all the interest rates, and some advice on how to proceed.

And so I began an aggressive effort to get some bills paid off.  I took on more overtime, and used the extra money to pay off several big finance accounts.  The result being that I eliminated about twice as much in monthly payments as I would need to finance the boat.  An added benefit was paying off several accounts early, saving on interest I would be paying.

The end result was a visit to Bass Pro in Independence MO in the middle of January to get a purchase agreement for a Sun Tracker Fishing Barge pontoon boat.  We walked on several models, and really decided that with grandkids, or visiting drunken Submarine sailors, we would be well served to get as much boat as we could.  And that's what we chose:  The Sun Tracker 24 DLX Fishing Barge

512     512

Yes, we got it in Black.  Because, well, all the ships I've ever served on were black.

So what to name her.  I originally thought I would name her Miss Penny.  Even started a Facebook vote as to the name.  The other choice, Das Boot.

For those of you who are not familiar, Das Boot is German for "The Boat".  It is also the title of what I consider the most accurate submarine film ever produced.  Yes, it's about a German U-boat in World War II.  But adversary or not, those men are my brothers as well.  Because when the hatch closes, and the ship slips beneath the waves, Death smiles at all of us, regardless of what Navy.


IN the end, Penny decided she didn't want our boat named for her.  And so, I present, Das Boot.

512      512

We've been waiting for some good weather to get her out on the water.  We did our first shake down cruise last weekend, and this weekend we were able to get a little fishing time in. 

512    512

Oh, meet the newest member to the Tarleton Crew: 

  512 This is Willow, Penny's Welsh Corgi.  This was from the first outing, and she will make more once I get an appropriate Life vest for her.

Yeah, Shindig should be fun this year!


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Sparty On
1  Sparty On    last year

I see no fish .... c’mon man!

Uncle Bruce
1.1  author  Uncle Bruce  replied to  Sparty On @1    last year

Dude, I'm still playing with all the electronics.  Gotta learn how to be a sonarman.

1.1.1  arkpdx  replied to  Uncle Bruce @1.1    last year
Gotta learn how to be a sonarman.

You gotta learn how to be a real sailor now! Up on the surface with the wind and the waves like seaman were meant to be. You haven't lived until you have been in 50+ foot seas taking 40 degree rolled. I was a real mariner 😉😋😉

2  sandy-2021492    last year

I hope Penny is doing well, and I'm glad you're all having fun with Das Boot.

3  Iamak47    last year

Congrats, Awesome boat!  Did you get the mercury 115?

Uncle Bruce
3.1  author  Uncle Bruce  replied to  Iamak47 @3    last year

Mercury 150 Four Stroke.

3.1.1  Iamak47  replied to  Uncle Bruce @3.1    last year

Great motor!  Friend o mine has a tri-toon powered by the same.  Plenty of smooth power.

4  Kavika     last year

Das Boot is about a submarine, why in the world would you name your pontoon boat after a sub...Sub are underwater, you don't want the pontoon underwater do you. 

No fish, sad. That excuse about the electronics is not going to fly. It's frickin' trolling motor, a 5 year old has that under control in a couple of minutes. When you hit a snag or rock your depth finder will let you know. It's the high pitch noise as the rock rips into the alum pontoon. And the fish finder, well what can I say you haven't caught a  fish so it would seem the that fish finder ain't finding any fish. 

I can see that you're gonna need a lot of help with this pontoon and the electronics...

What engine do you have, 115 4stroke? Is she a three pontoon or two and what size are the pontoons. 

Say hi to Penny and happy sailing partner. 

P.S. Is that Truman lake your on?

Uncle Bruce
4.1  author  Uncle Bruce  replied to  Kavika @4    last year

I got this with a Lowrance Plotter/Sonar.  Elite Ti9.  This thing is awesome!  Comes with 3 sets of charts, of which I like the Navionics the best.  Side Scan/Down Scan sonar, and Chirp Fish finder.

We got it with the Mercury 150 Four Stroke.  Salesman said no one ever complains that I sold them too much engine.

Yeah, that's Truman lake.  The problem is we are 15 feet above normal pool.  We've been holding back due to flooding on the Missouri.  Now that the river has crested, we are trying to drain to set up for the melting Snow pack.  All of this has the fishing all screwed up.  Normal hot spots are difficult to find right now.

4.1.1  MUVA  replied to  Uncle Bruce @4.1    last year

You may be able to display eng info on your depth sounder thru the nmea 2000 if it isn't all ready interfaced.

5  Kavika     last year

I got this with a Lowrance Plotter/24 Sonar.  Elite Ti9.  This thing is awesome!  Comes with 3 sets of charts, of which I like the Navionics the best.  Side Scan/Down Scan sonar, and Chirp Fish finder.

That's a great piece of electronics...I had one very similar to that one. 

The 150/4stroke is a great engine. I've had the 200 Mercury DI and the 175 Yahama 4stroke. 

I can imagine that the Truman is a mess right now. I used to love to throw 8 inch senko's right next to the tree stumps. Always good for a bass or two. 

A Hawg (10lb 5 oz) Clear lake CA on a red and black senko.



5.1  MUVA  replied to  Kavika @5    last year

Have you liked the chirp so far you may already know some of the units you can down load a app and display your depth sounder info on your phone.

5.1.1  Kavika   replied to  MUVA @5.1    last year

I'm aware of the app but haven't used them. 

I was fishing with a buddy and he hooked a nice bass. As he got it up to the boat he leaned over to ''lip'' the bass and forgot his cell phone was in his shirt pocket...LOL...it's now at the bottom of Table Rock Lake. 

5.1.2  MUVA  replied to  Kavika @5.1.1    last year

I can even tell you how many tools drills have gone overboard working on the water I bring a strong magnet now.

5.1.3  MUVA  replied to  Kavika @5.1.1    last year

I heard a funny joke while at service training last week boating puts the FU in fun.

The People's Fish, Still "Hand Of The Queen"
5.2  The People's Fish, Still "Hand Of The Queen"  replied to  Kavika @5    last year

Damn, now that is a handsome fish.

Sparty On
5.2.1  Sparty On  replied to  The People's Fish, Still "Hand Of The Queen" @5.2    last year

Careful now ..... Kavika could sue you for sexual harassment talking about his fish like that.

Shame on you!

Perrie Halpern R.A.
6  Perrie Halpern R.A.    last year

Hey Bruce! Good to see ya posting!

Love your new avatar! Perfect match!

That looks like a fun boat. I wish you many happy times on it! 

7  Ender    last year

Congrats. People have pontoon boats here but usually along the rivers. The bays and out front are usually too rough.

I have seen several with a hardtop covering most of the boat. From what I gather, they are pretty much modular and can have a variety of seating and placement options.

Now that you have a party barge, I guess no disco lights and music?  Haha  I have seen that too.

8  MUVA    last year

This is the boat for protecting your fishing spot.