The Face in the Window

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The Face in the Window
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While we were on our last adventure my sister reminded me of an old tale.  It was in the house I grew up in from the age of 3 to my wedding day (20).  


There were six of us kids, plus mom & dad.  5 bedrooms upstairs.  My 2 oldest brothers each had their own - 2 other brothers shared and my sister and I shared.  The front of the house had a porch & 3 of the bedrooms looked out over the roof of the porch. 

One night my parents had their bowling league and my oldest brother was supposed to be watching us (in truth he and my next oldest brother were in the second's room smoking pot).  My two other brothers and I were watching TV downstairs. My sister was in our room brushing her hair at her mirrored dressing table.  It was right across from the window.  Movement at the window caught her eye & what she saw reflected in the mirror brought a shriek to her lips.  


That was looking in the window at her.  It had a light illuminating it - and then she said it was gone.

Now keep in mind our house was located in a very rural area, about a mile from our nearest neighbor.  No street lights so when it is dark - it is DARK.  

She came screaming downstairs looking for my older brothers who were conspicuously absent.  The four of us younger siblings carefully climbed the stairs,then we heard it... the laughter.  She went from scared to angry in a split second.  She stormed into my second oldest brother's room and demanded an explanation.  They didn't offer one & so she said she was going to squeal on them about the pot.  Boy they became conciliatory in a hurry.  I don't know what bargain they came to, and she doesn't remember now, but it had to be something good.

Just a little funny scare!!


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1  author  Veronica    9 months ago

RULES: No politics! No judgments (no calling someone's story hogwash)! If you don't believe - don't join! All in the name of fun!

Trout Giggles
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2  Trout Giggles    9 months ago

Your brothers were pranksters

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2.1  author  Veronica  replied to  Trout Giggles @2    9 months ago

Yes, they were.  WE laugh about it now, but my sister said she nearly wet her pants.


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