Food for Thought

Food for Thought


We read.

We say to ourselves, "Hey! That's cool! I'd like to share that with others..."

Food for Thought  is a space for sharing. First, sharing articles we found interesting, and then, perhaps, sharing thoughtful conversation about the article.

Sometimes, we think to ourselves, "Hey, that's cool!"... and have nothing further to say. That's OK. Commenting "That's interesting. Thank you" is sufficient. Don't feel obligated to say more than that.

On the other hand, if you do have something further to contribute, please do! An interesting article is much more fun when its ideas are batted about.

The rules are simple:
   - Be nice.
   - Stay on topic, to the degree requested by the author: "strictly" or "more or less". If the author does not specify any limit, then there is none... except "Be nice".

"Today's news" is not a welcome topic, here. NewsTalkers's Front Page is full of such articles, and that's where such articles should be posted.

Thoughtful political policy articles are welcome... but red-meat "let's argue!" seeds are most definitely not.

Otherwise... all topics are welcome.


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Bob Nelson

There Is No ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’

link Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient an hour ago
    I agree with most of what the author has said, but I...
Bob Nelson

New Rule! ... ... by Bob Nelson

link Last Reply By @Bob Nelson 9 hours ago
    Behavior that is not nice includes, BUT IS NOT LIMITED...
Bob Nelson

The Reasonable Way to View Marijuana’s Risks

link Last Reply By @321steve yesterday
     So ?  Coke is much more powerful of a drug. BTW, Its...
Bob Nelson

Rise of the Golden Jackal

link Last Reply By @Kavika yesterday
    Great article, thanks katrix.


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