Remains of US Flier Shot Down over Laos in 1968 Return Home

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Remains of US Flier Shot Down over Laos in 1968 Return Home

MORRISVILLE, N.C. — The remains of an Air Force officer lost for almost 50 years after he was shot down over Southeast Asia finally came home Thursday to North Carolina, where he was greeted by his three children and a mile-long procession of roaring, flag-fluttering motorcycles.

Col. Edgar F. Davis was the navigator aboard a RF-4C Phantom fighter-bomber aircraft shot down during a night photo-reconnaissance mission over Laos in September 1968. His remains were identified in late December.


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1  seeder  Randy    11 months ago

Rest in Peace Col. Davis. It's nice to have you home at last.

"We don't give up. We'll never leave a soldier behind," said Joe Donnelly, a former Army major

No, we don't.

About 30 members of his extended family were on hand including his daughter and two sons, both retired Air Force officers, said Robert Kerns, spokesman at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Davis's children and other family members declined to talk to a reporter until his burial Friday in his native Goldsboro, home of the Air Force base.

2  seeder  Randy    11 months ago

I am incredibility and deeply ashamed of the members of this website, especially the veterans on here. I posted this 2 days ago and it fell right of the front page with no notice from anyone at all! And now it has disappeared from the front page and dropped down to where no will ever see it again!

A real genuine Air Force Hero Fighter Crew Memeber finally came home after almost 50 years after he was shot down over Laos and his family was finally able to give him the honorable funeral that he deserved and no one noticed!

Goddamn it he at least deserves a real RIP from the other Vets here!

2.1  T.Fargo  replied to  Randy @2    11 months ago

  It's Patriot's day, and this is a person befitting of that moniker.  A patriot KIA has finally come back to his sovereign.  Rest in peace Col. Davis.

Randy, thanks for posting this.  I can't speak for others, but I usually unplug over the weekend.  

2.2  JBB  replied to  Randy @2    11 months ago

Unless headlines are inflammatory articles pass to the bottom of the front page and unless bumped disappear.

I saw this story on news feeds. There is not much to say other than RIP and hope this brings his family peace...

2.2.1  1stwarrior  replied to  JBB @2.2    11 months ago

Concur JBB - it seems the ragging news/flame-articles/seeds/threads get the immediate coverage with their outrageous attempts at dialogue.

RIP Col. Davis - a warrior who deserves recognition.

3  Kavika     11 months ago

RIP Col. Davis. 

A long journey has ended and your home again.


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