Hungarian Cookies

By:  Kathleen  •  8 months ago  •  13 comments

Hungarian Cookies

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Hello all, Christmas is coming and I would like to share a cookie recipe with you that I make every year. I also make sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies as well, but these are my favorite.

You will need:

2 sticks of butter at room temperature, softened

2 cups of walnuts chopped into very small pieces

4 Tablespoons of Vanilla extract ( yep, that's a lot! )

1 cup of powered sugar

2 cups of all purpose flour

At least a cup of powered sugar to roll the cookies in when cooled.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2. In a large mixing bowl, mix the softened butter and chopped walnuts till well mixed.

3. Add the Vanilla extract and mix.

4. Add the powered sugar and mix.

5. Then lastly add the flour a cup at a time and mix it well, it will be very doughy.

6. Roll them into about 1 inch balls.

7. Place them onto an ungreased cookie sheet a little far apart.

8. Bake for about 12 minutes, ovens can vary, they should be a little light brown on the bottoms. Check them to make sure they feel crunchy on the top not doughy. (check them around 10 minutes)

9. Take them out to cool, you can put them on tin foil.

10. When cool roll them in the powered sugar and put them in a tin or plastic container with a lid.  

They will make about 2 to 3 dozen and they are really good. 


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Professor Expert
1  author  Kathleen    8 months ago

Hope you enjoy making them and eating them....

PhD Guide
2  evilgenius    8 months ago

I've seen these cookies under a number of names. They are one of my favorites of the season.

Professor Expert
2.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  evilgenius @2    8 months ago

Yes, my mom would shape them into horseshoes.  

Sophomore Silent
3  JaneDoe    8 months ago

They look good! Do you do mail orders? jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

Professor Expert
3.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  JaneDoe @3    8 months ago

: )

Professor Quiet
4  mocowgirl    8 months ago

I love these, but haven't made them in many years.

This fall I have been baking a lot of pumpkin bread and icing with maple cream cheese frosting.  The frosting is also good on graham crackers.

Professor Expert
4.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  mocowgirl @4    8 months ago

Sounds Good! jrSmiley_101_smiley_image.gif

Professor Quiet
5  TTGA    8 months ago

Totally great.  My daughter makes at least one batch every Christmas.  My wife's specialty is double chocolate chip and various flavors of fudge.

Professor Expert
5.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  TTGA @5    8 months ago

Chocolate chip is irresistible.

Its been a while since anyone posted in this group. I wanted to keep it alive..

Freshman Silent
6  Dragon    8 months ago

Cookies looked good. I normally don't indulge in sweets but love peppermint bark this time of the year. I make it, buy cookies, ice cream, whatever form it comes in. 

Professor Expert
6.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Dragon @6    8 months ago

I like peppermint bark too....

MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)
Junior Expert
7  MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka)    8 months ago

We call those "Snowballs" and I usually prefer them without the walnuts, but that's only a personal preferences. 

The same dough can be used for cutout cookies too [minus confectioner's sugar] and we usually frost those with homemade buttercream.

Professor Expert
7.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  MsAubrey (aka Ahyoka) @7    8 months ago

Never thought of using it for something else. but that is a great idea..


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