Rough day ,huh?

By:  AmericanDreamsShattered  •   •  6 years ago  •  2 comments

Rough day ,huh?

"Rough day, huh?" I was asked this by a "friend" of mine the other day and right before i could reply he started messing around with his smart phone. Needless to say i promptly asked him a question that seemed to upset him! Here I was cut off before i could reply to the question he asked me and he gets upset when i "interupted" him and his phone horse crap! Does anyone else feel that smart phone users are just plain rude?


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Erinn Rich
link   Erinn Rich    6 years ago

Mike, that is a great idea! Text the person you are hanging out with! LOL!!!


Time Lord
link   Time Lord    6 years ago

Don't know if you've ever listened to "Tom Lykus" radio show, but he'd respond and listener would invariably ask..."how'r ya doin"?

The first thing outta Lykus mouth would predictably come..."DO YOU CARE...???"

Reality is...most don't.