Receptionist at Toronto law firm dies from stab wounds after business targeted by suspect, police say

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By:   Chris Herhalt

Receptionist at Toronto law firm dies from stab wounds after business targeted by suspect, police say

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Receptionist at Toronto law firm dies from stab wounds after business targeted by suspect, police say


TORONTO -- A 29-year-old woman who was stabbed at a Toronto law office has died in hospital and a 33-year-old man in custody now stands accused of her murder, police say.

Just before 2 p.m. on Thursday, police said two males entered 238 King Street East, the offices of Hicks Adams LLP, a law firm specializing in criminal defence.

A woman, now identified as Julia Ferguson, suffered a critical stab wound and was rushed to a hospital trauma centre without vital signs.

GoFundMe  set up by Ferguson's friends says she worked as a receptionist at Hicks Adams and "was attacked and stabbed in the chest."

"The stab wound to her chest resulted in a puncture wound to her heart leaving her without vital signs upon paramedics arrival, some friends wrote on the GoFundMe page. "Due to Julia’s strength the paramedics were able to resuscitate her and she was rushed to the hospital."

They said Ferguson suffered oxygen loss due to her attack, which made recovery unlikely.

On Sunday, Ferguson was taken off life support and died in hospital.

"She leaves behind a mother, brother, boyfriend, family and many friends who will miss her dearly," the GoFundMe message says. "If you were blessed to know Julia you know what a beautiful and kind hearted soul she was."

Police said a suspect fled the scene and later surrendered to police.

He was identified on Monday as Osman Osman of Toronto.

"This attack was not random," Det. Sgt. Tiffany Castell said Monday while updating the investigation. 

Castell said the suspect was targeting the business during the attack and not Ferguson. 

"The business itself was certainly the target," she said. 

Castell would not reveal any other information about what could have led to the stabbing. 

Osman was initially charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder, and investigators say those charges will be upgraded due to Ferguson’s death.

She is Toronto's 55th homicide victim of the year.


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This article disturbed me by making me recall a scary situation.  I was the senior partner of a law firm in Toronto, and we had an attractive young receptionist as well, so the article conjured the thought that such a tragedy could have happened to her.  The reason I say that is because I had a meeting with a person who was a rather tough individual who was injured in an automobile accident that was not his fault.  I told him he would have to provide us with a retainer (a legal document and a payment to cover the up front court costs).   He then disappeared for more than a year.  I tried everything I could to contact him because proceedings in such a case had to be commenced within a year of the accident or it becomes statute barred, and I couldn't start proceedings without the retainer.  What could I do when it became probable that I would never hear from him again?  But then I did hear from him after the year had passed, told him I tried my best to reach him but now the time was up and he was "out of court".  Not only did he not take that news calmly, he threatened me and said he was going to "get" me.  I then had to have a uniformed police officer sit in our reception room for quite a while, and fortunately I never heard from him again.  So this story reminded me of a very scary situation from the past.


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