Chongqing University on a dreary day, but still beautiful

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04/09/17 08:51:16AM

Chongqing University on a dreary day, but still beautiful

Today I really didn't want to go out. The weather wasn't good, but my wife talked me into going to see the botanical gardens on the campus of Chongqing University.  Chongqing Normal University which is across the street from our home has a lovely campus, and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is around the corner and I had never seen such a beautifully forested campus with magnificent flowers and statues there, but todays tour was the most magnificent campus I've yet seen, and it is only 2 bus stops away, or a long walk if I were to feel like it. We spent most of our time in the botanical gardens on the campus, and although the sun didn't shine, here is a bit of what we saw.

cqu 24.jpg

cqu 1.jpg

cqu 8.jpg

cqu 4.jpg

5   Wherever you go in China, you will find a pagoda.
cqu 5.jpg

6   Fortunately for me, English is the second language in China.

cqu 6.jpg

cqu 7.jpg

8   The water is brown, not blue.
cqu 9.jpg

9   A closer view.

cqu 10.jpg

10   Lots of explanatory signs, making a stroll a learning experience.

cqu 13.jpg

cqu 17.jpg

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cqu 21.jpg

cqu 18.jpg

cqu 20.jpg

cqu 22.jpg

17   And now a gallery of brilliant minds - first of all Albert Einstein.

cqu 25.jpg

18   Madame Marie Curie

cqu 26.jpg

19   Sir Isaac Newton

cqu 27.jpg

cqu 28.jpg

21    And a final bouquet

cqu 23.jpg