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    Who We Are     

    Welcome to The NewsTalkers! We are a social news and politics website that brings articles from across the web, as well as original member commentary for in depth discussion and debate. We are dedicated to news and political and social enthusiasts that are passionate about government and civic issues—sharing our unique opinions and knowledge. But The Newstalkers are more than just politics and news. We offer discussions ranging from economics, science and technology to social trends and culture. Whether you are looking for information or a good debate, we are here to engage you!

    Our Purpose and goal           

    Our goal at The Newstalkers  is to be the best place online to find high-quality, informative-style content and debate from across the web. We are also a platform for enthusiasts and aficionados to create original, useful, in-depth content. The NewsTalkers provides this in a community setting, that is fully moderated and member-centric. What makes us unique is that the membership has a voice in all aspects of NewsTalkers.

    Our Team

    We are composed of engineers, moderators, and members who are passionate about their interests and online know-how, as well as a community of writers and enthusiasts. 

    Join Us!

    If you want to share your ideas on an array of topics or have unique political knowledge, we'd love to have you become part of our community. Please read our Code of Conduct (CoC) and feel free to contact the Resident Advisor (RA), if you have any questions.