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    Dear Sarah

    By sarah reasoner grey, 2016-11-14
    Dear Sarah,   I am so glad that I can write this letter anonymously because I wou ld never accuse anyone of wrong doing without proof. It is worrisome to me that my good friend and neighbor about a block away has been sort of missing. When I say missing I mean that the person I   walk with every afternoon is unreachable. I have been to her house twice in three weeks knocking on her door,  call her cell phone. No answer with a 'full message' recording. W hen I see her husband with the dog he tells me that she has digestive problems but it isn’t serious. I am definitely not a nosey person, but I am concerned for her. We have been walking together with our dogs for more than 4 years, and in that time we have confided...
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    You can't always get what you want.

    By Dean Moriarty, 2016-11-13
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    How Does One Hold Their Nose Where Sexual Assault & Abuse Are Concerned!?
    Well, the people have spoken & some are presently speaking back regarding the so called president elect & those who held secret meetings, yelled "LIAR" @ State of Union, Obstructed on "Birtherism" A/K/A DEFAMATION (which is an Actionable Tort Mr. President, not just something for a defamer - in transition to power - to Skirt on hummph Principle!) Or Changed their job description to 'One-Terming" to undermine the people's (@ that time "Mandate") Voice regarding " Hope & "the changes" they voted and Won (twice) for, but to Hear the Revere today They #Never belly-ached & worked Hard @ reconciliation & bipartisanship in 2008 & 2012, yet LIKE the MESS that Bush made (& left to the left to Clean Upo) & the Actual Two wins of Obama - They wish...

    Regarding Last Night!

    By Moonchild63, 2016-11-09
    Regarding Last Night!
    This was my response to comment on NT article regarding Canada's response to our election, as well as "Hillary Conceded": As bad as that is, I am glad she did. (conceding) The victory laps have begun, yet WORK must begin & how much Hope do you have from people who Obstructed Change on the Humbug of Skin (esp. in the 21st century) because it still comes down to some basic facts: The Republicans had 8 years & lost, didn't do it well or graciously, but gripped & whined, *itched & moaned. Refused to do ANYTHING but shore up the White Collar, War and many other criminals that Bushonomics made! Bernie went establishment to beat the establishment, yet that move didn't help McCain and it certainly didn't help Hillary (yet for those going after her - NOTHING would)...

    & I quote Serendipitously

    By Moonchild63, 2016-11-05
    & I quote Serendipitously
    Funny, the 90's seem to be back! The feebies found some pardon documents from the 1990's (wink) & how they relate to Hillary's job as Sec. of State is any bodies guess pffffft There is nothing wrong with staying home nor is there wrongness in working (in or outside the Home a Woman's work is Never done - come on ladies ya know it is True!), yet "We" know the wrong here and it is not the awesome & Over qualified female candidate for President! People will always try to put you in a box, heck they make the question illegal but unless you happen to be the cool texasbama herself the Box still applies - so says the much Heralded bushwhacking, gropper who views Serial bankruptcy filing, as Business Success (pitiful) Hate me cuz ya Ain't me real mature. "To appreciate the...

    Just Chilling Listening to Ed Sheeran!

    By Moonchild63, 2016-11-04
    Just Chilling Listening to Ed Sheeran!
    I LOVE "I See Fire!" & "God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water but the fire next time." James Baldwin I find both even more fitting looking over the Media Feed & Feedback, but still, I will add to the get Out the, Rock the & "Don't boo, Boo" - Vote pieces - as "I See Fire" hollowing souls! Those, I Loved, but never knew paid Prices that I ("We") can only Imagine and this song makes me feel EVERY INCH of those Sacrifices. Unfortunately, I haven't sat down with Skip Gates, but 100% anything - other than Human can I (or Any for that Matter) call myself, yet Price was/is Still paid! "We" fought back against Jaded Big Money & they Used the Usual Minions & Unconstitutional Minion 🐂 with the twist of Mr....
    “Americans now look at the FBI and see a political entity, not a nonpartisan entity — and that has huge ramifications for the FBI and for all of us,” said Matt Miller, former chief spokesman for the Justice Department and a Clinton supporter. “It sows disbelief in our system of government and is hugely toxic.” That's a quote from a Washington Post article about the FBI and a recent release of the investigation into Bill Clinton and the pardon of Marc Rich. Well. Allow me to pontificate. That statement, uttered in connection with events of the past few days, could easily refer to the announcement of FBI Director Comey that there would not be an indictment of Hillary Clinton following the initial investigation of her email fiasco. The simple fact is, Justice died that day, and the...
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    By Moonchild63, 2016-10-30
    In addition to "OM" I offer this article & alert NewsTalkers to new meditation offered via Oprah & Deepak Chopra! 7 ESSENTIAL HABITS FOR PEACE by: Deepak Chopra, M.D. Embrace Compassion and Leave Conflict Behind https://chopracentermeditation.com/article/9-7_essential_habits_for_peace   “It’s only when you make the process your goal that the big dream can follow.” – Oprah We all want to contribute to global peace, but it can feel disheartening when we see discord in the news, in politics, and even in our own relationships. But you can take a different perspective by setting the more accessible goal of creating peace within yourself – which then expands like a ripple to your relationships, your community, and ultimately the world. Wisdom traditions teach...
    Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., was certainly right when he told a group of energy executives that cheap energy was necessary for our economy to be competitive and that legislation is needed to keep energy costs low (Wichita Eagle,  Oct. 1 Business ). Fossil fuels provide cheap energy because they do not pay their  external costs , which include cost to people’s health, the environment, and to the economy. Renewable energy is becoming less expensive and does not have the external costs that fossil fuels do.  The best solution is legislation that would favor a shift to renewable energy.  The effect of rising energy costs on the economy could be offset by a  carbon fee and dividend system , in which a fee would be added to fossil fuels at the source to cover their external...
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    What Is The Nature Of Internet Friendships?

    By Perrie Halpern R.A., 2016-09-29
    What is the nature of internet friendships?  Recent events in my life have me pondering this question. I have come to the conclusion that there are differing perceptions of what a internet friendship is.  Looking back on my experience I have had to ask myself some serious questions that I am sure many of us here have encountered. I think it comes down to several questions.  What does it mean to you when you befriend someone on the internet?  Is it as real as any other friendship and therefore should we have the same expectations from it, or is it something less? Do we ever really know the person, or are they like a character in a play? Are there different degrees of friendship as we have in real life, or should we regard anyone we take on as a internet friend with the same...
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    Is Our Two Party System About to Fail Us

    By Larry Crehore, 2016-09-09
    Is Our Two Party System About to Fail Us
    After listening to the he said she said exchanges of these past few months, it is painfully obvious that neither candidate is willing to be completely honest with the American public. And yet as November approaches our political two party system is forcing us as a nation to select the lesser of two evils to take command of the greatest country in the world. What if anything do you think we could do to correct this problem so that we never have to be left with a choice like this again?   
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    Test Blog - Please Ignore

    By pasher, 2016-09-09
    Test Blog - Please Ignore Test Blog - Please Ignore Test Blog - Please Ignore
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