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Blue Spyder
link   Blue Spyder    5 years ago

have written a few notes on the sights and discussions, but I am not really adjusted to this sight. There are so many things I don't understand. So I've just dropped out for a while. Some named Frank rattled my cage today, and I don't really want to return emails. I did that on another sight and got entangled with a nut job. So I'll be taking it slow.

Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    6 years ago

Hi Blue Spyder,

I usually welcome all new members to NewsTalkers, shortly after they come aboard, but for an unknown reason there was a period during May & June when I was not receiving notices of new members. So, I missed the opportunity to welcome you at that time, This is the first time you have posted on one of my threads, so please allow me to extend you a delayed welcome at this time.


I always suggest new members to click on Perries' Instructional Videos , if you have not done so already they may help you learn some new things about the site.

You may also want consider joining NewsTalkers Community . NTC functions as the NewsTalkers bulletin board where the administration will post any important changes, and some not so important changes, regarding the site functions, its policies or the Code of Conduct (CoC).

As Retired Military x GOPer suggested, check out the other various groups, and sign on to whatever interest you. Stephi Cantelys' Cat-Adorers group is very popular and the Good News Club can also be fun (that one is mine)

You will find NewsTalker members to be frivolous and funny, or sometimes contentious and serious, but mostly they just enjoy the company of some of the greatest news bloggers on the web.

We look forward to your contributions,
Jerry Verlinger
Co-Administrator -NewsTalkers Community Group

retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    6 years ago

Blue Spyder welcome. Try the front page and then join your groups of interest. There is a little of something for everyone. If you have an area of interest not covered start your own group. Groups are god but at the same time it secludes topics of possible interest to everyone. This is an inherent problem and found here and Newsvine and a host of other sites. Going to chat can open your knowledge of this sites assets. Politics has chopped the common sense out of almost all web sites. We have quite a few liberals and others were liberal untill the issue of Smile.gif Religion and guns and guns used in mass killings then the NRA mantra of more guns for everyone took over..