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Farewell Facebook

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Farewell Facebook

Well, today I did something I didn't think I'd have the nerve to do: I deactivated my Facebook account. What made me do it, instead of allowing the full year to pass before re-thinking it, was all the pop-ups telling me who had posted what to where... they popped up while I was in email, while I was on a different web site, while I was playing freakin' Solitaire, for Pete's sake! There was no escaping the clutches of a site that was getting a reputation for pulling down peoples' accounts without warning, often for no reason. Well, perhaps they thought they had reasons: the assumption that the account-holders were bots, or were of a political persuasion they disagreed with, or they were (horror of horrors), Russians!... any excuse to create unnecessary misery!

I'll be honest: I was growing ever more paranoid. I reduced my participation to keeping people informed of my health condition, or posting cute things (hamsters, mice, other cute critters), refusing to entertain anything of a political nature, even on political groups to which I belonged. I began to worry that my friends would suddenly vanish without warning. It got to where I was afraid to look through my Friend List, afraid that someone would have mysteriously vanished. 

Finally, I realized that there was no future for me on Facebook. Frankly, I have serious doubts that Facebook can survive its current situation. I have friends (in "real life") who abandoned their accounts eons ago, because they foresaw this sort of debacle and wanted no part in it. I was the lone hold-out... I truly enjoyed the interactions with truly wonderful folks there.

But, that is finished now. If any of them bothered to read my farewell article, they know to search for me on NewsTalkers, or Steemit, or Minds. I haven't abandoned social media entirely. I will miss the wonderful folks on Facebook whom I called "Friend," because I had the best friends, ever, on that site. And, if they choose to join us here, I will welcome them with open arms and a big, achy heart.

And, now, I need to start doing stuff to avoid thinking about that site. For now. How about I post something cute? Yeah... cute will do it.. 'cause I have to do my evening chores now, anyway!


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Split Personality
1  Split Personality    2 years ago

I have a few retired friends (yes, old friends) who seem to think they need to share every post they read, especially politically charged ones. 

I recently managed to find a selection where I did not have to unfriend one in particular; at least in Windows 10.

We have a Chrome Notebook and what ever s/he posted would still pop "out" in the lower right hand corner like a black flag announcing more politically charged nonsense on the spouse's laptop.

Not good.  Not good at all.

We finally found where & how to block all FB notifications in Chrome.

And at least for the last few days, there is a little bit more peace in the SP household.

But I feel your discomfort and look forward to eventually cancelling our FB account also........

bitemore Gfotwo
1.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Split Personality @1    2 years ago

Oh, how well I recognize the "political junky!" I swear, politics IS an addiction, at least to some. Funny, but that doesn't bother me, as long as I'm not expected to partake in ofttimes venomous political "discussions." I don't mind differing points of view, as long as the discussion remains civil. I also understand that nothing I say is likely to alter someone else's political leaning, and that is okay, too, as long as they, in turn, recognize that my opinions may not change easily, either (but, I will say that I have changed my views repeatedly when someone, or some thing , convinces me it is proper).

In any event, in my post-Facebook era, I think the most difficult thing for me to endure will be the loss of many Facebook friends who, for whatever reason, don't find themselves on this site, or on others. 

That is interesting, that you found a way to block those pop-up notifications on Chrome (I use Chrome, too, but on Windows 7). Can you choose which pop-ups to block, or must you block all of them, regardless of origin? I get pop-ups from other sites that I want, like the ones from RT America

So, you have Windows 10... how do you like it? I have a friend who hates it, but there aren't many other options out there. My computers are old... I know that, someday, I'll have to replace them, but have not heard much good about Windows 10. I'd be interested in your honest opinion.

Many, many thanks for your sweet reply to my blog! Big hugs

Split Personality
1.1.1  Split Personality  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @1.1    2 years ago

In Chrome you have to block all FB notifications.

in Windows/FB allows you to stop posting someones "crap" to your timeline(s) but you still get the notifications at the top of the page as a total number, which you can choose toe review or ignore.

Windows 7 was the best but is no longer supported.

10 is ok but i have had to reload it several times due to what I presumed to be viruses..

bitemore Gfotwo
1.1.2  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Split Personality @1.1.1    2 years ago

Thanks for the info. You pretty much confirmed what I was told about Windows 10; but, as for 7 not being supported, I still get Windows Updates for 7. The last one was 3 days ago. 7 is still the best platform since XP (IMHO). I'm hoping it will hang in there until they come up with a refined - re-DEfined 10! Big hugs

2  Enoch    2 years ago

Dear Friend Bitemore Gofotwo: I always stayed away from facebook, etc.

Other than and, which are content specific blog communities, it is my preference to prioritize R/T over V/T communications.

I support your decision, for the reasons you presented.

On a personal note, it is a delight to see you here again.

I hope this summer has been a good one for you.

Peace and Abundant Blessings to You and Yours Always.



bitemore Gfotwo
2.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Enoch @2    2 years ago

Oh, dear, dear Enoch, how sweet of you to reply to my blog! And, how smart of you to have avoided Facebook and all of its enticing delusions! I find myself wishing I'd never gotten "sucked" in there... but, I did, and am now going through withdrawal. I miss the friends I left there, but not a whole lot else. I do hope they will find their way here. Perrie has done a remarkable job on this site! I am truly impressed (but not at all surprised)! I already feel right at home here! Big hugs

2.1.1  Enoch  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @2.1    2 years ago

Dear Friend Bitemore Gofotwo: Welcome home.

You are warmly accepted by one and all here.

We know you will grace us with your compassion, style, dignity and wisdom.

We look forward to it.

We are grateful.


bitemore Gfotwo
2.1.2  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Enoch @2.1.1    2 years ago

Enoch, you are just about the sweetest entity I have ever encountered online! I really appreciate that! You are a rarity. I am humbled and honored. Big hugs

Perrie Halpern R.A.
3  Perrie Halpern R.A.    2 years ago

Hi Bitey, 

First of all, really nice to see you! Seems like it's been forever since we've chatted.  

I know that it must have been hard to FB. I have always been cautious about using it and only shared cuteness or family pics. My cousins in England got me involved with it as a way of keeping in touch with them. I might have even been one of the first years members. Younger cousins will always know the hippest new tech to get their older cousin into. 

NT has always kept my interaction on FB at a minimal. I am guessing that is a good thing now. 

I know you haven't been here in a while. Lot's has changed. You can always get me either on private notes ( found under your name in the upper right corner) or on chat. If you have any questions on how things work around here, I am there for you. 

btw.. selfishly, I kind of glad. I get to spend some more time with my fellow rat lover. 


bitemore Gfotwo
3.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @3    2 years ago

Dear, dear Perrie, first and foremost let me say how impressed I am with what you have accomplished with this site. It is remarkable... and, best of all, it is very UN-Facebook-like!

Actually, I don't dislike Facebook (or, at least, the concept ). I'm just very, very concerned as to where it is headed. And I'm extremely disturbed by what they have done to some members' pages. I suddenly felt trapped, in an odd way. Well... that is over, now. Finished. Done.

Of course, anyone who loves ratties has got to be an exceptional person... and that defines you. I do miss having rats as pets, but, at my age and with my health concerns, hamsters are less-intensive in the maintenance dept., and they are rodents, too, after all. And cute. Our hammy population is down to a manageable 6... 

Thank you, again, for your kind welcome. I hope  will be able to contribute in a positive way. Your site deserves only the best efforts, so now I have a challenge!

Big hugs

Raven Wing
4  Raven Wing    2 years ago

Bitey!!   Where the heck have you been??!! I have missed you tons! I am sooooo glad to see you here on NT again. 

I've never had the desire to get involved in social media types like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I don't like all the people I don't know suddenly becoming my "Friends" or "Contacts", Good pal buddy busters, etc., because someone I DO know is Friends or Contacts with them and somehow they got linked up to ME.

NewsTalkers is the only site that I am a Member of and that is more than enough for me, and I can decide who I want to be Friends with and not automatically get linked up with a bunch of people outside of NT I have no knowledge of wanting to share their entire life with me. 

I really enjoy the people here on NT even if we may not agree on much, and all my dear here that help make my life a little more enjoyable. 

I truly am glad to see you here again, and I hope you will find more time to spend with us. Big hugs

And along with Perrie, if you need help getting up to speed with some of the new stuff here on NT, you can give me a yell on Private Note or Chat. I am more than happy to help you where you need it. (smile)

bitemore Gfotwo
4.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Raven Wing @4    2 years ago

Oh, dear Raven, I have truly missed you! Somehow, I'd always hoped you'd show up on Facebook, or one of the other sites... some "former Viners" did make it there. I managed to connect with quite a few of them. At least, until I left there. I just hope that some of my friends read my "farewell" post and took note of the sites I told them I'd be active on, which included NewsTalkers, of course. 

As for where I've been, well... nowhere, I guess. I've had some health problems, for starters. I'm in "a-fib" all the time, now. That is "atrial fibrillation," or, by way of 'splaining it, my heartbeat is irregular, a condition that is somewhat common in those who have had valves replaced. The main risk with this condition is stroke... but, for me, the risk is less because I have O- blood and very low blood pressure, both of which offer protections. And I take aspirin as a blood-thinner (I'll try to post a blog, soon, about my total health condition, but, for now, don't be too concerned. I'm a tough old bat)!

Anyway, I don't plan on being absent any longer from this forum... I have a lot of catching up to do, but I won't be a stranger! Thank you, again, for the sweet "welcome." Big hugs

Raven Wing
4.1.1  Raven Wing  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @4.1    2 years ago

Bitey you have been one of my good Friends here on NT for a long time, and I have truly missed you. I wondered what happened to you when you went missing for so long. I am so very sorry to hear of your terrible illness, and your suffering from it. I think the creator puts us to the worst test of tolerance when we get older. And my heart goes out to you and I pray that you will find some relief from your suffering. Big hugs

I am not the admin of the Cat Adorers Group, as Stefi Cantley is no longer here on NT, and I took it over with her blessing. But, we are happy to have all sorts of animals, so feel free to join the Group and share some of your stories and pictures of you fur babies too. thumbs up

bitemore Gfotwo
4.1.2  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Raven Wing @4.1.1    2 years ago

I'll check out the group when I have some time (I'm rather busy and tomorrow have a Dr. appointment). I'm sorry to hear that Stefi isn't here... I do hope she is okay and just left because she was too busy. Funny, but when I retired I thought days would be endless, years would never end, and time would be like a lead weight I'd have to drag around. Well, I was soooo wrong about that! Days are short, years are shorter, and time should be against the law! Big hugs

Raven Wing
4.1.3  Raven Wing  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @4.1.2    2 years ago
Well, I was soooo wrong about that! Days are short, years are shorter, and time should be against the law! 

Man...aint that the truth!! I am busier now than I was when I was working! I am sort of the resident IT person for those who live here in the complex that need help with computers, software or printers. There is a computer room here in the complex and I volunteer there 2 days a week to help folks and also help them learn the more recent Microsoft programs. Since I am a long time Tech Beta Tester for MS and other software companies, I get to help beta test their new software products before they are released to the public. So it helps be be able to help others that want/need to learn the new products as well.

Beta testing is my #1 time consumer these days, which I truly love doing, as well as my own Tech Beta Testers Group, so I am often busier than when I was working. Giggle

bitemore Gfotwo
4.1.4  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Raven Wing @4.1.3    2 years ago

Oh, WOW! I am so impressed! WOW! Double Wow! My busy-ness is just ordinary stuff: house chores, exercising (for fitness), tracking vital signs and other details that go into my fitness routine. I've managed, over the years since my valve-replacement surgery, to lose 131 pounds and to maintain the loss. But... it isn't easy, and it requires genuine commitment. Retirement gave me the time to be that committed, with no real excuse NOT to do what I need to do to maintain decent health. That said, I give you a LOT of credit for doing what you do, especially helping others who aren't computer-savvy. I truly am impressed. Like... WOW! thumbs up

Buzz of the Orient
5  Buzz of the Orient    2 years ago

I'm another who has missed bitie, who has been on my friends list almost from the beginning - I always enjoyed, admired and respected her contributions to the site.  Really glad to see her back. 

As for FB - I signed on very early, more than a decade ago, but when I started to get the idea of what it was all about, I wanted to delete my membership, but the Chinese government blocked FB and I was unable to make contact in order to delete it.  For a while I got the odd message notice, but not now for a few years at least. I'm really unhappy about having my name on their list, especially now when I have such great disrespect for Zuckerberg. Anyway, I was listed with a gmail account, which, when google was banned here, ended for me as well. I don't miss google, I use Bing, Yahoo search, and a couple of Chinese ones like Baidu (English version) in order to do searching. 

bitemore Gfotwo
5.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @5    2 years ago

Oh, dear, dear Buzz... I cracked up with your description of what you endured with Facebook! I couldn't help it... I understand all too well what you went through. We agree entirely on that Zuck character (the first four letters so conveniently rhyme with another four-letter word)! I also agree 100% with your opinion of google (I have a g-mail account, but never, EVER, use google as a search-engine). I, too, use Bing or, more often, Ecosia , where every search plants a tree somewhere on the globe. 

Anyway, thank you so much for your sweet welcome. I have truly missed you: your sense of humor, your attitude, your opinions, your gentle bearing... you know, the sum-total of YOU. So, thank you for being you, too! Big hugs

Buzz of the Orient
5.1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @5.1    2 years ago

Thank you Bitie. That's probably the nicest thing ever said about me on NT - I'm humbled.

Oh, and thank you for the info about Ecosia - I'm going to start using it for searches.

bitemore Gfotwo
5.1.2  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @5.1.1    2 years ago

Yaaaayyyyyy! Another tree planted! There are never enough trees! 

5.1.3  Enoch  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @5.1.2    2 years ago

Dear Friend BitemoreGfotwo: An anecdote about tree planting. Buzz can relate to this.

To fulfill Scriptural prophecy about turning a desert in to a garden When a Jewish child was born, a donation to Keren Kayamit Le'Yisrael  (The Israeli Jewish National Fund) to pay for planting a tree in honor of the birth. 

In a humorous turn, on the event of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah (being recognized as an adult member of the community - a son or daughter of the Commandments) a card with a check was sent. The card reminded them of the tree planted in Israel upon their birth.

The card invited them to come to Israel for two reasons.

First, to mark the passage from childhood to being an adult.

Second, to come water the tree.

Its their turn now.  



Buzz of the Orient
5.1.4  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @5.1.2    2 years ago

Did you know, Bitie, that Israel is the only country in the world where the number of trees increases rather than decreases every year - but the Gazans are doing their best to try to reverse that.

When my father died, I planted a 1000-tree forest in Israel with his name on it as a memorial.

Buzz of the Orient
5.1.5  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Enoch @5.1.3    2 years ago

I grew up with the "Blue Box" in our home - that's where all the pennies were put (which may not seem like much these days, but that was 8 decades ago).

bitemore Gfotwo
5.1.6  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Enoch @5.1.3    2 years ago

Oh, I love this! Your sense of humor is second to none! 

6  Kavika     2 years ago

Hi Bitie, good to see/hear you once again. 

I'm not a FB user or any of the other social media...I stick to Smoke Trails, you remember them don't you Bitie....We use a blankets and fire to send signals to others. It's slow, tiresome, messy etc. But you don't suddenly get new friends. Happy

bitemore Gfotwo
6.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Kavika @6    2 years ago

Oh, dear Kavika, I truly have missed your sense of humor! Yes, I do know about those smoke trails... but, can you tell me how they work in high winds...? One never knows when one may have to resort to that, ya know? I want to be prepared!

Funny about the "suddenly getting new friends." In the last few weeks on Facebook I was inundated with FR's from people I never heard of. I'd check out their pages to learn if they were "real" or not, only to find that they had no "history," and no friends. Then, I did accept a FR from a guy who actually seemed legit, only to have him constantly IMing me, even when I said I don't do IMs, and posting stuff to my page, but rarely commenting. I think I "escaped" in the nick of time! 

So, as you probably guessed by now, I'm very happy to be here among old friends whom I know are the real deal! Big hugs

6.1.1  Kavika   replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @6.1    2 years ago
Oh, dear Kavika, I truly have missed your sense of humor! Yes, I do know about those smoke trails... but, can you tell me how they work in high winds...? One never knows when one may have to resort to that, ya know? I want to be prepared!

Ha, we use funnel clouds to protect the smoke...Darn cool if I may say so. 

Kavika, doin' the happy dance..

6.1.2  Enoch  replied to  Kavika @6.1.1    2 years ago

Dear Brother Kavika: I tried the Smoke Trails thing.

Doesn't work so well with an electric blanket and portable space heater. 

Go figure?


bitemore Gfotwo
6.1.3  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Kavika @6.1.1    2 years ago

I'm trying to visualize the funnel cloud vs. smoke thing, and am failing miserably. Could you post a photo...?

Never fear... I'm just kidding! LOVE your sense of humor!!!! LOL

bitemore Gfotwo
6.1.4  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Enoch @6.1.2    2 years ago

Thanks for letting us know what doesn't work! You folks are so refreshingly hilarious! laughing dude

7  Uptownchick    2 years ago

Yay!! Welcome back Bitey!


bitemore Gfotwo
7.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Uptownchick @7    2 years ago

Oh, Uppy, that hammy is adorable !!!!! You sure know how to melt my heart! That is the sweetest "welcome" I could ever wish for! Big hugs

bitemore Gfotwo
8  author  bitemore Gfotwo    2 years ago

Dearest NT friends, I'm about to do my usual hour on the treadmill, but when I've finished and showered, I'll respond to each one of you. I'm overwhelmed by the wonderful "welcomes," and I know I will enjoy being back with such dear friends. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!!Big hugs

9  Spikegary    2 years ago

Hi Bitey,

Hope you are well and hope you've at least been keeping in touch with our mutual friend, Dennis!  I'm glad to see you here.


bitemore Gfotwo
9.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Spikegary @9    2 years ago

Oh, dear Spikegary, it is so good to "see" you here! You'll have to fill me in on what you've been up to, when you have some time. I'm just happy to be here, where I have so many friends greeting me so sweetly! Big hugs

10  Freefaller    2 years ago

Lol good riddance to FB, I walked away from it 6 or 7 years ago the account is probably still active, I really don't know or care.  For me it wasn't political posts or pop ups or anything like that. It was the incessant inane posts by others about how they were about to go shopping or what they were making for dinner or that they gave their dog a belly rub.  It was like an unending tide of nonsense written diarrhea.  The last straw was when my boss started joining in and I was gone.

I didn't know you before but like the others said Welcome Back.

Dismayed Patriot
10.1  Dismayed Patriot  replied to  Freefaller @10    2 years ago
good riddance to FB, I walked away from it 6 or 7 years ago the account is probably still active, I really don't know or care

Even though at times I felt like I was the only one on the planet without a FB account or a cell/smart phone, the benefits of staying away have paid off and now I am often the envy of my circle of RL friends. After hearing them complain, whine and bitch about being so tied down, and watching them in a room together at times with each of them, chin down, face aglow with their supposedly "smart" phones seemingly mesmerizing them like an old mind control sci-fi movie, I know I made the right choice to avoid the trends of the invasive social media. I haven't had a cell phone since 1998 and never made a FB or twitter or any other similar type account and the rewards are unlimited. When I take my daughters to the local playground I'm actively engaged with them while the other parents, absorbed in their smart phones, aren't even really there. I feel bad for their kids and for them not getting to enjoy such precious moments.

bitemore Gfotwo
10.1.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Dismayed Patriot @10.1    2 years ago

Dismayed Patriot, I kinda envy your not having been sucked in by the technology revolution. I have a cell phone, but use it ONLY for texting my partner and playing Solitaire. I accept NO calls on it, and tell everyone I know that if they must call me, call my land-line, and leave a message. If I'm home and hear them, I'll pick up. If not, I WILL listen to the message when I return and WILL call them back. I will never, ever, be a slave to a gadget. Except, maybe, kinda, sorta, the TV.... I'm a "closet couch potato."

Your point about taking your kids to the playground, and actually BEING with them, should be made into a headline on ALL media, everywhere. Big hugs

10.1.2  Freefaller  replied to  Dismayed Patriot @10.1    2 years ago
watching them in a room together at times with each of them, chin down, face aglow with their supposedly "smart" phones

LMAO I've simply up and left parties, gatherings, dinnesr where that started happening, when you're out with real people you should pay attention to the real people (imo)

I do admit to owning a cell phone but in my defence it's an old flip phone that doesn't do much of anything beside make calls (and it's cheaper than a land line)

Dismayed Patriot
10.1.3  Dismayed Patriot  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @10.1.1    2 years ago
I accept NO calls on it, and tell everyone I know that if they must call me, call my land-line, and leave a message.

Aye, I have a landline at home (magic jack so just $39 a year) and a work phone, If I'm not at either phone, I don't want to be reached, they can leave a message and I'll get back to them if I choose in my own time. It really is freeing. There have been one or two occasions where I realized how a cell phone would have come in handy like when I had jury duty recently, but it just took a slight bit of pre-planning with my wife (we only have one vehicle, I walk to work) to make it work. Other than that, I've never been happier about my choice to avoid them and social media.

10.1.4  TTGA  replied to  Dismayed Patriot @10.1.3    2 years ago
There have been one or two occasions where I realized how a cell phone would have come in handy like when I had jury duty recently

Doesn't work DP.  Judges HATE having cell phones go off in their courtrooms when in session.  We've got one around here (admittedly, a hardass) who fined HIMSELF when he forgot and left his phone on and it went off during a session. who me?

10.1.5  Kavika   replied to  TTGA @10.1.4    2 years ago

I heard that he pardoned himself later and returned the money to his pocket.Happy

bitemore Gfotwo
10.1.6  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Kavika @10.1.5    2 years ago

laughing dude

11  badfish    2 years ago

I left Facebook because i don't need a minute by minute update of your life, what coffee your drinking or when you have to take a bowel movement. 

bitemore Gfotwo
11.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  badfish @11    2 years ago

Oh, Badfish, I really missed you! You are the same "Badfish" I knew on the Vine, are you not? Anyway, I certainly cannot argue with your description of of peoples' minute-by-minute descriptions of their lives... thanks for the chuckle! Big hugs

11.1.1  badfish  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @11.1    2 years ago

I am the same one as the vine. Welcome back...always loved your pseudonym! 

12  TTGA    2 years ago

So glad to hear from you Bitey.  I've been gone for the last week or so and am now catching up.  More details in the private group Comment Wall.  Also, many thanks to Perrie for keeping an eye on it for me while I was gone.  It's very good to hear from you too Uppy.  I hope that things are settling down for you so that we can see you more.

bitemore Gfotwo
12.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  TTGA @12    2 years ago

Dearest TTGA, I sure hope all is well with you. When I have a wee bit o' time, i'll check out that comment wall. I am SOOOOO happy to be here! You can never know. But I am absolutely thrilled! 

Trout Giggles
13  Trout Giggles    2 years ago

Hi, Bitie! Good to see you here!

bitemore Gfotwo
13.1  author  bitemore Gfotwo  replied to  Trout Giggles @13    2 years ago

Thank you. I like your pseudonym... Trout Giggles... sounds happy! I like that! LOL

Trout Giggles
13.1.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  bitemore Gfotwo @13.1    2 years ago

I picked it because trout giggle at the sound of my name....