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link   Suz    6 months ago

Hello, Chess!  I hope you see this one day. :-) 

link   Lebowsky    2 years ago

Hi Chess Cat, very glad to see you here :o)

John Galt 1147
link   John Galt 1147    2 years ago

Aren't we all noobs h? Great to see you chess. I'm still wandering, clickin or is that kikin tires. Private notes very important. In some ways it beats the NV tracker. Perrie is working on the chat which is great. I had it the first day. There are different things on the comment box. Could work better on the I pad. We lost the quotes that we had on NV, but there are always workarounds. We can edit and or delete our comments altho that has limits. That's in the right upper corner of the box. The neat thing is here we can insert our own pics into a comment box. I have not tried online pics yet. I do have a chess cat in my gallery,  This one probably won't work tho. Yep it didn't, but this one did. I resized it. Thanks for the friend accept. 800pxchess cat 2.jpg

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    2 years ago

Small world.  I see you are still smiling.

chess cat
link   chess cat  replied to  Nigel Dogberry   2 years ago

Always smiling..  Keeps 'em wondering what you're up to :))

John Galt 1147
link   John Galt 1147    2 years ago

Hey Chess,kitty cat fancy meeting you here. Signed up today. la de da

chess cat
link   chess cat  replied to  John Galt 1147   2 years ago

I'm a noob too.  Now I need to spend some time here to figure out how it all works!   I'm that "problem between keyboard and chair" person 😹😹