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Politicizing the Coronavirus Outbreak

Politicizing the Coronavirus Outbreak

By: Vic Eldred  •  244 comments  •  5 months ago  •  LOCKED
Yesterday the President held a press conference to address the outbreak of the Coronavirus. He had asked congress for  $1.25 billion in new money for vaccine development and purchasing protective equipment, in addition to spending unused funds earmarked to fight Ebola. (Total $2.5 billion). The response was immediate, totally political and based on what we've experienced with democrats,...
Feb 29 10:07pm @13.1.12 Jasper, Proof of what? I am reading your words. That is all we all have to go on. And saying that something is unflattering is personal to me, while all I did was ask you a question.
Feb 29 4:59pm @16.3.5 OK then we agree.
Feb 29 4:57pm @13.1.10 "..." Maybe that is because I don't read junk news. He is unqualified for the job because he has no background in this field.  "..." What his opinions changed when he became the president?...
Feb 29 4:53pm @13.1.9 Vic, Will you defend the fact that Trump said one thing one time and is doing a totally different thing this time?
Feb 29 4:52pm @13.1.8 That is not what Trump is saying... and you know what, he was right in 2014. But now it's do as I say, not as I said. 
Feb 29 3:07pm @12.1.16 Jasper, The Chinese don't need to enter illegally through the southern border. They come through the airports and our northern border, too. They have been doing this for a very long time, along...
Feb 29 2:34pm @16.3.3 What about if you cant pay?
Feb 29 2:32pm @13.1.4 "..." I have read plenty of articles that never mentions his faith. What I also have read, is that Mr. Trump tweeted in 2014 mocking Obama for not placing a doctor as the lead in the same...
Feb 29 2:28pm @12.1.13 "..." How is it blame? "..." I didn't notice it. I will have to check it out.
Feb 29 2:25pm @12.1.12 Wally,  Mexico was one of the last countries to get it and they are not streaming over the border. That is an exaggeration. Frankly, given the number of cases here, I would stay in Mexico.
Feb 29 1:24pm @12.1.8 "..." Please explain to me what one has to do with the other... keeping in mind that I am for border control.
Feb 29 1:19pm @12.1.7 Vic, A disease that they can't figure out how it's being spread and has a 2% mortality rate is reason to be concerned. The flu of 1918 had a 5% mortality rate and killed over half a billion...
Feb 29 1:16pm @15.1.1 Also here on Long Island, a lab says they are close to having a vaccine, but there are still too many unknown variables with this virus to know how safe it will be.
Feb 29 1:14pm @13.1.1 While I agree that Mr. Pence's faith has nothing to do with anything here, his qualifications do and that is not identity politics. 
Feb 28 10:50pm @1.1.5 "..." So far the death rate from the coronavirus is much higher than for flu, so there is reason to be concerned.  
The Case for Amy Klobuchar

The Case for Amy Klobuchar

Via: Larry Hampton  •  24 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 29 6:09pm @6 I love Amy. I hope she ends up on the ticket as VP. 
Benjamin Watson to ‘unveil the truth about abortion’ in documentary featuring Dr. Ben Carson, Alveda King

Benjamin Watson to ‘unveil the truth about abortion’ in documentary featuring Dr. Ben Carson, Alveda King

Via: MAGA  •  80 comments  •  5 months ago
This is great news. Thanks to the Christian Post news reporter for this report.  Ben Carson and Alveda King are great Americans.  Fatherhood and motherhood begin at conception.  The growing strength and numbers of u in he pro science pro life movement has. Caused the pro abortion groups to become ever more rabid and extreme in their comments and public demonstrations.  
Feb 29 4:50pm @3.1.1 Sticky situation. 
Feb 29 4:49pm @1.1.2 "..." Prove that.
Feb 29 4:48pm @4 The term pro-abortion is a lie. We are pro-choice. You do what you feel is right, within the guidelines of the medical community.
The Bible That Oozed Oil

The Bible That Oozed Oil

Via: Larry Hampton  •  51 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 29 1:30pm @9.1.2 "..." I thought I achieved that here on NT, LOL! JOKING GUYS!!!
Feb 29 11:34am @9 My cookbook is covered in oil, but I first noticed it during Manhattan Hedge. Am I blessed?
Animated Song Videos (NO DISNEY)

Animated Song Videos (NO DISNEY)

By: Wheel  •  149 comments  •  4 months ago
Feb 29 12:18pm @36.1.3 LMAO! I had a friend who loved Barney, (Yes I am clueless why) and he tried to get my daughters hooked one weekend that we were all together. It didn't take and he was bummed.  On the other hand,...
Feb 29 11:21am @36.1.1 Funny you should say that. My daughters used to do that with popular music. They could kill a song we liked in one car trip, nevermind the ones we hated.  At least we were a "Barnie Free"...
Feb 28 11:20pm @37
Feb 28 11:08pm @36
Feb 28 11:05pm @33.1 Very cool. Love the vintage cartoon!
Feb 28 11:02pm @28.1.3 Well, you made me feel bit better about the song. Thanks for the good wishes. I get rid of her identical twin next Aug. LOL!
Feb 28 5:24pm @28.1.1 Thanks Wheel!  So this is the song that my daughter wants to use as her first dance with her new hubby at her wedding. I find it a bit sad and bitter-sweet, but the song is called "Married Life"...
Feb 28 11:46am @28 Wheel, Can we use Pixar? It is not Disney per se. 
Feb 27 4:53pm @15.1.1 LOL.. I know! But I think he's pretty straight. 
Feb 27 4:35pm @11.1.1 Not a bad song in the whole movie and a great story with a great cast. Amazing animation.
Feb 27 3:50pm @15 If you don't get the reference to Dhani Harrison's group, it's from "The Prisoner". There was always a new No2 to try and break the agent. 
Feb 27 3:47pm @14 Love the music with the video.
Feb 27 3:44pm @11 One of my favorite animated films and not Disney. 
Star Trek: Picard - Episode 6 "The Impossible Box"

Star Trek: Picard - Episode 6 "The Impossible Box"

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  45 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 29 11:38am @6 "..." I think you nail it on the head. They are metaphorical as well as physical. And I also don't think that the Romulan's really care about them. They end up being basically slaves. 
Feb 28 11:34am @5 OK she seems smart, but we all know that sometimes smart women make dumb choices when it comes to men.  As for the damage left behind on the reclaimed Borg, I think it was the extent of the...
Feb 28 11:27am @3.1 Can you buy that? I'd love one!
Feb 28 11:27am @2.1.5 I love the fact that he uses traditional weapons and is very effective with them. I think that shows real skill. And you are right Sandy. It is safer for those in the crossfire. 
Feb 28 11:24am @1.1.1 I have to agree with you about that. They did seem arrogant. 


By: A. Macarthur  •  107 comments  •  5 months ago
© A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G.
Feb 28 5:49pm @7.1 Gorgeous colors and great composition. 
Feb 28 5:49pm @6.3.2 A perfect shot. Just so peaceful. 
Feb 28 5:47pm @11.1 Raven, How do you do your creations? This is beautiful!
Feb 28 5:46pm @9.2.1 Well... he is the real thing, LOL!
Feb 28 5:46pm @9.1.1 I was thinking of doing that or using that photo to do a painting of him. Not sure which. 
Feb 28 5:45pm @9.4.1 Raven, He is such a sweetie. His sister, not so much.
Feb 28 5:45pm @9.3.1 He indeed is in your face in the morn!
Feb 28 11:49am @9 I didn't take this photo, but my daughter did and I think it is outstanding. It's of her kitty Albus. 
Coronavirus Patient’s Pet Dog Tests Positive for ‘Low Level’ of Virus

Coronavirus Patient’s Pet Dog Tests Positive for ‘Low Level’ of Virus

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  30 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 28 3:32pm @3.1.2 Good point 1st!
Feb 28 3:31pm @3.2 Good one Dean!
Feb 28 3:31pm @2.2.1 "..." Exactly.  I actually lost one of my kitties to the mutated version of the coronavirus, FIP. I'm actually more concerned about that. You get the virus and you think your OK, but it's hiding...
Feb 28 3:27pm @2.1.1 "..." Right now the CDC says that isn't how it's passed... but who knows?
Feb 28 3:26pm @1.2.10 Sure did! I love Stephen King! But I also read "The Strain". That went into how a pathogen spreads in great detail, though I doubt we will become Nazi vampires, LOL. 
Feb 28 12:15am @1 One should know that dogs and cats get coronavirus, but I think they are referring to the human strain in this article. Species jumping is never a good thing when it comes to a virus.
Why do people panic about an unknown disease ?

Why do people panic about an unknown disease ?

By: JohnRussell  •  47 comments  •  5 months ago
The   flu   has already   killed   10,000 across   US   as world frets ... Feb 03, 2020  · At least 19 million people have come down with the flu in the U.S. with 180,000 ending up in the hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and …...
Feb 28 12:12am @4.3.11 "..." Prove that.... oh yeah... you can't.  How about addressing the issue? There is no purpose in scaring people.
Feb 28 12:11am @4.3.10 "..." Do you mean Bernie supporters? Come on... do better than that. 
Feb 27 9:07pm @4.3.6 That makes no sense. We would all know that any economic collapse happened from forces outside Trump's realm. I really can't buy what you are saying, with the exception of some nutters.  
Feb 27 5:12pm @4.3.2 While I think it is important to be informed, panicking people isn't good either. On the other hand, there is no way to avoid what is actually happening in order to keep this under control. I guess...
Feb 27 4:03pm @7.2 Thank you, Sean, for some common sense.  Also, not all flues are created equal. The Spanish flu of 1918 killed about 75 million people worldwide, or 5% of the population and half a billion were...
Feb 27 3:58pm @4.3 Why would anyone want a pandemic?
Star Trek Reveals A TNG Character Became Enterprise Captain After Picard

Star Trek Reveals A TNG Character Became Enterprise Captain After Picard

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  8 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 27 11:04pm @3 Well, I just found out about "Lower Decks" which will be an animated official series. Now a book? A lot to keep up with.
Video shows police arresting 6-year-old girl at school

Video shows police arresting 6-year-old girl at school

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  11 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 27 4:46pm @7 As a teacher in a tough inner-city school, we never called in the police when we had an out of control kid/ kids. First of all, all teachers were on guard for this and if another teacher had an...
Trump says coronavirus vaccine coming along 'rapidly,' appoints Pence to head task force

Trump says coronavirus vaccine coming along 'rapidly,' appoints Pence to head task force

Via: MAGA  •  95 comments  •  5 months ago
It’s great to see Trump unlike the opposition in Congress remain calm and take a measured ad real response to this issue and problem.  VP Pence will do a great job in leading to a solution to this problem.  
Feb 27 4:12pm @8.1.14 "..." Really? Can you explain this tweet from then just Donald Trump saying the same thing in 2014: Was he having ODS? He wasn't wrong then, but apparently he has forgotten the common sense of...
Feb 27 4:06pm @8.1.13 Because they have to understand the implications of what the doctors are reporting.
Feb 27 1:56am @8.1.1 OK guys, you do realize that Pence has no qualifications for the job, right? And you also know that the death rate in Iran is 14% because they too are ill-prepared. We have our first case of...
Live Discussion on the Democratic Debates

Live Discussion on the Democratic Debates

By: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  319 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 27 1:18am @58.1.27 I am directing this to everyone. This article is for the discussion of the debates and only debate issues. 
Feb 25 11:45pm @57.1.1 That is a possibility. My concern is Biden against Trump. 
Feb 25 10:29pm @42.1 Pretty petty. 
Feb 25 10:26pm @54.1.3 Well, I have to agree with you about adults. There are just so few these days.
Feb 25 10:25pm @52.2.3 I agree CB!
Feb 25 10:24pm @52.1.3 "..." Still, you were insightful and I think fair. Well done! And actually I really appreciate a conservative as part of the panel making comments. It's good to see it through another set of...
Feb 25 10:19pm @55.1 Very True, Kavika. 
Feb 25 10:19pm @54.1.1 I could go with any of those permutations. 
Feb 25 10:18pm @53.2.2 "..."
Feb 25 10:18pm @52.2.2 "..." I agree with you Sean. 
Feb 25 10:12pm @50.1.2 I would have to agree, Larry. Especially when talking about bringing things to fruition. 
Feb 25 10:10pm @51.2.2 "..." I have to agree with you, there. 
Feb 25 10:08pm @53.1 It's good to show good sportsmanship! 
Feb 25 10:05pm @52.1 Again, really good analysis Sean. I have been very impressed by your commentary. 
Feb 25 10:01pm @51.1 He is. 
Feb 25 10:01pm @50.1 Which one Larry?
Feb 25 9:57pm @49.2 Good night Lady!
Feb 25 9:44pm @44.3.3 :)
Feb 25 9:39pm @44.3.1 Well, at least we would get to hear what they are trying to say.
Feb 25 9:37pm @44.1 I feel ya pain.
Feb 25 9:35pm @43.1 LMAO!
Feb 25 9:34pm @41.2 I like Amy, too. 
Feb 25 9:30pm @40.1 I have to agree with Biden on this. 
Feb 25 9:29pm @35.2.1 There is and it's moving very fast.
Feb 25 9:20pm @10.1.8 "..." I agree. He needed to get more footing. 
Feb 25 9:10pm @37.1 I totally agree
Feb 25 9:09pm @35.1 Cracked me up, too!
Feb 25 9:05pm @28.2.2 ah!
Feb 25 9:04pm @31.2.1 He needs to get off of that and focus on the issues.
Feb 25 9:03pm @33.1.3 I totally agree.
Feb 25 9:01pm @34.2 I agree Lady.
Feb 25 9:00pm @33.1.1 She does that a lot.
Feb 25 8:56pm @33 Or housing
Feb 25 8:55pm @32 We're up to education folks. 
Feb 25 8:46pm @14.2.11 Really? Isn't that what Clinton did to rid us from the national debt? 
Feb 25 8:45pm @28.2 "..." What did I miss? I didn't hear that. 
Feb 25 8:43pm @4.2.4 "..." True! "..." I have to agree. "..." He's a cult of personality.
Feb 25 8:41pm @26.2 I agree too sean! 
Feb 25 8:40pm @23.1.1 It's been a life long issue. He stutters. 
Feb 25 8:39pm @13.1.5 In a perfect world, she is a really good candidate, but I think Larry is right. 
Feb 25 8:35pm @14.2.9 Both parties need the indie vote John. What do you think lost you the election the last time?
Feb 25 8:33pm @21.1 I agree. He is doing a good job of expressing himself.
Feb 25 8:32pm @22 Biden is getting fiesty! 
Feb 25 8:31pm @20.1 John, You can't win without the indie vote. Get over it. 
Feb 25 8:31pm @19.1 They are trying... Hard to control adults that are in the fight. 
Feb 25 8:30pm @18.1 I agree CB!
Feb 25 8:29pm @14.2.7 "..." I have to agree. 
Feb 25 8:28pm @14.2.6 John you might not like him, but this isn't about partisanship. 
Feb 25 8:25pm @14.2.1 She comes across very nasty
Feb 25 8:21pm @10.1.2 True.
Feb 25 8:20pm @4.2.1 That is a tough question. It's something that they should all be concerned about. 
Feb 25 8:19pm @10.1 It was, but I am not sure about his delivery. 
Feb 25 8:16pm @5.1.2 He sure is.
Feb 25 8:14pm @9.1 Ditto.
Feb 25 8:12pm @5.1 And Sanders is fixated on Billionaires, which is really about Bloomberg Mayor Pete and Tom. 
Feb 25 8:11pm @6 Good comments from Tom and Biden and Pete. 
Feb 25 8:07pm @4.1 That sounds about right, Sean.
Feb 25 8:06pm @3.1 Yuppers~
Feb 25 8:06pm @2.1.1 First shot fired by Sanders, and then shot back from Bloomberg. 
Feb 25 8:02pm @2.1 Indeedy! 
Feb 25 7:58pm @1 OK folks! This is the live discussion on the Democratic Debate being hosted by CBS News. Have fun and be nice! :)
Star Trek Group Logo Poll - Elimination Round

Star Trek Group Logo Poll - Elimination Round

By: Dignitatem Societatis  •  14 comments  •  5 months ago
This is the elimination round. I have numbered the choices and compiled them into into a single image for ease of posting. The logo being used right now (above and to the right in the 'sponsored by' box) is number 10. The poll ends Friday at midnight Eastern. The 2 most popular choices will advance to the final round. Select your choice for the Star Trek group logo...
Feb 26 5:18pm @4 This is fun! I voted for my fave.
Bernie Sanders can beat Trump

Bernie Sanders can beat Trump

Via: JohnRussell  •  110 comments  •  5 months ago
Byline: Kirsten Powers The Democratic establishment is having a mass freakout as Bernie Sanders surges. The Vermont senator capped a week of strong polls Saturday with a commanding, broad-based win in the Nevada caucuses. For most of the primary season, politicos, commentators and journalists have dismissed the Sanders candidacy at best or attacked and misrepresented it at...
Feb 26 3:29pm @8.2.17 I live on Long Island and almost everyone has a basement, including me. In fact, I have never owned a house without one. 
Feb 26 3:27pm @8.2.16 I have to agree with you Trout. I have two also, and they are pulling their own weight without complaining.  Typical generation gap crap.
Feb 26 3:23pm @3.1.30 Have you learned nothing from the last election? Polls lie.
Is Bernie Sanders a Communist?

Is Bernie Sanders a Communist?

By: TᵢG  •  341 comments  •  2 months ago
Bernie Sanders is now the front-runner in the D primary.   Amazing.   Given that, it makes sense to seriously look at what he is proposing. During the last D debate in Las Vegas, Bloomberg implied that Sanders' positions were in effect communism on the grounds that Sanders was trying to throw out capitalism.    Was he correct?   It seems that a number of people think that the mere fact...
Feb 26 2:34pm @13.1.61 You figured me out.... I've been trying to hide it for the longest time. DAMN!  LOL!
Feb 26 2:26pm @13.1.54 There are none and believe me, I have no reason to defend Bernie since I don't like what he is proposing. But I do recognize the difference between socialism and communism. 
Feb 26 2:24pm @13.1.51 "..." Just a sidebar, but you know what? You are a bit closer than you think about NASA and Nazis. Our government did bring over, over 1,600 Nazis for science programs after WWII, and justified...
Feb 25 3:03pm @13.1.3 Tacos, if I may jump into this discussion.  Not to side with Tig, but I'd like to explain why Bernie didn't pick some other nation as an example and please keep in mind, I don't like Bernie.  He...
Bismarck artist behind controversial Greta Thunberg mural shares stories of support and hate

Bismarck artist behind controversial Greta Thunberg mural shares stories of support and hate

Via: Larry Hampton  •  6 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 26 12:01am @4 It's a beautiful shot. 
A conservative group with a history of climate change denial has hired a German YouTuber to challenge Greta Thunberg's 'climate crisis'

A conservative group with a history of climate change denial has hired a German YouTuber to challenge Greta Thunberg's 'climate crisis'

Via: MAGA  •  93 comments  •  5 months ago
Global warming is a hoax.  Man made climate change is a fraud.  They who advocate these ideas manipulate science and use censorship to suppress other views.  The Competitive Enterprise Institute and The Heartland Institute are correct on individual liberty, competition, capitalism, and environmental matters.  
Feb 25 12:34pm @2.3.14 "..." Two truths can exist at the same time. It might be unstoppable but we also might be making things worse. Why not investigate and do what we can to make sure that we are not part of the...
There is No “Christian Left”

There is No “Christian Left”

Via: MAGA  •  155 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 25 12:26pm @13.1 I have to agree with you Sandy. Who is anyone to judge people's faith and love of country?
Feb 25 12:26pm @12.1.25 Trump praying is a pile of BS. He never attended church when he was just another New Yorker. He didn't just find god now. George Bush was a true Christian, Obama was a Christian (not a fan of his...
Feb 25 12:12am @7.1.9 You question theirs all the time. One's faith has nothing to do with their politics. 
Feb 22 2:33pm @11.2.11 Sean, Dixicrats are a political animal to themselves. They do not represent the current state of affairs, and they were very different from the rest of the liberal movement, even in their times. 
Feb 22 2:27pm @12.1.5 I think that most people who are in politics are political hacks. I mean really, look at all our choices and they are all doing what is in their own self-interests. The best that we can hope for,...
Feb 22 1:23pm @12.1.2 Jeremy, Now your comment has left me confused. And how does anyone know what is in the heart of a person? I am sure that there are nominees that do practice their faith. 
Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape and Criminal Sex Act, Acquitted of Most Serious Charges

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape and Criminal Sex Act, Acquitted of Most Serious Charges

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  39 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 24 11:23pm @4.1.2 I think they mean sexual assault... anything but penetration. 
Feb 24 12:32pm @2.1 I have to agree with you. I was worried he would get off on all charges. 
Feb 24 12:23pm @1 My son in law to be was in the jury pool for this case, and he said this was going to be not easy on the jury. The deadlock kind of indicated that. 
What Christian conservatives need to know about Mike Bloomberg

What Christian conservatives need to know about Mike Bloomberg

Via: MAGA  •  124 comments  •  5 months ago
Conservative and Christian opponents of Michael Bloomberg are spot on in their criticism.  He is a racist.  He’s said and done many things against minorities and minority Americans.  He’s a misogynist.  Elizabeth Warren was correct about him on that count as well as others she mentioned.  Bloomberg is a control freak thinking to substitute his views as regulations over our freedom and liberty...
Feb 24 11:16pm @9.1.1 It was a moderator comment that comments were under review and then removed as to not disturb the article. 
Feb 22 2:58pm @6.1.10 I'd love you to prove that.
Feb 22 2:39pm @6.1.6 I have to ditto what Tig said. 
Feb 22 2:35pm @6.1.5 No. He is trying to be a spoiler. There is a lot of that going on.
If Things Are So Great, Why Is Bernie Sanders Doing So Well?

If Things Are So Great, Why Is Bernie Sanders Doing So Well?

By: JohnRussell  •  127 comments  •  5 months ago
Bernie Sanders message is rather stark. America is victimized by the rich, who buy political power and use it to maintain their domination of the finances of the society.  A lot of young people like Sanders, meaning they buy Sanders message. The Nevada voting for the Democratic candidates is taking place today, and I hear one report that the over 45 vote is splitting roughly evenly between...
Feb 23 2:19pm @2.1.52 "..." Did you think that FDR was a socialist? "..." I don't see how the DNC can cheat Bernie. I don't think that the other candidates are socialist. And yes some of them need to drop out. 
Feb 23 12:50pm @2.1.45 I think the problem is that there are too many moderate candidates and they are splitting the vote, and Sanders is the winner of this. I look at how the vote breaks up, and there are about 3...
Star Trek: Picard - Episode 5 "Stardust City Rag" Recap

Star Trek: Picard - Episode 5 "Stardust City Rag" Recap

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  19 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 22 2:00pm @4.2.5 Great info. Thanks for sharing that! 
Feb 22 1:58pm @3.1.2 Me too, Ed. But that is what makes the show great! 
Feb 21 10:06pm @4.2.3 From this video, they make a good case that the Borg are not that old. So then the only question is how they got into the Delta quad, and I think we can point to Q for that answer. 
Feb 21 1:58pm @4.1 I hate anything to do with eyes, so yeah that scene was a bit much for me.  And I never saw it coming with Agnes. It was shocking but I think that is what makes the series great. 
Feb 21 1:31am @3.1 It was an amazing ep. It was so good to see Seven.  And great plot twists which I will not talk about till everyone catches up. 
Mike Bloomberg tweeted a doctored debate video. Is it political spin or disinformation?

Mike Bloomberg tweeted a doctored debate video. Is it political spin or disinformation?

Via: JohnRussell  •  40 comments  •  5 months ago
Following his   lackluster performance in Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate , former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg tweeted out a doctored video that made it look like he had a hugely successful moment on the debate stage, even though he didn’t. And while politicians putting out campaign ads that take their opponents’ words out of context or are selectively edited to misconstrue...
Feb 22 1:54pm @8.1.2 There is nothing in 7.2 that makes sense with that pic.
Feb 21 10:31pm @8.1 So when you can't have a discussion, throw up a pic of Stalin with a witty(not) blurb. 
In Lake Placid, an Olympic Miracle from 40 Years Ago Still Inspires

In Lake Placid, an Olympic Miracle from 40 Years Ago Still Inspires

Via: XDm9mm  •  41 comments  •  5 months ago
I remember this like it happened only yesterday. And the absolute pride of watching a bunch of amateur kids beat the professionals from the Red Army was more than inspiring.
Feb 22 1:50pm @3.1.6 I feel like a kid... but both my kids are getting married, so that has aged me a few years, LOL. 
Feb 22 1:49pm @3.1.5 "..." I would have to agree! :)
Feb 22 11:36am @3 One of the best Olympic matches in the history of the Olympics. I was lucky enough to be there (but not for the last game,   Still, I feel lucky enough to have seen 1 game of the series.  And btw,...
Republicans Brilliantly Dismantle Arguments of Pro-Abortion Radicals During “Born-Alive Hearing”

Republicans Brilliantly Dismantle Arguments of Pro-Abortion Radicals During “Born-Alive Hearing”

Via: MAGA  •  122 comments  •  4 months ago
The Republicans in this hearing are right on.  We all know what abortion is even if we can’t say it. 
Feb 22 1:46pm @3.2.4 Hold your finger down on the photo you want to copy until you get a pop-up screen that says "copy". Then go to where you want to paste it and hold your finger down until you get a pop up that says...
Feb 18 12:46pm @3.1.22 That is those women's choice and I am fine with that. But the moment they try to force it on me, I am not. Choice is the operative word here and that is why I will try to vote Trump out of office....
Mississippi's six-week abortion ban struck down

Mississippi's six-week abortion ban struck down

Via: Gordy327  •  125 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 22 12:32pm @7.1.4 And that graph doesn't take into account the population at the time. In the US in 1975 (the peak of that graph), the US population was 216 million. In 2014 it was 319 million people. I full 100...
Feb 20 10:23pm @4 Thank goodness. Sanity prevails. 
Twitter is testing new ways to fight misinformation — including a community-based points system

Twitter is testing new ways to fight misinformation — including a community-based points system

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  66 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 22 12:17pm @7.1.4 "..." I'd like to see how things go on Twitter. My worry is that it would end up being an echo chamber and we have never been about that. I too remember the "collapsed by community" and even...
Feb 22 12:14pm @6.1.2 "..." Squiggy that is not true. Although an item might be flagged as author O/T, the mods do look over the comment to see if they are trying to silence opposing opinions. If they are, we ignore...
One Man's Stupid Opinion - The Coming Storm!

One Man's Stupid Opinion - The Coming Storm!

By: Baron Creek  •  57 comments  •  5 months ago
Warning to all Sanders supporters and anti-Trump folks. You might not like this. The democratic party is nearing a crisis and will find itself hard pressed to overcome obstacles it has placed in its own path. Granted you can find any number of polls that suggest any democrat will beat Trump and I AM referring to individual state polls with electoral votes. Most of the Democrats have an...
Feb 21 10:11pm @5.1.2 Except there are none that are viable. 
Feb 21 9:29pm @5 Interesting first article.  I guess the election will come down really to one thing. If Sanders' supporters will support another dem, if Sanders doesn't win the nomination. If he does win the...
Star Trek Group Logo Roundup

Star Trek Group Logo Roundup

By: Dignitatem Societatis  •  11 comments  •  6 months ago  •  LOCKED
Note : Due to how polls work here on NT (no option for multiple choices), the process of elimination has changed. I thought it would be fun to have members of the new Star Trek group (as well as interested mods who can't join for platform software reasons) participate in choosing the group logo. You know, the little image that gets slapped onto the lower right corner of group article...
Feb 20 11:27pm @3.1.1 I will. 
Feb 20 10:52pm @3 Here is mine: I like clean lines. 
Painting with My Photos … or … "FROM" My Photos/CREATIVE ARTS THURSDAY/FRIDAY

Painting with My Photos … or … "FROM" My Photos/CREATIVE ARTS THURSDAY/FRIDAY

By: A. Macarthur  •  64 comments  •  5 months ago
© A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G.
Feb 20 11:12pm @8.1 One of them looks like he might be a Kitler. Cat's that's markings look like Hitler. Here is one:
Feb 20 11:06pm @7.3.2 Love your fur baby, too
Feb 20 11:06pm @7.4 Love your fur baby. 
Feb 20 11:05pm @6.3 Beautiful Raven!
Feb 20 11:03pm @4.2 Now that is a great shot! You really captured the mood for sure!
Feb 20 11:02pm @2.2 Too funny! 
Feb 20 11:02pm @1.3 I have to tell you that the butterflies are gorgeous. I love everything about them.
Live Debate Discussion

Live Debate Discussion

By: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  356 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 20 5:11pm @36.1.3 Bloomberg, like any other candidate up on that stage, has to appeal to the party members. No one implied otherwise, so I don't understand you saying: "..." John, there are loads of Democrats...
Feb 20 5:01pm @37.1.1 LOL!
Feb 20 3:46pm @36.1.1 Perfect example Tig. Maybe it was smart of Bloomberg to remain quiet. That's what Trump did till they all slaughtered each other and he was last man standing.
Feb 20 1:52pm @12.1.4 Listen up XX, Your comment referring to Warren as Pocahontas to me, fully knowing that I am an actual Indian is offensive to me and other Indians on this site. Since you have done this repeatedly...
Feb 20 12:26am @5.2.6 Not in my books. She was the worst of the night and I would vote for almost anyone else over her after this performance. 
Feb 19 11:34pm @27.2.1 No one said anything in the news...  What are they good for?
Feb 19 10:54pm @2.1.29 But for the big seat?
Feb 19 10:52pm @11.2.12 It feels like my grandfather yelling at me. No joke either.
Feb 19 10:50pm @12.3.6 Your so cute, CB. Love you tude. 
Feb 19 10:46pm @11.2.11 John, I am sorry you don't like people with money, but it's not a dirty word. My family went from poor, and I do mean poor to wealth due to hard work and my dad is a life long Dem. So that is your...
Feb 19 10:44pm @11.2.10 LMAO!!!!!
Feb 19 10:35pm @2.1.26 Trying... Running this and the vigor on stage is making this debate not a snorefest. 
Feb 19 10:33pm @5.1.4 "..." I totally disagree.... 
Feb 19 10:31pm @11.2.5 But some of them are not paying attention to the time and are talking over each other
Feb 19 10:30pm @20.1 He might be finding his footing. 
Feb 19 10:26pm @19.1.2 Indeed he is. 
Feb 19 10:26pm @18.1 Third youngest. 
Feb 19 10:25pm @16.1 That maybe true. Hard to tell. Everyone has perfect 20/20 hindsight. 
Feb 19 10:21pm @2.1.23 Would you vote for him now?
Feb 19 10:20pm @2.1.22 I think she looks nasty and unhinged. 
Feb 19 10:19pm @1.1.7 He just did a fine job with Redling. 
Feb 19 10:16pm @1.1.5 Please stay on topic, which is the DNC debate.
Feb 19 10:14pm @11.1.5 "..." While I agree with what you said, I think in the long run, it might give him the breathing space that he needed. 
Feb 19 10:12pm @6.1.1 True.
Feb 19 10:12pm @5.2.1 "..." I agree.
Feb 19 10:09pm @5.1.2 The moderators are not giving him time either.. that isn't helping.
Feb 19 10:07pm @12.3.3 Gonna disagree. She has soured my taste.
Feb 19 10:05pm @14.1 I have noticed that. Must be the solider in him. Calmness under fire. 
Feb 19 10:04pm @11.2.3 The moderators are not being fair with time.
Feb 19 10:02pm @11.1.2 I would give it Klobucher, Buttigieg and Biden.
Feb 19 10:00pm @2.1.16 Warren has been up his ass since the bell rang. In fact, I think of all the people up there tonight, she is the most unlikeable. 
Feb 19 9:58pm @1.1.2 Well, they are all very toothy for sure.
Feb 19 9:55pm @13.1 True. 
Feb 19 9:55pm @12.1 I totally agree, Tig. Warren has been on a rampage. I've lost my taste for her totally.
Feb 19 9:53pm @8.2.1 Quite so. 
Feb 19 9:51pm @11.2 He does seem a bit out of practice but this is the first debate that has been a free for all. That being said, he isn't being nasty either.
Feb 19 9:51pm @10.2 Agreed.
Feb 19 9:50pm @9.1 "..."
Feb 19 9:48pm @2.1.14 Are you planning on voting for him?
Feb 19 9:41pm @8.1.1 I agree with both of you.
Feb 19 9:33pm @5.3.1 I have noticed the same thing. 
Feb 19 9:31pm @6 Biden finally is feisty tonight. 
Feb 19 9:29pm @5.1 I agree with you Raven... and all of this is just opinion on what we are seeing. No worries.
Feb 19 9:27pm @2.1.10 "..." again, really annoying
Feb 19 9:26pm @2.1.9 "..." agreed
Feb 19 9:26pm @2.1.8 She seems to be acting that way.
Feb 19 9:21pm @4.1.2 It brought the teacher out in me, LOL!
Feb 19 9:20pm @2.1.2 So true. She's really a nice lady and I think the moderators abuse that. Whoa.. Warren again. She's in a freakishly bad mood
Feb 19 9:19pm @4.1 Yeah, that was really nasty. Kind of shocking. I thought it would be a bit more diplomatic between them.
Feb 19 9:14pm @2.1 Bernie took a cheap shot at Buttigieg and he gave back in kind. 
Feb 19 9:12pm @1.1 Or not... hello?
Feb 19 9:01pm @1 Remember civil discussion only. 
New group for Trek fans

New group for Trek fans

By: Dignitatem Societatis  •  102 comments  •  5 months ago  •  LOCKED
Just a quick FYI. If you're a fan of any Star Trek show or film, then be sure to pop over to the new group and join. If you'd like to migrate any Trek-related articles or seeds over, then please feel free to do so, though I just discovered that migrating seems to wipe out an article's up votes for some reason. Anyway, there it is. Live long and prosper.
Feb 20 4:39pm @14.2.3 I said Nothing!
Feb 20 3:51pm @14.1 Great Ep, right? 
Feb 20 3:50pm @4.1.10 I totally agree Gordy! 
Feb 20 3:37pm @13 Am I the only lunatic (and I do mean the meaning of that word), that stayed up to watch this week's ep?
Feb 20 3:35pm @4.1.8 Good for you Gordy. That way it's painless.  (except you will never sleep, LOL)
Feb 20 2:25pm @10.1.2 Indeed they do. 
Feb 20 2:24pm @12 I'm in! 
The Search Begins

The Search Begins

By: Veronica  •  47 comments  •  6 months ago
I have begun my research in earnest in regards to the candidates.  I like to gather as much information on all the contenders and pretenders. I still have not found anyone I can throw my support behind completely.  I am tired of the "lesser than 2 evils" approach that has become our Presidential Elections.  What do you all think of Mike Bloomberg?   Who is the front runner for you?
Feb 20 4:30pm @7.1 I don't agree. Hillary almost won had she done her due diligence. It's these two women that I am not sure of. I do like Klobuchar because she is so normal, but that doesn't seem to sell. But only...
Feb 20 4:27pm @5.1.1 Ditto.
Feb 20 4:27pm @4.1.1 I have to agree with that, but on the dick scale, the front runners were the worst. 
Feb 19 1:20pm @4 My first choice is Bloomberg, second choice is Amy Klobuchar and then Mayor Pete. I am looking forward to this debate. Things should get very interesting. 
What is the 'boogaloo'? How online calls for a violent uprising are hitting the mainstream

What is the 'boogaloo'? How online calls for a violent uprising are hitting the mainstream

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  72 comments  •  5 months ago
Feb 20 4:11pm @8.1 They are on 4chan also and on the dark web. You can use tor to get there.  Just a small sample.
Feb 20 4:05pm @6.2 Zuksam, I regularly visit hate sites and the article is not wrong, hence why I posted it. You can look at 4chan and see for yourself.  We have nuts on the right and the left looking for...
Democratic Choice Down To Four

Democratic Choice Down To Four

By: JohnRussell  •  26 comments  •  6 months ago
The Democratic candidate for president should come from the following, and I think it will.   Joe Biden Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren Pete Buttigieg.  These four have the political mettle and the ideological balance to beat Donald Trump. Going by what we saw in the debate in Nevada last night, all four of these are more than capable of standing up to Trump's bullying and lies....
Feb 20 3:33pm @1.3.3 I have to agree with you Sean. Actually you gave really good commentary last night. Very objective. I was quite impressed. 
Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination

Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination

Via: Release The Kraken  •  271 comments  •  6 months ago
Suddenly, Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is being taken seriously. For months, the Vermont senator was written off by Democratic Party insiders as a candidate with a committed but narrow base who was too far left to win the primary. Elizabeth Warren had skyrocketed in the polls and seemed to be leaving him behind in the race to be progressive voters’ standard-bearer in 2020....
Feb 19 9:07pm @5.1.132 Gotta agree with you. I am running a live article right now. Post your comments there, too
Feb 19 8:45pm @8.1.9 I'm not saying anything of the sort. All I am saying is what I am seeing and I can't go on memories of the event. 
Feb 19 8:26pm @8.1.7 I checked the logs. First of all, an event from two months ago wouldn't be in there, so I have no idea who locked the article or even if it was locked. I looked through today's logs, and there is...
Feb 19 7:48pm @11.1 I have to agree with you there. He is a bit frazzled now, but he is all spit and vinegar, so who knows? 
Feb 19 7:16pm @8.1.5 I'm not missing the point. There is no reason for any of this to have happened. Why would this article just appear from nowhere? I'll check the log to see if I can find the missing comment and any...
Feb 19 6:26pm @8.1.2 That is ridiculous. Neither BF or Al have been here in 2 months. I'll make you happy and give Al his ticket. 
Feb 19 4:28pm @5.1.125 For now. I am waiting till tonight. This will be the first debate that will keep me interested. Let's see where things go. 
Bloomberg Editorial Board Endorses Mike Bloomberg

Bloomberg Editorial Board Endorses Mike Bloomberg

Via: KDMichigan  •  20 comments  •  6 months ago
NEW YORK, NY—The Bloomberg News Editorial Board has endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president. While other publications are endorsing multiple candidates or communists, Bloomberg Opinion says they've found the right man for the job: Mike Bloomberg. "He's a really swell guy," wrote the editorial team. "We always have a good time when good ol' Mike is around. His ideas are great, dogs and...
Feb 19 7:08pm @7.1.3 LOL, ANY?  It has been non stop since he got into this election while only the conservatives and the extreme left cry for Bernie.  And again, nowhere did I say endorse. And who is a republican.....
Feb 19 6:39pm @7.1.1 It really warms my heart to see how dedicated my republican friends are about Bernie. I can't imagine why/ sarc.
Video Raises Questions About Bloomberg’s Views On Health Care For Older Americans

Video Raises Questions About Bloomberg’s Views On Health Care For Older Americans

Via: KDMichigan  •  8 comments  •  6 months ago
If Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was 95 years old and had prostate cancer, he could afford advanced and extreme medical care to improve and extend his life. But what about a 95-year-old non-billionaire with prostate cancer who requires medical treatment using taxpayer dollars? In 2011, Bloomberg made the following statement: “If you show up with prostate cancer and you’re...
Feb 19 7:05pm @2.2.1 So that was his POV about health care back when? How old is that footage? And that has nada with being an elitist. He is sitting in a room of average people having a discussion. And what is more...
Feb 19 6:56pm @3 "..." I'd love to see a video of that since from what I have read he said that at a Shiva. Do you even know what that is? "..." I am commenting to this: "..." See, I don't get even if he...
Feb 19 6:20pm @2 First of all, I can't find confirmation from any non-righty publication. And LMAO, I didn't realize that only the middle and working classes would be affected by this. You mean he said rich people...
Why Elizabeth Warren Got Dropped From A Poll Question About General Election Matchups

Why Elizabeth Warren Got Dropped From A Poll Question About General Election Matchups

Via: JohnRussell  •  23 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 19 2:14pm @3.1.1 Did you know that the rules were changed by the RNC, too, in mid game? And yes I am sure they did it to let Bloomberg in.  "..." I tend to agree with that.
Feb 19 2:10pm @3.2.1 Both parties have has a history of changing the rules for their debates, and while I can see the other nominees getting mad over this, it is not the first time or the last. 
Mike Bloomberg Once Said He Could 'Teach Anyone to Be a Farmer' Because Farming Needs Less 'Gray Matter' Than Modern Work

Mike Bloomberg Once Said He Could 'Teach Anyone to Be a Farmer' Because Farming Needs Less 'Gray Matter' Than Modern Work

Via: Sparty On  •  313 comments  •  6 months ago  •  LOCKED
Classic case of an out of touch, big city, coastal elitist
Feb 18 11:52pm @9.1.18 It was supposed to be a joke, and how do you know how well she knew him? And he knew what was in there. It was a joke. Holy PC. And please don't pretend that you don't have your loyalties. You do. 
Feb 18 11:50pm @9.1.17 No you got moderated for making things personal to me. And you are still doing it, while trolling me.
Feb 18 10:18pm @9.1.14 OK all that is supposed to be from a book that was handed out at a party in 1990. "..." So basically all hearsay from one woman.  Actually, what amazes me, even more, is that the liberal press...
Feb 18 8:41pm @9.1.12 But you are fine with Trumps? LMAO... 
Feb 18 8:37pm @8.2.8 "..." Hey, we finally agree! 
Feb 18 5:14pm @20.1.3 "..." I didn't find it funny. I don't see how it could be taken as anything but personal. "..." You have complained about this publicly, or I would never have brought it up, so please do not...
Feb 18 4:57pm @20.1.1 "..." You know for a guy who complains to me about tone, this comment was not only unnecessary but nasty. And ironically, throwing in a giggling emoji doesn't mean the comment is any less...
Feb 18 4:13pm @20 "..." I am not. He is not what they wanted. He is right to what they want. This is probably the one thing he has in common with Trump. Neither the left or the right want him, just like how the...
Feb 18 4:00pm @18.3.4 I hear ya too. 
Feb 18 3:57pm @15.1.28 I doubt you will get that lucky again. All the dirt will come out now.
Feb 18 3:55pm @15.1.27 Vic, I am not shy. If I hated Trump I would say it. I have no respect for the man's mouth, and how it makes his position as president look.  And I find it insulting to be compared to career...
Feb 18 3:52pm @13.1.12 "..." Bloomberg has been to many states already, so I am not sure what you are talking about.
Feb 18 3:47pm @12.1.34 What about Trump's view of women? And Sparty I didn't start this again. Look up the thread.
Feb 18 1:18pm @12.1.24 No, I am basing the facts on what is.  *See, Sparty, not my fault. 
Feb 18 1:17pm @12.1.23 Sparty, You talked just as much as I did. It would have never come up had why I am voting the way I am voting also didn't come up. But if it pleases you, I will refrain as long as you do.
Feb 18 1:14pm @15.1.13 Tig, You missed it because I never said it. "..." And there you have it. 
Feb 18 1:11pm @17.1.3 "..." Was that a Hillary reference, Vic? If so, kind of low. And may I remind you, you are standing by your man, too. 
Feb 18 1:09pm @13.1.6 "..." You know I really hate it when you keep misrepresenting what he said. Do I need to find a transcript for you? I hate dishonest discussion. So there was nothing condescending about what he...
Feb 18 1:06pm @12.1.21 "..." Again, it hasn't been argued in front of him yet.
Feb 18 1:03pm @12.1.18 You will excuse me if I don't buy that. We have another current article running that says kind of the opposite. And if they can't get rid of it totally, many states will make it nearly impossible...
Feb 18 1:00pm @15.1.10 Don't count your chickens before they hatch. 
Feb 18 12:59pm @17.1.1 Vic, I actually do really like Bloomberg. He is my favorite so far, so no things haven't changed or I would be saying something different. 
Feb 18 12:53pm @15.1.7 MUVA, I keep reminding you that you can't talk about racist and still vote for Trump. 
Feb 18 12:52pm @17 "..." Did I say that? I said they were looking for a centrist. "..." Well, no one looks for a loser to vote for Vic. Let's be real. But if I was interested in just anyone, I would say I would...
Feb 18 12:39pm @15.1.2 Vic, First of all, I am not sure why you care about who I support. I did and do like Biden. I happen to also like Bloomberg and Klobuchar, but I prefer Bloomberg. I like what he did for the city...
Feb 18 12:35pm @13.1.4 Then that is just your perception. I found nothing to be condescending.  And no it was nothing like the stop and frisk... but I love how you managed to bring that off topic comment into the...
Feb 18 12:22pm @12.1.14 It hasn't been argued yet. But in case you haven't noticed our Presdent was on the "march for life" and said he would only put in pro-life justices, so please don't tell me that isn't up the pike. 
Feb 18 12:20pm @15.1 Nice quote. And as I have shown, it has nothing to do with this topic. 
Feb 18 12:05pm @14.2.1 Watch the video. Here to post 8 and start at around 40:00 on the video. Then you can get the context. 
Feb 18 12:03pm @13.1.2 And even though I've shown that the whole video was edited and a lie, you continue on as if it was the truth. Wow. 
Feb 18 12:01pm @12.1.12 "..." While waiting for RBG to retire and fill the court with an anti-choice justice. 
Feb 18 11:59am @12.1.11 "..." No, you came from NY. You are a proud Texan, remember? "..." For a photo op. We all have seen that. His hands could never operate any heavy machinery.  "..." Prove it. Find the...
Feb 18 11:54am @10.1.19 Wally, There is a difference between dairy cows and cattle. 
Feb 18 11:52am @10.1.18 "..." That is happening here in NY, too, EG. People keep thinking that we are not a farming state but we are. The family farm up the road from me has been in operation since the early 1800's and...
Feb 18 11:48am @9.2.33 "..." This is a discussion site, so I will make my points, just like you posted this article. This is your attempt at persuasion, too. I am actually looking forward to the debates, now that he is...
Feb 18 11:46am @9.2.32 He also moved to Flordia to avoid the cap he put on real estate taxes. That was his FU to the states who didn't vote for him. 
Feb 18 11:43am @9.2.29 "..." I agree, that is a very sad state of affairs. Most people don't do their homework unlike us political junkies,  :)
Feb 18 11:41am @9.2.28 "..." Agreed, but I've seen what 4 years of Trump has done to my and where he is taking this country and that ain't for me.  I will be voting otherwise.
Feb 18 11:38am @9.2.26 Sparty, No Bloomberg is not blue collar, but on the other hand, he came from middle-class family and he does actually put his money where his mouth is.  You think that he will take away your...
Feb 18 11:34am @9.1.7 Kathleen,  This isn't a rape case. This is about his comment. His comment is gross.
Feb 18 11:33am @9.1.6 Where did the Wally that first came here go?
Feb 18 11:32am @9.1.5 Laura Ingram should be ashamed of herself for continuing to spread this lie. I posted the video and clearly he does not insult farmers.  "..." What a joke. When was the last time that woman...
Feb 18 11:20am @5.2.2 Funny, I don't judge people by where they live. I think everyone is fine until proven otherwise. 
Feb 18 11:19am @5.1.8 I don't deny I like him (hardly enamored), but I still don't see what that has to do with being a New Yorker. 
Feb 18 1:26am @2.3.3 Zuksam, That was a misrepresentation of what Bloomberg said. To see what he said, go to this comment: 8 and watch from 41:50. That is what he said in whole and it was hardly an insult to farmers.
Feb 17 11:21pm @9.2.5 It's China. They are using US investors to buy our farms: "Texas is kind of a free-for-all, so they don't have...
Feb 17 11:05pm @9.2.3 Also this BS about NY being elitist. I live in the metro area. We have family farms and vineyards here on Long Island. Our state is the 2nd largest apple state and #3 in dairy. I live down the lane...
Feb 17 10:31pm @8.2.1 Then you didn't watch a damn thing. He wasn't talking about today's farmers. In fact, when he does reference them, he talks about the technology needed. You are the one supporting an elitist snob...
Feb 17 10:18pm @9.1.1 "..." Oh you must be talking about Trump: Mr. Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to...
Feb 17 10:15pm @9.2 And you apparently don't read posts. It never happened. And btw, your president is an "elitist out of touch fukwadian attitude you would get from a asswipe New Yorker."
Feb 17 10:13pm @8.1.1 Don't you check links? That was not Newsweek. It was the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.     
Feb 17 8:56pm @5.1.5 Sparty what does that mean? Why should it matter if you are a New Yorker or not?
Feb 17 8:48pm @8 OK how about the real unedited version of this story: Edited video of Mike Bloomberg appears to insult farmers, factory workers, but there's more to the story A video circulated by President...
Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate, says Matt Drudge

Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate, says Matt Drudge

Via: 1stwarrior  •  171 comments  •  6 months ago
KEY POINTS According to the Drudge Report, presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is considering Hilary Clinton as a vice presidential running mate after positive internal polling about the potential pairing. According to Drudge, in such a partnership Bloomberg would change his official residence from New York to Colorado or Florida. The constitution suggests there may be...
Feb 17 12:25am @5.4.64 Iggy, Please write to me about this in a PN. Thanks. 
Feb 16 10:04pm @5.4.56 "..." I don't see a violation in anything SP said. First Sandy gave you an explanation and then SP explained the obvious. It can only be two issues, the person using the site, or the device. And...
Feb 16 7:40pm @1.1.17 Vic, Don't act so shocked. Maybe if Trump ever apologized for anything he did, I would feel differently. But he doesn't and hasn't. So should I assume that his positions are all the same then? I...
Feb 16 6:05pm @4.1.7 "..." First of all, Trump has said plenty of racist things. How come that's OK? Second, if Bloomberg is so out of touch, why are so many blacks backing him?...
Feb 16 5:59pm @4.1.6 "..." Well, that depends on how much beer you had today
Feb 16 5:56pm @1.1.13 No more than you are denying the truth about Trump.
Feb 16 3:15pm @2.3.1 Snuffy, I have read several different opinions about that. There is a long history of the 12th, and your interpretation is one of them.
Feb 16 3:12pm @2.2.5 "..." Indeedy! :)
Feb 16 3:11pm @2.2.4 Really? How very cool. My dad was born there in 1933. Where in Brooklyn did she come from? My dad is from Canarsie. 
Feb 16 2:04pm @4.1.3 "..." You must have missed all the press where we called her a carpetbagger. "..." Bloomberg is hardly a snob. I have met the man personally when I graduated from Baruch College CUNY where he...
Feb 16 1:16pm @2.1.5 "..." Gotta agree with you there, John.
Feb 16 1:02pm @5.4.14 "..." She made two critical mistakes that lost her the election. The first was her using the term "Deplorables" and the second was not going to the battleground states. Those are the very same...
Feb 16 12:54pm @5.2.3 Picky, Picky! You know what I mean.
Feb 16 12:52pm @2.2.1 She lives here. She's not like me. Born in Brooklyn. Would you like some cawfee, dawgs, or dawters?
Feb 16 12:51pm @2.1.3 OK, I didn't know the exact number, but the story isn't true, 1st. I understand how easy it was to take it as real. It was everywhere on the internet. But this is what the problem is with false...
Feb 16 12:40pm @1.1.11 Vic, That is exactly it. I lived in NY under Bloomberg, and I did walk down the street in safety. All the republicans are pointing at Bloomberg for the exact same things that people accuse Trump...
Feb 16 12:37pm @1.1.10 Or reality.
Feb 16 12:37pm @1.1.9 I Knoooow.... How about you 1st?
Feb 16 1:24am @5.2 I think we have to depart ways here Tig. She has been poisoned.  
Feb 16 1:09am @4.1 "..." True. "..." First of all, she is not from NY. Second, is this your general opinion of NYer's in general? And third, Bloomberg was middle class until his mid 30's. I thought it was no...
Feb 16 12:49am @1.1.1 "..." You really shouldn't talk about Trump that way. It isn't nice. 
Feb 16 12:46am @3.1 I'd believe that first.
Feb 16 12:30am @2.1.1 Bloomberg Campaign Shuts Down Report He’s Considering Hillary Clinton As Running Mate...
Feb 15 11:48pm @2 OK folks let's get real. It's not even allowed by the 12 Amendment. And heck, Matt Drudge would have no reason to float this fake news at all. Naughty, naughty Matt... umm errr.. not my hubby, Matt. 
Song Covers, For Better Or Worse

Song Covers, For Better Or Worse

By: Wheel  •  98 comments  •  6 months ago
Buzz and I have decided to co-host an article about cover songs, meaning songs being played by people other than the original artists. We thought it could be a really fun thing to do because there is a LOT of ground to cover out there.  Some covers have become more popular than the original versions, one that comes to mind right away is Johnny Cash covering "Hurt" which was written by Trent...
Feb 16 3:19pm @13.2 Excellent one Dean!
Feb 16 2:45pm @16 Most of the time, I like the original more than any cover, but this one song is just so much better than the original. It's Bruce Hornsby doing Elton John's Madman across the water. In fact, there...
Wanna Know What An 85 Year Olds Falsetto Sounds Like?

Wanna Know What An 85 Year Olds Falsetto Sounds Like?

By: JohnRussell  •  19 comments  •  6 months ago
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons are starting a national tour, today Feb 16,  in Tempe Arizona.  They will play about one date a week somewhere across the U.S.  between now and the end of August.  Frankie Valli will be 86 years old in a couple months.  The only reason I thought of him is because the local tv in Chicago is advertising tickets for his show here in the fall.  So I...
Feb 16 2:15pm @5 I  still think it's amazing at his age that he's out on tour and looking great. If he's lip syncing then no biggie. He is still entertaining. 
Feb 16 2:13pm @3.2.3 After a few drinks... I love it.
Drug Expiration Dates — Do They Mean Anything?

Drug Expiration Dates — Do They Mean Anything?

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  15 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 16 1:35pm @3.1 Well said SP!
Feb 16 1:34pm @2.1 See, now you don't have to rush
Feb 16 1:33pm @1.1.1 Buzz, I have been trying to find it, but Cornell Veterinary School did a whole thing about the effectiveness of drugs past due, and they found that almost all pill drugs with the exception of the...
Random stuff.

Random stuff.

By: MrFrost  •  54 comments  •  3 months ago
Random stuff from here and there. 
Feb 15 10:27pm @3.2.1 Hi Mr. Frost, That was my bad. It was flagged by a member and I accidentally removed it for off-topic by author and not just off-topic. I removed since this didn't seem like a political article. 
If you want to know what us Adults should be teaching our kids.......

If you want to know what us Adults should be teaching our kids.......

By: It Is ME  •  19 comments  •  6 months ago
Watch the Movie "Coach Carter" ! There ARE folks out there....that actually "CARE" for kids, unlike those that just find giving "Free" stuff to kids as a "Reverent" cause (Sanders and Warren types) Coach Carter is a 2005 American biographical teen sports drama film starring Samuel L. Jackson and directed by Thomas Carter. The film is...
Feb 15 7:20pm @2.1.12 "..." We aren't here to make our own kids life easier, we are here to teach them how to make it in the "World".....on their OWN !
Feb 15 7:19pm @2.1.11 "..." Which is an insult. Thank you for the definition. "..." I gave you a link to Politico, which clearly shows who believes what. That should speak for each candidate.  "..." That is...
Feb 15 4:52pm @2.1.6 "..." Your actual words were: " Very unbecoming of you !" which implied something, right? Please set me straight. And I disagree that the others were shy about raising their hands. They actually...
Feb 15 4:17pm @2.1.4 "..." "..." That is not an insult. That is just a statement and one the ended up being true. Being a grandparent means you are beyond the age of current parenting. "..." Huh? "..." I...
Feb 15 2:44pm @2.1.2 "..." How is that very unbecoming? I was trying to ascertain how in touch you were with what is currently going on, and if you have grandchildren I would say, not very. "..." Obviously you...
Feb 15 2:16pm @2.1 IIM, I don't understand what you are talking about. Are you a parent? If so how old are your kids because I think you are very out of touch with being a parent now.  I raised my kids to be...
Limbaugh: Radio And Political Genius

Limbaugh: Radio And Political Genius

Via: MAGA  •  64 comments  •  5 months ago
Rush Limbaugh is a great American.  A complete patriot.  An American hero. He transformed our media, saved AM radio, and gave us ordinary bitter clingers and deplorables a voice in our politics.  He made Palin, the Tea Party, and Trump possible.  He is a great Reagan American, positive, optimistic, hopeful, yet able to deal with the narcissist opposition to American conservatism.  He’s a great...
Feb 15 2:23pm @3.1 I have to agree with you there, John.
What's a 'throuple'? 'House Hunters' episode puts polyamory on the radar

What's a 'throuple'? 'House Hunters' episode puts polyamory on the radar

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  12 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 15 1:28pm @6.1.2 Thanks for the link! 
Feb 15 1:10pm @6.1 I didn't know that Mr. Frost. Thanks for the 411.
Feb 15 1:09pm @5.1 "..." I hear ya on that. Only the first wife counts and the rest would have to wing it on their own.  But then again, they knew what they were getting themselves into. I can tell ya, it's not...
Feb 15 1:05pm @4.1 Remember, in a three-way, someone gets underserved. LOL. 
Feb 15 1:04pm @2.1 Have to agree with you about the three sink thing, I like symmetry. And yes I do want to know about men's room in Dennys. Sing, sister, sing! 
London's 'Big Ben' tower more badly damaged by Nazi bombs than thought

London's 'Big Ben' tower more badly damaged by Nazi bombs than thought

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  15 comments  •  6 months ago
Big Ben's hourly chimes fall silent for repairs to its tower
Feb 15 1:26pm @2.1.5 Indeedy Buzz. Lots of holidays going on that time of the year. The whole month of November is for honoring Armesist day. They all wear red poppies to commemorate.
Feb 15 1:23pm @2.1.4 "..." See, if you were Scottish, you would put on your kilt and gone! I actually didn't know that they celebrated, given that as late as the 1700's they were fighting for a Catholic king and so...
Feb 14 2:41pm @2.1.1 "..." I think you are right Vic! I have to say, it's a lot of fun to go and watch. For a very proper people, they are wild in session.  "..." You are 100% right! Remember, remember, the 5th...
Star Trek: Picard - Episode 4 "Absolute Candor" Recap

Star Trek: Picard - Episode 4 "Absolute Candor" Recap

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  93 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 15 12:38am @2.1.38 It is sneaky... but not illegal.
Feb 15 12:35am @2.1.37 LOL Charger.. good point!
Feb 14 10:26pm @2.1.29 But there is another method. You let the season play out, and then get the one week free, and binge watch it and then cancel. 
Feb 14 10:19pm @2.1.28 Resistance is futile.....  :)
Feb 14 2:33pm @2.1.17 Just go for it. You know you are suffering! 
Feb 14 2:03pm @2.1.14 Gordy, If you are not watching we are going to have to take your avatar away, LOL!  Matt and I joined for Discovery and then quit. We rejoined for Picard. We have 3 services already (Hulu, Amazon...
Feb 14 2:01pm @3.1.1 "..." Because I am sure that Picard told them the purpose of going down to the planet was to get a Qowat Milat for the mission. The perfect timing.. not so sure.  "..." I have to agree with...
Feb 14 1:49pm @1.1.1 I think her time with the borg gives her an edginess that I can see that happening, without Starfleet direction to guide her.
Harbingers of Spring & Summer on Creative Arts/Thursday Friday

Harbingers of Spring & Summer on Creative Arts/Thursday Friday

By: A. Macarthur  •  62 comments  •  6 months ago
House Finch © A.Mac/A.G. Egret © A. Mac/A.G.
Feb 14 11:19pm @5.1.2 How do you create your art? It's beautiful and unique. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

By: Trout Giggles  •  65 comments  •  6 months ago
Happy Valentine's Day, Newstalkers! Do you have big plans? Planning on chilling with your cat while you watch Netflix? We're probably try and do dinner at the local pizza joint tonight, but it may be crowded, so we might have to go pick up a Walmart pizza and bake it at home. I went to Kroger's last night and got Mr Giggles a Snickers bouquet. He likes Snickers, but I hate them so I...
Feb 14 4:33pm @13.1 So just another average evening. LMAO
Feb 14 2:29pm @9.5.3 I know! And these viruses' primary purpose is to keep down the population down. 
Feb 14 2:26pm @11.1 Really nice. Us girls love flowers! (and I don't want candy either)
Feb 14 2:13pm @10.1 Awwww... you are a romantic! 
Feb 14 2:12pm @9.5.1 Tis true. I wonder how many people I got sick at the restaurant. I feel badly about that.. but I went in feeling fine and walked out sneezing and a runny nose. It's like it comes out of nowhere....
Feb 14 2:10pm @9.4.1 "..." Shoosh, you aren't supposed to tell everyone that. I want their sympathy and no one gives it to a drunk, LOL!
Feb 14 2:09pm @9.3.1 Thanks Trout and Sandy. I tried keeping away from him. Made him even sleep in the guest room and took Tamiflu and had a flu shot. It seems that this year's flu is the worst kind H3N2 and already...
Feb 14 2:06pm @7.3 So sorry for your loss Paula. Holidays like this must suck for you. 
Feb 14 1:46pm @1.2 Happy Birthday Trout!!!
Feb 14 12:48pm @9 I got roses and went to dinner last night for V day (we never go out on actual V day), which is a good thing since right after that my flu kicked in full throttle. 
Trump says he may stop letting others listen in on calls with world leaders

Trump says he may stop letting others listen in on calls with world leaders

Via: Larry Hampton  •  13 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 14 2:47pm @2.2 "..." I think the point of the story is to stop it before it happens and to inform the public of the possibility before it becomes a fait accompli. 
Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student's 'last few dollars' for her campaign

Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student's 'last few dollars' for her campaign

Via: KDMichigan  •  106 comments  •  6 months ago
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is facing backlash over a story she told where she said she accepted a campaign contribution from a college student who only had "$6" in her bank account. Appearing on MSNBC following her devastating fourth-place primary finish in her neighboring state of New Hampshire on Tuesday, she was asked about whether she was confident that there would be "some kind of...
Feb 14 1:42pm @1.3.49 They are both running so this is a compare and contrast. That is part of debate.
Feb 14 12:54pm @1.3.33 "..." They are busy pushing their own POV's. I have heard them argue with her in debate. 
Feb 14 12:20pm @1.3.16 Vic, I have found in life, that virtuous values are in the eye of the beholder. 
What happened to winter? Jet stream science explains unseasonable warmth in U.S.

What happened to winter? Jet stream science explains unseasonable warmth in U.S.

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  26 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 13 4:46pm @4.1 Cute!
Feb 13 4:46pm @3.2 Dean, Every skier knows that snow is a whole different thing, especially when you can just fly it downhill. 
Feb 13 4:43pm @2.1.11 Best laugh I have had all day!
Ginsburg: Equal Rights Amendment Supporters Should Start Over

Ginsburg: Equal Rights Amendment Supporters Should Start Over

Via: MAGA  •  11 comments  •  6 months ago
It’s dead.  Time to move on or start over. 
Feb 13 4:21pm @1.1.7 Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
Feb 13 4:20pm @2 "..." Not quite Vic. Here is her reservation: "..." "..." So she did think that there were constitutional grounds, but not the way it was achieved. 
Feb 13 2:52pm @1.1.4 Vic and HA, I thought you said that she was anti-constitutional and a progressive? Yet here she is supporting the constitution. 
Biden's presidential bid is over, even if he isn't ready to accept it

Biden's presidential bid is over, even if he isn't ready to accept it

Via: TᵢG  •  56 comments  •  6 months ago
I think the author paints Biden's picture a bit too much on the negative side, but Biden certainly is in scramble mode and is far more likely to fail than to succeed.
Feb 13 2:48pm @5.1.6 "..." I totally agree.


Via: Tessylo  •  78 comments  •  6 months ago
$450 MILLION INTENDED TO BUILD SCHOOLS ON MILITARY BASES DIVERTED TO BUILD TRUMP'S BORDER WALL BY   DONICA PHIFER  AND  JAMES LAPORTA   ON 9/5/19 AT 6:35 PM EDT NEWS DONALD TRUMP AMERICAN POLITICS BORDER WALL SCHOOLS New schools, dining halls, a new fire station and a rescue station are just some of the projects that military members and their families will not see on...
Feb 13 2:36pm @4.2.3 You should be! That is wonderful news. It's a big deal to bet into the Air Force!
Feb 13 2:25pm @2.1.19 The big ones always survive. It's the smaller ones that suffer. 
Feb 13 2:22pm @4.2.1 I totally agree with your Trout. And while this administration can give lip service to the military, they certainly don't do much else. And for the record, I am a navy brat.
Feb 13 2:20pm @7.2 Then there is terrible waste. That should be more like 450 classrooms for that price.
Feb 13 2:18pm @2.1.17 Jim, You are wrong about that. I taught for over 20 years in a tough inner city school and we had control of our classes. The same problem exists today as it did when we were going to school. When...
Feb 13 2:14pm @1.1.24 Most drugs bust come from the Coast Guard and people don't realize that. The bulk of drugs entering this country is through our waterways. My daughter's hubby to be was a coastie doing drug...
Ultrasound Can Selectively Kill Cancer Cells

Ultrasound Can Selectively Kill Cancer Cells

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  8 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 13 2:09pm @4.1 The biggest hurdle to get over is the diversity of the cancer cells, even within the tumor. What I would think the best method would be, is trying to find the waves that focus in on the lack of...
And the Winner is - Bernie Sanders!

And the Winner is - Bernie Sanders!

By: Vic Eldred  •  127 comments  •  6 months ago  •  LOCKED
It's official. The new front runner of the approximately 200 year old democratic party is a Socialist!  We can almost smell the fear within the DNC. The race now gets interesting! As for the New Hampshire vote: Pete Buttigieg was a close second with Amy Klobuchar a surprising third. A fourth place finish for Liz Warren in the state of New Hampshire is probably going to be fatal for her...
Feb 12 4:10pm @17.1.47 "..." Honestly, I think that is why we are where we are today. "..." This worries me greatly. 
Feb 12 4:08pm @17.1.45 "..." That is why I asked you to tell me if I was wrong.  I could vote for any of the ones that you would. I'm actually glad that Klobuchar is finally getting noticed. And as a NYer, I know what...
Feb 12 3:28pm @17.1.33 "..." Well, democratic socialist to be exact, but so would I. The thing is Charlie, you wouldn't vote for any of them. Please correct me if I am wrong. 
Feb 12 3:24pm @17.1.32 I totally agree with your first paragraph. I think there is a reality to situations and while you should be working to change the conditions that breed such behaviors, you also have to be real...
Feb 12 1:49pm @17.1.17 Hi Colour,  I don't think that middle America is ready for a gay president.  As for Sander supporters, I put them (for the most part) in the same category as I do Trump supporters (for the most...
Feb 12 12:10pm @17.1.10 Vic, do you disagree with what Bloomberg said?
Can You Identify These Celebrities From The Past?

Can You Identify These Celebrities From The Past?

By: JohnRussell  •  8 comments  •  6 months ago
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
Feb 12 1:29pm @3 3. Bill Mummy
How Michael Bloomberg could win

How Michael Bloomberg could win

Via: TᵢG  •  446 comments  •  6 months ago  •  LOCKED
The D field is pretty messed up.   Bloomberg, as a candidate, still seems to have the best chance of defeating Trump.   But he has to counteract: Incumbancy Great economy A content electorate that does not want to rock the boat Bloomberg, IMO, can make an effective argument that his presidency will not disrupt the good economic times.   On top of that, he is a bright, grounded...
Feb 11 11:33pm @14.2.15 Vic, Glass houses? “You Don’t Want to Live With Them Either” “Bring Back the Death Penalty” “Our Very Vicious World” “He Doesn’t Have a Birth Certificate” “Go Back to Their Huts”...
Feb 11 11:25pm @14.5.3 Vic Bloomberg wasn't even on the ballot and Trump ran virtually unopposed. 
Feb 11 11:19pm @13.2.188 Vic, I was going to go point by point again, and then I realized it would be a waste of time. If we were both being truthful, we both love our country but see it in a very different way.  You are...
Feb 11 6:53pm @13.2.148 Apparently Trump is right there, too!
Feb 11 6:51pm @13.2.147 Yawn. Gee how original. Lawsuits against billionaires. How about the ones against Trump?
Feb 11 6:44pm @13.2.146 "..." I posted a bunch up the thread. Photos taken at Tea Party protests. "..." I call that...
Feb 11 4:55pm @13.2.136 "..." I read them the way you probably read them. "..." Well, then you thought wrong.
Feb 11 4:53pm @13.2.135 "..." Of course, I do. How else would I know what is being said? "..." You have got to be kidding Vic. Some ass, as if it was one? Just google "Obama monkey" and see how many images you get....
Feb 11 4:44pm @13.2.133 I repeat your very own words and I am taking it personally? Yeah, I think we should call this a day.
Feb 11 4:17pm @13.2.126 "..." Apparently you don't watch Fox or read Breitbart? "..." Yes. For the same reasons, he got depicted as a monkey, too.  Again, I have no dog in this fight. I didn't vote for him. But...
Feb 11 4:14pm @13.2.123 C'mon Sparty, On Fox and Breitbart it was a daily diatribe against Obama. Our current President was a birther. You don't see how that could cause some of the kickback we see now? That is...
Feb 11 4:05pm @13.2.120 Vic, You and Sparty are missing my point. We didn't get here from nowhere. And with each passing Pres, it's gotten worse. And what I have found (being an unvested observer), if you are a partisan,...
Feb 11 3:10pm @13.2.105 "..." Really? Let me remind you about Obama:
Feb 11 3:00pm @13.2.103 To say that Bloomberg is getting a pass is to say that you believe he used a box to stand on. Yet I showed clearly he didn't here: 13.2.17 . So what am I selling? I never talked about Trump's...
Feb 11 1:59pm @13.2.94 "..." Potato .... potahto ...... Wrong. Being a liar means you do it all the time, and you don't care about the truth, just getting your own way. It is a pathological condition.  "..." I...
Feb 10 11:09pm @1.2.14 "..." I have to agree with you, Paula. 
Feb 10 11:04pm @1.2.13 And why do you think I care what Elizabeth Warren says? 
Feb 10 11:03pm @1.2.12 "..." Because I told you not to talk to me that way, and if you continue it is grounds for a ticket once a request has been made, per the CoC. I hope we clarified that.
Feb 10 10:46pm @13.2.92 "..." That is just a misogynistic way of trying to put you down as being a wired female.  I just looked back, Raven, and I think he was meaning in general. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
Feb 10 10:45pm @13.2.91 Ironically, that is the perfect one, since Smeddly (the dog) was my nickname growing up because my friends thought I laughed like him. So you've got me with that one, LOL!
Feb 10 10:44pm @13.2.90 "..." I didn't say that and I am really getting sick of you putting words in my mouth. And then you are trying to get me on a slip that I amended. I was talking about my body of comments about...
Feb 10 6:37pm @13.2.84 Oh I forgot this: "..." There is a big difference between these men.  Weinstein was a rapist. Epstein was a child trafficking, pedophile monster.  IF Trump and Bloomberg are anything, it's...
Feb 10 6:30pm @13.2.83 "..." Of course I would. He's who you want to win. I want Bloomberg. We just don't want the same thing. No need to try and label me. I didn't do that to you.
Feb 10 4:13pm @13.2.77 First of all, people who live in glass houses..... Mr. Trump is a pig when it comes to women.  Second, I'm not a liberal... so save your meme for someone who is.  Third, I am well aware of the...
Feb 10 4:06pm @13.2.74 Read your own first posting from the Washington Free Beacon.
Feb 10 4:03pm @13.2.73 "..." Everyone lies Sparty. It's how much and over what that actually matters. Lying is one thing. Being a liar is another. "..." In the past I have never body shamed Trump. Frankly, I don't...
Feb 10 3:52pm @13.2.69 "..." Again, you have got to be kidding. Do you really want to go there given what Trump has said and done?
Feb 10 3:50pm @13.2.67 Look, in the context of your original posting, it came across as antisemitic and in case you haven't been keeping up with the news, there has been a huge uptick in antisemitism. So using his own...
Feb 10 3:34pm @13.2.63 Context is everything. Given the context of that article, yes.
Feb 10 3:21pm @13.2.60 I live in NYC when he was mayor and I saw him make many a speech. He was not towering over the podium, so I know he is short. Why you think this matters is beyond me. I care about what the man did,...
Feb 10 3:07pm @13.2.55 I found it.
Feb 10 2:59pm @13.2.54 I didn't see that. That is really disgusting. I thought you were talking about the Bannon interview. Would still like to see the source of that trash talking POS opinion piece. 
Feb 10 2:57pm @13.2.53 "..." Well, I find that statement very funny from a guy who supports a president who lies all the time. 
Feb 10 2:54pm @11.1.19 "..." But they did it behind closed doors and not at press conferences. They both knew how to behave better.
Feb 10 2:42pm @7.1.45 "..." OK what the heck? I am expressing my POV and you get all snarky because I care about reproductive rights.  "..." We have laws and government for a reason. Without them there is anarchy....
Feb 10 2:24pm @13.2.51 There were a lot of things he said in that interview that I found ....errr.... questionable, but I didn't pick that up at all. 
Feb 10 1:46pm @14.2.8 That is such a narrow POV. I have voted for Republicans. I vote for the person, not the party.
Feb 10 1:43pm @13.2.48 Indeedy.
Feb 10 1:43pm @13.2.47 IDK. It's just two primaries in two small states. 
Feb 10 1:41pm @13.2.46 Source please.
Feb 10 12:14am @13.2.38 I like Joe. I like Mike. I like anyone who is a moderate. 
Feb 09 10:31pm @13.2.23 And my SS says my name is Parrie L. Berlin.... opps.. their mistake. I'm out on this discussion. It's ridiculous and you wouldn't be carrying on if you were not worried.
Feb 09 10:08pm @13.2.17 What a pile of BS. Here is the pic from your own article: Joe Biden is 6 feet and Bloomberg is 5'7" and clearly about a 5 inch difference is showing in this photo. No box. It seems you guys are...
Feb 09 10:00pm @11.1.13 "..." Is because he IS a bi coastal urban dweller who screwed almost everyone he did business with, including people I know.
Feb 09 9:30pm @2.2.19 Now that is really funny. I know you got confused and meant to say Trump. It's OK.
Feb 09 9:14pm @13.2.7 Ummm.. yeah OK. We're done here. 
Feb 09 8:46pm @13.1.13 "..." You realize that you have nothing to base that on or can prove, but I guess it sounded scary, so you said it. 
Feb 09 8:44pm @13.2.5 You realize how ridiculous that statement is? The man was the Mayor of New York. He never had to stand on anything. 
Feb 09 5:27pm @7.1.31 "..." Oh please. Trump has done a ton by executive order and has had them overturned. What are those but totalitarian? And in the case with the Soda, he was overturned by the court. That is why...
Feb 09 5:18pm @7.1.30 Sean, You know how this is done, and only done through either the states or SCOTUS. If he gets another 4 years it will be done.
Feb 09 5:15pm @11.1.8 And you call yourself a conservative. Does being a cursing, cheating, pussy grabbing louse seem like conservative values to you?
Feb 09 5:13pm @11.1.7 And what does any of that have to do with this discussion? 
Feb 09 5:11pm @13.1.11 "..." Is that the measurement now? History has shown us some other people who could do that, but I wouldn't say that was a sign of character. 
Feb 09 5:06pm @13.2.3 Bloomberg is as short as Trump is wide. I'll take the thin short guy any day.
Feb 09 5:04pm @13.2.2 That is just a petty comment with zero proof.
Feb 09 3:40pm @13.1.7 He is spending his money on ads, not trying to push agendas in back rooms. 
Feb 09 3:38pm @7.1.18 His past tweets: As most people know, and for those who would like to know, I am strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions - Rape, Incest and protecting the Life of the mother - the same...
Feb 09 3:31pm @14.1 Spot on comment!
Feb 09 3:14pm @13.1.5 That's odd. He went from 16th place to 4th in less than a month. I think that is quite a needle move. 
Feb 09 3:13pm @13.1.4 That is not buying the election. He made his own money and now he is spending it as he sees fit. The people who are voting will decide if they want him or not. And frankly, I like that he is using...
Feb 09 3:12pm @11.1.2 I find him a national embarrassment. Do you talk like that at home? As for his accomplishments, they are few and his list of things I disapprove of is huge.  Look, as far as I am concerned I...
Feb 09 3:07pm @7.1.15 Yes and no. Given NYC public health system (we have public hospitals) I totally understand why he tried to do it. I don't think it's applicable nationwide though and I am sure he will explain that....
Feb 09 1:40pm @13 Hi Tacos, Bloomberg will not run as an independent. He will only run as a dem. I think we will get a better idea of how he will do, after the next debate.
Feb 09 1:38pm @11.1 That is your opinion, Wally. I personally don't think so. And I sure the heck don't think he is the least bit presidential. Never in my life did I think the President of the United States would...
Feb 09 1:36pm @1.2.4 So is Trump. And mind your mouth when you talk to me.
Feb 09 12:33pm @7.1.7 Yes Sean, and that is trying to control women's behavior. Thanks for making that clear.
Feb 09 11:49am @7.1.4 Sean don't play coy. What do you think that march was about? It's just harder to do since they have to go through SCOTUS.
Feb 09 11:42am @7.1.2 Sean, did you seem to miss him at the "March for Life'?
Feb 09 11:38am @7.1 "..." What do you call Trump's attempt to have abortion made illegal? Feels pretty controlling to me.
Feb 09 11:34am @2.1.7 "..." He's not insulting them. He is saying that they are a hard sell. That is quite the opposite. Only PJ media could twist that into an insult. In fact, the speech was criticized because he...
Feb 09 1:53am @2.2.6 "..." Then you don't know Bloomberg.
Feb 09 1:52am @2.1.4 What makes you think that Bloomberg's plan would be like Obamacare? You do realize that NYC had the first public health system, right? Nothing like the ACA.  Let the man speak and listen.  And...
Feb 09 1:04am @1.1.4 And here is the irony... Trump and Bloomberg are both New Yorkers, and have both been Rep, Dem, and Indies.  The only difference I see is that Bloomberg has made his own money and speaks English....
Feb 09 12:54am @1.2.1 Unlike Mr.s Trump, Mr. Bloomberg is self-made. He came from a middle class family and turned the adversity of losing his job, into Bloomberg PC. What is wrong with a person who proves you can still...
Feb 09 12:30am @1.1 I think he will prove himself in debate. It will be worth more than what he has spent on his ads. 
Cheatin' Songs

Cheatin' Songs

By: Wheel  •  106 comments  •  6 months ago
I'll kick us off with a couple of oldies Alright, let's not pretend that none of us have never cheated or been cheated on. I'm not gonna tell, just let the music do the talking.
Feb 11 5:15pm @11.1.2 Love that song. Longing for love makes for good songs. 
Feb 11 4:39pm @13
Feb 11 4:37pm @11
Evangelicals Love Donald Trump for Many Reasons, But One of Them Is Especially Terrifying

Evangelicals Love Donald Trump for Many Reasons, But One of Them Is Especially Terrifying

Via: Larry Hampton  •  78 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 11 1:39am @9.3.1 No it's not. It's warning people about worshipping false idols. 
Feb 11 1:04am @9.2 Buzz, You do realize that in end times, 2/3rds of Jews die and the other 1/3 convert to Christianity, and that is why they want the West Bank all Jewish. It's to fulfill the end-time beliefs....
On Facebook, anti-vaxxers urged a mom not to give her son Tamiflu. He later died.

On Facebook, anti-vaxxers urged a mom not to give her son Tamiflu. He later died.

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Feb 10 10:33pm @6.1.5 "..." And there is a reason for that. It seems that on the spectrum, kids develop autism from very early in their childhood, to years in. There are also so many kinds of autism and although the...
Feb 10 6:50pm @3.1.9 Well, both the hubby and I are on Tamaflu right now. He has the flu and they are giving it to me prophylactically. We are both find. I don't know of a single drug without side effects to someone,...
Michael Douglas says some of Kirk Douglas's 'last words' were backing Bloomberg

Michael Douglas says some of Kirk Douglas's 'last words' were backing Bloomberg

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Michael Douglas says some of Kirk Douglas's 'last words' were backing Bloomberg Some of   Kirk Douglas ’s last words were a message of support for   Michael Bloomberg ’s presidential campaign, according to the late actor’s son   Michael Douglas . The “Spartacus” star and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient   died last week at 103 . At the opening of Bloomberg’s campaign...
Feb 10 3:40pm @8.1 "..." Funny or sad?
Feb 10 3:39pm @7.1 You do realize that not wanting Trump for president for a second term does not mean you have TDS.
Impeachment Witness Alexander Vindman Fired From the White House

Impeachment Witness Alexander Vindman Fired From the White House

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The White House on Friday dismissed Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, whose testimony in the House impeachment hearings infuriated President Trump and his allies, escorting him out of the complex just days after the Senate trial ended in acquittal, his lawyer said. “There is no question in the mind of any American why this man’s job is over, why this country now has one less soldier...
Feb 10 1:49pm @5.3.13 Sean, Read the CoC. The person who seeded the article has the right to do this. 
Feb 10 1:23pm @5.3.9 Jeremy, If you make an assertion of fact, you must provide the link(s) of that assertation. If you can't, please let us know and this thread will be deleted. 
Pangolins are possible coronavirus hosts, scientists say

Pangolins are possible coronavirus hosts, scientists say

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Pangolins are possible hosts of coronavirus, a study led by South China Agricultural University has found. Experts believe the outbreak originated at wild animal markets in Wuhan, China. After analyzing more than 1,000 samples, scientists found that the genome sequence of the virus in pangolins was 99% identical to that from infected people. That means pangolins are the most likely...
Feb 09 10:51pm @5.1 It won't, but it might have some unforeseen outcomes for us. The coronavirus is a tricky virus. It hides in the system, and can become an incurable disease. In cats it's call FIP, and it's always...
Feb 09 9:08pm @4  These germs of disease have taken toll of humanity since the beginning of things--taken toll of our prehuman ancestors since life began here. But by virtue of this natural selection of our kind we...
Guide to Comment Panels

Guide to Comment Panels

By: TᵢG  •  10 comments  •  6 months ago
Comment Panels At the beginning of the comments section for each NewsTalkers article you will find a series of circular buttons.   These buttons each are a minimized representation of a comment panel.    These buttons represent, respectively, the panels: Tracker Panel – for navigating tracked comments Finder Panel – for navigating text found in comments Bookmark Panel –...
Feb 09 11:52am @5.1 Try using the bookmark. It's easy to use (just click on the avatar of the comment you want to remember), and you are done. It's a great way of keep track of both your own comments and other...
Feb 09 12:13am @2 Tig I just love the bookmarking. 
Broken-hearted? Zoos will let you name a cockroach after your ex and watch it get eaten

Broken-hearted? Zoos will let you name a cockroach after your ex and watch it get eaten

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Feb 08 10:05pm @2 I bet this works super well! Funny as heck!
Robert Conrad, Star of TV's 'The Wild Wild West,' Dies at 84

Robert Conrad, Star of TV's 'The Wild Wild West,' Dies at 84

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Robert Conrad, the athletic, two-fisted actor who starred as Secret Service agent James West and did his own spectacular stunts on the 1960s futuristic CBS Western  The Wild Wild West , has died. He was 84. "He lived a wonderfully long life and while the family is saddened by his passing, he will live forever in their hearts," family spokesman Jeff Ballard   told   People   magazine....
Feb 08 9:56pm @2 I was totally saddened by this. Too many of the old greats are leaving us.
What Next for Democrats After Acquittal?

What Next for Democrats After Acquittal?

Via: MAGA  •  23 comments  •  6 months ago
Democrat scams have been exposed.  The party and secular progressive leftism are a fraud.  Capitalism, populism, nationalism, democracy in the form of a constitutional republic and patriotic American exceptionalism are the future 
Feb 08 9:55pm @6.1.1 "..." No, you are not. You are talking to us indies, and many of us don't like what we have been seeing or hearing. I want a president that doesn't curse on TV, is petty with payback, has an...
Feb 08 9:49pm @4.1.2 "..." The Republican party has no choice. A cult of personality was elected and that is who they have to back, like it or not, and I remember them trying everything not to get him elected, so...
The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America

The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America

Via: Nerm_L  •  36 comments  •  6 months ago
The Great Affordability Crisis is quite real.  And the cause of the crisis is not a mystery.  The United States has become an economy of middlemen; most attempting to become wealthy without producing anything.  Supply-side economic theory has transformed the United States into a mercantile economy that has killed capitalism.  When the wealthiest people in the United States are retailers,...
Feb 08 9:37pm @2.2.21 Sparty, Sometimes competition works for you and other times not so much. Why? Price fixing. In the 1960s when my parents had a children's clothing store, premium brands had price-fixing and so you...
Feb 07 7:17pm @2.2.12 "..." You do realize that the changes made to the new EpiPen, were not needed and were only done to make a profit. And none of this addresses insulin.  "..." You must be getting me mixed up...
Feb 07 7:12pm @2.2.11 You nailed it, zuksam!
Feb 07 5:30pm @2.2.8 While I agree that there are a lot of lawyers getting fat off of class action suits, that does not explain why an epi pen goes up over 500% in one year or the cost of insulin skyrocketing. There is...
Feb 07 5:24pm @2.2.7 "..." No, they are not. That is part of the problem. We just think they are, like the EPA said that the air was safe after 9/11. Most people buy their drugs at pharmacies. Most pharmacies now...
Feb 07 4:20pm @3.3 Good article about that here:
Feb 07 4:16pm @3.1.2 Free college is not the way to go. In fact, we have kids who are in college that really belong in trade school and would make a whole lot more later on in life. 
Feb 07 4:14pm @2.2.4 OK, let's take one issue. Healthcare and specifically drugs.  Our drug companies go unchecked by our government and we are the only western power that does this. Let's look at how to fix some of...
Feb 07 3:20pm @2.2.1 "..." Where does it say that?
Feb 07 3:05pm @2.1 It's in the article.  "..." This is the first generation of middle-class kids who will not do as well as their parents did and this trend although not new, has been growing with the passing years.
Antarctica registers hottest temperature ever at nearly 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Antarctica registers hottest temperature ever at nearly 65 degrees Fahrenheit

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Antarctica just set its hottest temperature ever recorded at 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit as climate change   continues to accelerate ,   according to measurements   from an Argentinian research station thermometer. The reading was taken at the Esperanza Base along Antarctica’s Trinity Peninsula on Thursday. It beats the continent’s previous record of 63.5 degrees tallied in March...
Feb 08 5:21pm @1.1.23 I have to agree with you there rtb. It's like bury our heads in the sand now, so that our kids suffer later, rather than make some minor changes in how we treat this planet.
Star Trek: Picard - Episode 3 "The End Is The Beginning"

Star Trek: Picard - Episode 3 "The End Is The Beginning"

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  33 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 08 10:35am @4.1.17 Good call Ed. I totally forgot about B4.
Feb 07 11:34pm @4.1.10 "..." I think the Borg are a warning about groupthink since they were not true AI. Data's apparent daughters and the synths are more about the dangers of AI. Heck, we have been warned since...
Feb 07 12:26am @2.1 Indeed we did and yes the hubby and I think it is the same Hugh. And we were wondering what that comment about northerners meant, too. I think you might be right about the amount of ridging. 
Feb 06 11:37pm @1.1.1 "..." It does indeed, and maybe a few enemies, too. But they laid a solid storyline and it's time for the fun to begin.  Btw. love the idea that the only people that seem to go insane from being...
Creative Arts THURSDAY/FRIDAY … An Unusual Day for Early February in Southeastern, Pennsylvania

Creative Arts THURSDAY/FRIDAY … An Unusual Day for Early February in Southeastern, Pennsylvania

By: A. Macarthur  •  62 comments  •  6 months ago
My wife is doing well after her bone marrow transplant … her activity levels returning to near "normal"; several days ago the weather here was April-like, so we took a hiked up a steep hill on a trail that runs between a meadow on the west and a forest on the east. We did the hill and the woods … here are some pi. Near the top of the hill, facing North. © A....
Feb 08 1:10am @13 Beautiful pics of your park system. Looks like a lovely day to be out and about, too!
Feb 08 1:08am @1.1.4 Best of wishes to you shona for a speedy recovery!
Student-teacher in Tennessee dismissed over Black History Month assignment on slavery

Student-teacher in Tennessee dismissed over Black History Month assignment on slavery

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  47 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 08 12:31am @2.1.21 I am not a fan of teaching too much about sex without prompting from children themselves. That being said, they are more likely to run into a transgender person than have to deal with how to bring...
Feb 08 12:25am @3 Now I will say my piece.  As an educator, this material is not age appropriate. It is asking children to think out of the box about treating humans inhumanely and could actually desensitize them...
PETA faces backlash after calling the word “pet” a derogatory term

PETA faces backlash after calling the word “pet” a derogatory term

Via: Trout Giggles  •  88 comments  •  6 months ago
Sure. I'm going to go home, look at Stubby and tell him he is my animal companion. That implies we are equals. He's not gonna go for that.
Feb 07 5:16pm @1.3.2 Haters! LOL!
Feb 07 4:03pm @3.1.6 Then you got a good looking pup!
Feb 07 4:03pm @1.2.16 Thanks Charger. He's even a great guy! Right now he is curled up next to me purring away. 
Feb 07 4:02pm @1.2.15 Awww.. thanks Raven. I'll tell him!
Feb 07 2:41pm @1.2.12 Thanks! I think I'll keep him (even if he is a fatty). He is actually very much dog like and is glued to me all day long. 
Feb 07 2:23pm @1.2.10 That pouch happens when they are neutered males. But even intact ones will get that. Think of lions.  So I found a current photo of my loveable tubby Wally.  Here he is:
Feb 07 2:11pm @3.1.4 Adogable!
Feb 07 2:10pm @1.2.8 My fatty hardly eats. He has a slow metabolism due to some meds he takes. I feel his pain, LOL!
Feb 07 12:07pm @3.1.1 Do you have one?
Feb 07 12:05pm @4.1.2 Hey I get these great ideas and I don't even have to be stoned, LOL!
Feb 07 12:03pm @1.2.5 Whenever I can't breathe at night, I find an 18lbs cat on my chest. 
Feb 07 11:23am @4 There is a town in upstate NY called Fishkill, and Peta said they wanted the name changed since it encouraged killing fish.  Idiots. It comes from the Dutch word (remember the Dutch owned NY...
Feb 07 11:18am @2.2 Was just going to say that.
Economy adds 225K jobs in January, far beyond expectations

Economy adds 225K jobs in January, far beyond expectations

Via: Vic Eldred  •  53 comments  •  6 months ago  •  LOCKED
The U.S. added 225,000 jobs in January as a decline in trade tensions and mild winter weather boosted a resilient labor market, according to data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The January jobs gain was far beyond the projections of economists, who expected the U.S. to add between 150,000 and 160,000 workers. The unemployment rate ticked higher to 3.6 percent...
Feb 07 5:12pm @5.2.16 "..." I tell them to determine what is needed to be spent on and remove what is not. A cost analysis.  But even with cutting unnecessary expenses, the deficit is going up from covering the loss...
Feb 07 4:24pm @5.2.14 "..." Where did I say that? In fact, I think I gave a good example with the very expensive sodering irons.  And yes, we have tons of gov positions that could be cut.  But once again, that isn't...
Feb 07 2:54pm @5.4.3 Well, there is that, LOL!
Feb 07 2:52pm @5.1.3 And they became part of the lower middle class.  And neither of their actual salaries have kept up with inflation, so their actual purchasing power has gone down. But nice to see, you are a glass...
Feb 07 2:42pm @5.4.1 Actually, I have not looked at those numbers. Now I will have to check that out.
Feb 07 2:34pm @5.2.11 Jim, I do not deny that there is dumb spending going on. But you make it sound like it is all spent on one kind of project and it isn't. When my dad worked for Grumman, they had soldering irons...
Feb 07 2:16pm @5.2.9 "..." What do you call no real increases in actual wages, tax increases, interest reductions and economic slumps? That is how you pay.  "..." Actually I know there are not. You seem to forget...
Feb 07 2:01pm @5.2.7 "..." Until it has to be paid back. Then it's OUCH! "..." The stock market is not even part of this equation. It is just a knee jerk economic indicator.  "..." For now you are.. you will...
Feb 07 1:56pm @5.2.6 "..." Jim, I am so tired of these tag terms. I am talking economics and you are talking about elitism.  "..." You do realize, whether or not you agree with this spending, it is but a small...
Feb 07 1:49pm @5.2.4 "..." The number of people who are working is not in debate here. What is, is the overall economy. Buying power and the national debt plays into that. "..." You obviously have no idea of what...
Feb 07 1:34pm @5.2.1 "..." Yes because last year they got a little extra money out of their taxes. But the reality is consumer purchasing power has gone down. The ultimate wash. And their actual income didn't go up,...
Feb 07 1:27pm @5.1.1 It went towards the upper class, which grew by 5% and the lower which grew by 4%. But the actual income earned has remained stagnant by the middle class but has actually grown slightly in the...
Feb 07 1:06pm @5 I hate to be a bit of a bummer, but the middle class has not been improving. In fact, it slightly shrank. It hasn't even kept up with inflation rates.  And yes jobs have gone up, due to the...
Call of the wild? African penguins share some linguistic patterns with humans.

Call of the wild? African penguins share some linguistic patterns with humans.

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  15 comments  •  6 months ago
Feb 06 10:27pm @1.1.4 "..." Ohoooooo! No, I don't think I am that kind of blabby.
Feb 06 3:43pm @2.1.2 See, get smarter here :) The temp in the cape can get into the 90's but doesn't get colder than the 50-60's. I guess it's the Florida of Africa, LOL!  So these are warm weather penguins. 
Feb 06 2:42pm @2.1 I would say, sad but true, but these are African penguins so they are used to being hot.
Feb 06 2:41pm @1.1.2 Oh no... me too! I'm a blabbbbber mouth.
New polls could spell doomsday for Dems as black voter approval of Trump doubles, race relations improve

New polls could spell doomsday for Dems as black voter approval of Trump doubles, race relations improve

Via: MAGA  •  95 comments  •  6 months ago
Democrats are going to be bitterly disappointed as they lose their monolithic support from African Americans.  Trump is doing real things to help as opposed to lip service and lousy results Dems provide.  
Feb 06 2:45pm @10.1.1 Unlike all the white folks here speaking for blacks, I went and checked what blacks thought, and they seem not to like him. I am not sure what that 8% was based on, so I will not guess as to if it...
Feb 06 2:19pm @10 How about just asking black voters? In an ESSENCE x BWR poll released in September, Black women felt similarly about the man occupying the oval office. At the time, 83 percent said that the GOP...
Woman Sees Her Lost Dog On A Beer Can 3 Years After She Went Missing

Woman Sees Her Lost Dog On A Beer Can 3 Years After She Went Missing

Via: 1stwarrior  •  42 comments  •  6 months ago
In March of 2019, a pit bull mix arrived as a stray at   Manatee County Animal Services .  Shelter staffers could tell that the dog had once had a home, but her former owner seemingly vanished without a trace. There was no way to tell how far the dog had traveled or how long she'd  been missing . “She was microchipped so we were able to get the owner’s name — Monica Mathis,” Hans...
Feb 06 1:28pm @2.1.1 I think this is a wonderful story!
Feb 06 1:27pm @1.2.3 Only 8, 1st? I think you could use at least 2 more, LOL!
Kirk Douglas, Indomitable Icon of Hollywood's Golden Age, Dies at 103

Kirk Douglas, Indomitable Icon of Hollywood's Golden Age, Dies at 103

Via: 1stwarrior  •  11 comments  •  6 months ago
Kirk Douglas, the son of a ragman who channeled a deep, personal anger through a chiseled jaw and steely blue eyes to forge one of the most indelible and indefatigable careers in Hollywood history, died Wednesday in Los Angeles. He was 103. “It is with tremendous sadness that my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today at the age of 103,” son Michael Douglas   wrote   on...
Feb 06 12:51am @6 One of the greatest actors. He will be remembered forever. 
Senator Doug Jones, Facing Backlash In Alabama In Election Year,  Gives One Of The Greatest Speeches In Modern US Senate History

Senator Doug Jones, Facing Backlash In Alabama In Election Year, Gives One Of The Greatest Speeches In Modern US Senate History

Via: JohnRussell  •  57 comments  •  6 months ago
Barring something unforseen, Sen Doug Jones may have committed political suicide on the floor of the Senate today.  He stood tall as a Democrat in very red state Alabama and said he will vote for both articles of impeachment, laying out the reasons with startling clarity.  Jones will go down in the history of the senate and the nation as a hero. 
Feb 05 2:20pm @1.1.4 Yes I can see that. Let me check it out
Feb 05 2:09pm @1.1.1 test
A Memorable State of the Union Address

A Memorable State of the Union Address

By: Vic Eldred  •  266 comments  •  6 months ago  •  LOCKED
Last night President Donald Trump delivered a memorable State of the Union Address. Truly one of the best Iv'e heard. In highlighting his first term achievements and moving on to second term priorities, I heard the President reach out beyond his base of support.The first portion of his speech dealt with the prosperous economy, correctly pointed out that the unemployment rate was the lowest...
Feb 05 2:08pm @1.3.5 Test
Feb 05 1:48pm @15.1.5 Nerm, In your own words, how would you describe a progressive? Let's try that for clarification.
The Company That Botched the Iowa Caucus Was Formed Only Months Ago

The Company That Botched the Iowa Caucus Was Formed Only Months Ago

Via: TᵢG  •  10 comments  •  6 months ago
Looks like the technology is going to take the fall for the problems with the Iowa caucus.   Apparently the new app was built by a startup company that did not properly test the system.   The counting worked, but the reporting had a bug that did not account for all votes.    Major failure for all involved who did not properly roll-out and seriously test the app and the broader ground system of...
Feb 04 7:31pm @3.1 I totally agree. 
Trump hits highest Gallup approval rating of his presidency

Trump hits highest Gallup approval rating of his presidency

Via: Vic Eldred  •  111 comments  •  6 months ago  •  LOCKED
President Trump 's approval rating hit 49 percent in a new Gallup poll released Tuesday, his highest mark in that poll since he took office. The  poll , released on the eve of a likely Senate vote to acquit him on impeachment charges and at the outset of an election year, found 50 percent of those surveyed disapprove of Trump's job performance. Just 1 percent of respondents said they...
Feb 04 4:34pm @5.1.73 Hey, I have to agree with him.
Feb 04 4:32pm @5.1.72 "..." Our representatives seem to have forgotten what Edmund Burke, a member of parliament said:" "that a representative owes the People not only his industry, but his judgment, and he betrays...
Feb 04 3:23pm @5.1.58 "..." First of all, I am tired of being called out by you.  I am criticizing Sanders because there is a chance that I can get a candidate I can get behind. Trump is a fait accompli. There is not...
Feb 04 2:55pm @5.1.48 You have a short memory my friend. Even then the Republican party didn't want Trump when he first came down the escalator. The difference is that the Republicans sucked it up, when he became the...
Feb 04 1:54pm @5.1.28 Libertarians have a specific ideology that I can't get on board with. I would rather have a moderate party. One that could bring unification. 
Feb 04 1:50pm @5.1.24 No one is making excuses for him. I am utterly confused at where John would come up with that.
Feb 04 12:58pm @5.1.10 It's really about making the indies and moderates the fall guys if Trump wins. 
The Effect Of The Early Political Primaries Is Pure Insanity

The Effect Of The Early Political Primaries Is Pure Insanity

By: JohnRussell  •  46 comments  •  6 months ago
Chuck Todd told a Biden surrogate that if he doesnt finish in the top two in Iowa tonight , his campaign is in trouble. Todd told a Sanders surrogate that is he doesnt win (come in first) in either Iowa of New Hampshire Sanders is toast.  People like Todd say there are a limited number of "tickets" out of Iowa and if you dont win one of those tickets you might as well fold.  All this...
Feb 04 12:12pm @3.1.17 "..." No, he is just part of Trump's legal team.  And maybe you missed it, but Bloomberg said it was a mistake. 
Feb 04 11:15am @7.1.5 Dean, You are joking, right?
Feb 04 11:13am @3.1.15 He kept the city calm and was very unifying, under a very stressful situation. He took command of the cleanup, and kept everyone informed. If only the EPA didn't lie to us about the actual...
Feb 04 11:11am @3.1.14 It wasn't only people with dark skin. It was suspicious activity. And who is the "he", since both Giuliani and Bloomberg used it? 
Feb 04 1:25am @4.4.1 You seem to forget that they had David Gregory, who was a very fair man, but no one could take to him because he followed Tim. I wouldn't want MTP to end, but Todd is no Russert. 
Feb 04 12:02am @3.2 "..." There you go!
Feb 04 12:00am @3.1.11 "..." Do you mean like the TSA? Yes, he was profiling, but the only difference between him and the TSA is that he said what he was doing and the TSA stops little old ladies and kids pretending...
Feb 03 11:42pm @3.1.8 Fish left over personal reasons. Bruce and I are still friends and he comes here on and off. OSM, death wished my kids, so I banned him.
Feb 03 10:28pm @3.1.4 Oh and btw.. please keep up with the news. Bloomberg is not on the ballot in Iowa... 
Feb 03 10:25pm @3.1.3 What the heck does that have to do with what I wrote? 
Feb 03 10:18pm @6 Here is the deal. This is one state. It isn't even a big state. It doesn't even represent the American population. What is the big deal with this state? I even heard caucus members joking that...
Feb 03 10:09pm @4.1.1 We all miss Tim. 
Feb 03 10:08pm @4.3 I agree with you there, Dean.
Feb 03 10:08pm @3.1.1 Oh come on. Both parties are about the money? How else can they exist? In any case that is not what this article is about.
Rush Limbaugh reveals advanced lung cancer diagnosis

Rush Limbaugh reveals advanced lung cancer diagnosis

By: JohnRussell  •  68 comments  •  6 months ago
Rush Limbaugh revealed he has been diagnosed with an advanced lung cancer. The longtime conservative commentator and radio host   announced the news Monday on his radio show. "This day has been one of the most difficult days in recent memory for me. I've known this moment is coming in the program. ... I'm sure that you all know by now that I really don't like talking about myself and...
Feb 04 12:35am @5.1.5 Sean, You seem to forget that this man brokered hate for a living, so how can it be just a left wing thing? I think the song you were looking for was not a John Lennon song, but from "Hair",...
Feb 04 12:29am @5.1.4 I will vouch for everything that the good sister said and agree with her totally.
Name Your Favorite Songs! And Your Least Favorite Genre...

Name Your Favorite Songs! And Your Least Favorite Genre...

By: Citizen Kane-473667  •  103 comments  •  6 months ago
Where would I start? So many to choose from... I have a very eclectic taste in music; it ranges from Abba to Whodini and beyond. I can go for some of that old time religious and on to some of that zydeco music in a heartbeat.  My mood determines what I listen to, and very few things have I found that I don't really care for. I don't really like hard core Gangster Rap, but if I ignore the...
Feb 03 12:23am @10.1.3 Love my Billy! 
Feb 01 12:25pm @10 So I would have to say that my least favorite type of music (overall) is rap. Also not a country fan either, although I do like Glen Campbell and Dolly.  I would have to say, that my favorites are...
Republican Senator Says Trump Is Guilty, But "So What?"

Republican Senator Says Trump Is Guilty, But "So What?"

By: JohnRussell  •  362 comments  •  6 months ago
Statement of Lamar Alexander “I worked with other senators to make sure that we have the right to ask for more documents and witnesses, but there is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven and that does not meet the United States Constitution’s high bar for an impeachable offense.  “ There is no need for more evidence to prove that the president...
Feb 02 2:16pm @1.7.17 I am putting this comment here because it is the end of the thread for now. Both of you (in alphabetical order, Dulay and Vic) will stop with the personal jabs. Discuss the topic and not each...
Feb 01 1:12pm @1.8.1 I don't know much about Tennessee's politics. Can you fill me in?
D.N.C. Rules Change for Nevada Debate Could Open Door for Bloomberg

D.N.C. Rules Change for Nevada Debate Could Open Door for Bloomberg

Via: JohnRussell  •  57 comments  •  6 months ago
In a major shift, the Democratic National Committee will eliminate the requirement that candidates to show evidence of grass-roots support. COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — The Democratic National Committee has opened the door to allowing former Mayor   Michael R. Bloomberg   of New York to participate in the presidential debate it will sponsor in Nevada next month, a change from its practice...
Feb 01 11:48pm @7.1.2 It means a lot of things, Buzz.
Feb 01 11:10pm @7.1
Feb 01 11:08pm @6.4.2 Did you take the test Buzz? btw.. Einstein was only 5'9" and Winston Churchill was only 5'7”.
Feb 01 11:03pm @4.2.2 "..." No I think it's because just about anyone can run for President under any party tent. You seem to forget that Trump was not a Republican either.  "..." Our economy is a house of cards...
Feb 01 10:54pm @3.1.2 He is not anti-gun and I am sure he will explain his POV.  That is the bill of goods that the NRA is selling. 
Feb 01 10:53pm @2.2.4 Sorry about that. 
Feb 01 10:50pm @1.2.8 I doubt that. But glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor.
Feb 01 5:27pm @4.3 Please the RNC did the same thing to Trump during the last election. How quickly we forget 
Feb 01 3:07pm @1.2.5 Exactly!
Feb 01 3:04pm @4.1.1 I think the DNC is doing what they think is in their best interest. Anyway, I want to hear what he stands for and debate. What are people scared about?
Feb 01 3:02pm @4.2 LMAO, like you care about Bernie. In fact, you were counting on Bernie, so that Trump can win.
Feb 01 3:02pm @3.1 Again, Bloomberg is not Hillary.... He's already gone to more places than she did. He was just a middle class out of work guy when he came up with an idea that made him billions as opposed to Trump...
Feb 01 2:59pm @2.2.1 Which has nothing to do with this discussion.
Feb 01 2:57pm @1.2.3 "..." LMAO, talking about lying while supporting Trump. Now that is funny. Bloomberg doesn't lie. He owns his actions. That is why people loved him in NYC.
Feb 01 2:54pm @1.1.1 It always amazes me that you can't see that Trump did the same thing you are claiming that Bloomberg did.  Comparing him to Hillary is just silly. 
Star Trek: Picard - Episode 2 "Maps And Legends" Recap - Plus Series Premiere, Free Full Episode

Star Trek: Picard - Episode 2 "Maps And Legends" Recap - Plus Series Premiere, Free Full Episode

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Feb 01 11:26pm @5.1.8 OK, maybe they didn't realize that the sun was in such a bad condition. We really don't know all the different conditions that happen when different kinds of suns go supernova. Maybe we will get...
Feb 01 11:16pm @5.1.7 "..." Yeah, I did and it was mind-blowing. Talk about labor intensive. You have to love what you are doing to do that.
Feb 01 11:13pm @4.1.1 I agree with both of you. I think there is a lot that we don't know!
Goodbye, Europe. After years of Brexit turmoil, Britain finally leaves the E.U.

Goodbye, Europe. After years of Brexit turmoil, Britain finally leaves the E.U.

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Feb 01 10:46pm @12.1 Actually Sean, you kind of hit the nail on the head as to what happened. I wouldn't use the word "elites". It seems these days that having a brain is something to put down. 
Feb 01 1:38pm @11 It is xenophobia because these people are part of the commonwealth and as part are allowed to immigrate to the UK. You seem to forget that,  I lived there, so I heard what the people said and it...
Feb 01 12:55pm @10 Brexit would have never happened if the North Country didn't vote for it and in reality, most Brits at the time didn't know what they were really voting for. It is a bit xenophobic. They wanted the...
Feb 01 12:46pm @2.1 They are mixed. My uncle and aunt are Brexit but their children are remainers. It seems the younger generation saw the benefit of being in the EU, and by younger I mean 35-47.
Songs of Farewell and Goodbye

Songs of Farewell and Goodbye

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Songs of Farewell and Goodbye I'm posting here a list of six that I know quite well, having been a devout "folkie" during the 60s and 70s.  Although I have access here to most, I'm having trouble posting links to the songs, but you'll find them on YouTube.  So Long It's Been Good To Know You    (Woody Guthrie) Times Are Getting Hard Boys    (Traditional - Lee Hays)...
Feb 01 12:39pm @46
US, at least 17 countries to launch first-ever International Religious Freedom Alliance

US, at least 17 countries to launch first-ever International Religious Freedom Alliance

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Religious liberty and the right to have free exercise there of and the right to freely express their beliefs are human rights that all people on earth deserve to have because we were created by God with such rights and free will.  
Feb 01 11:45am @2.1.11 I hate to get involved in this kind of thing, but I will not have my name dragged into something that isn't true.  First of all, HA, XX Jeff, does not work for the Heartland Institute and he often...