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 If one whines enough to themselves, it must be true.

Self Righteous people waste my time, and others.



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A. Macarthur
2  A. Macarthur    6 months ago

Best wishes to you and family … still hoping we meet up one day at Walt Disney World!

It Is ME
2.1  It Is ME  replied to  A. Macarthur @2    6 months ago

Ya never know. One day. 

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
1  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    2 years ago

I love to whine, just like our Fake President, who "whines about Fake News"!

It Is ME
1.1  It Is ME  replied to  Eat The Press Do Not Read It @1    10 months ago

Mimicking of one that's hated, Isn't a good trait to have ! winking