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link   CM    7 years ago

Hi ADS, what a beautiful homepage, just wonderful, thanks for the friend's request, I am honored...CMSmile.gif

bitemore Gfotwo
link   bitemore Gfotwo    7 years ago

Your observation and opinion are right on target. I think it is safe to say that, since Wednesday the 6th of Feb. this site has seen more than 70 new members, most, if not all, refugees from the Vine. It is simply unbelievable... anyway, big welcome to you!

link   AmericanDreamsShattered    7 years ago

Well i have been thinking about this for a while, why would a news site suddenly change it's format? Well i would venture that is was'nt going the way "the powers that be" wanted it. So in an effort they decided to make the format confusing and unworkable. Just an obversation and an opinion.