A Budget? When?

By:  Spikegary  •   •  8 years ago  •  2 comments

A Budget?  When?

A Budget? I see the Republicans have fielded a proposed budget. Where's Harry Reid now? Let's see something. Anything....from the do-nothing but blame the other party Senate.


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link   1stwarrior    8 years ago

Really Gary - you expect the tax and spend party to present a budget???? The Dems have "said" they want $1T in additional taxes with minimal cuts in programs - sounds like more "let's see how far in the hole we can go and blame the 'others' for it" logic that they have used for the past 5 years. Harry has stated that he will "never" submit a budget. Obama "said" he doesn't need to balance the budget - just balance how much comes in versus how much more he can send out on really meaningful programs like aid to Syria, Egypt, Iraq (hhmmmmm - trying to figure out how the millions of dollars sent to warring nations is helping the jobs market, unemployment, health insurance).

Now, in all fairness, Rand's idea of reducing the tax rate on the high earners from 35% to 29% is pure dee stupid - but, then again, we're talking a man who can't keep his stories straight anyhow.

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link   Moonchild63    8 years ago

The Sen.'s budget proposal is due TODAY an it is my understanding that they have one. In this economy for which the recovery is still slow due in part to the constant OBSTRUCTION of the KNOW-IT-ALL party of Stalin loving minions - it matters not that this is another diversion & more subterfuge as the need out weighs the ACTUAL necessity, but FACTS are not their strong suit - esp. when theyprefer the TOP DOWN & ONLY CARE whenit is the one they PURPOSEFULLY want put forth.

Perhaps the reason for the slow recovery, the polarization and the LACK of FORWARD anything -but BS - may not be solely on them, yet it is reminicent of themwith their -let us meet at the secret eatery to plan our startegy against the negro decendant President mentality - the budget ( or get um SOME MORE !) proposed by Paul Ryan (BUDGET GURU LMAO24.gif ) is the same as the last few he offered with one exception - it incorporates the savings & revenue path set by the ONE who must be OBSTRUCTED - sweet- put some one else's ideas up as your own esp. he who you deem enemy - the SWEETEST thing though about it (as he tauted it yesterday) was this comment, which some have labeled Freudian in nature:

This is something we will not give up on because we are not going to give up on destroying the healthcare system for the American people.

Although the President has offered up budget after budget - only to have them IGNORED - or apparently gutted in part an affirmed with the savings and revenue confiscated and called good when just a few short months ago it was all not good for America, I guess what one says while campaigning -is not what one says when they are sent home & packing a LOSER !

I'm happy to know that the country they claim to LOVE so much and the people in it mean as much NOTHING as the deficit being lowered every year - save one -or that the "WE" won't negotiates are claiming a negotiation position just funny (HYPOCRITICALLY SO) it rests on the back & bones of PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ideas & proposals - CLASSIC24.gif