And now for something....

And now for something....


completely different.

A group dedicated to silliness, satire, sarcasmoutrageous, outlandish discussion and play. The serious need not apply. 

The rules of the group are very simple. 

1. Have fun!

2. Do not have fun at another's expense, (unless specifically asked for....)

3. Do not be a Blue Meanie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

This is a Blue Meanie.

4. Blue Meanies make personal attacks. If you are caught being a Blue Meanie you will end up like this guy:                                                           

Ummmmm... no you are not. You will be the prisoner of suspension... or until you are the NewNo.1 

All are invited to play. Have fun!



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Let's go for a boat ride!!

Last Reply By @Enoch 8 months ago
     Anyone ever get caught in a squall on one of the great...
Petey Coober

Neil deGrasse Tyson's favorite science joke will make you smarter

Last Reply By @Enoch 8 months ago
     Great jokes. Thanks for brightening up the start of my...

Crack Cocaine Spider Bitch

Last Reply By @Enoch 8 months ago
    I wonder what would happen if the spider were given the...

Realism through Comedy

Last Reply By @Perrie Halpern last year
    Oh and btw.. love George. Wish he was still with us.
Dean Moriarty

People who annoy you.

Last Reply By @Dean Moriarty last year
    [jrEmbed module="jrYouTube" youtube_id="HuvLUhuo52w"]
Dean Moriarty

Walk of shame

Last Reply By @Krishna last year
     Here's one of their best ones-- an "oldie but goodie":...

Cork Soakers

Last Reply By @PJ last year
     Hahaha - good one Blue.  Here's my contribution.  :o)...

Wanted: Valentine's Day Funny Memory, Jokes, Poem or Quote

Last Reply By @jwc2blue last year
     "She was fine after 15, 20 minutes," he said. "I got my...

Korean girls watch American Porn

Last Reply By @PJ last year
    True.  One reaction that showed the clear differences was...

Gunny's Creative Writing activity 02/02/16 09:57:26AM @gunny:

Last Reply By @JFK last year
     The old man new what he was doing, he wanted a little of...


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