Policy Change Regarding Meta.


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By:  perrie-halpern  •  3 years ago  •  0 comments

Policy Change Regarding Meta.

NT is a news/politics group but lately we have been drowning in meta that clogs up the front page. In order to prevent this from happening, I have started a new group, "Metafied". All meta will go in there and not in the main forum. There will be an RSS feed on the front page so that you can stay up to date on all your meta needs. The ONLY META ALLOWED ON THE MAIN FORUM, will be the occasional ones from the RA, that affect the group directly, i.e. the updating of the CoC. Other than that, even I will be putting small meta into the meta group, so that the main forum functions for what it was meant for. 

I will not be accepting comments on this. This is just a notification of a policy change. 

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