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Proud to be a left wing liberal/socialist and Democrat. Pro-mental health rights. Pro-gay rights. Pro-choice. Veteran. Atheist. Safety Pin.

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Films that seem to never get old to you

Right now I am watching "Inherit the...
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@randy • 4 days ago • comments: 101
Posted a new Comment on Trump Vents About Lives ‘Destroyed By A Mere Allegation’ As Two Aides Resign:
"according to Cohen, the funds didn't come from Trump or, the Trump Campaign. Which also means that since Cohen has public said the money had nothing to do..."
@randy • 4 days ago • comments: 101
Posted a new Comment on Trump Vents About Lives ‘Destroyed By A Mere Allegation’ As Two Aides Resign:
"Maybe we should show you the body count. Not a single one. At least not one beyond the fevered mind of right wing conspiracy theorists."
@randy • 5 days ago • comments: 101
Posted a new Comment on Trump Vents About Lives ‘Destroyed By A Mere Allegation’ As Two Aides Resign:
"In related news last week 17 Jewish groups sent a letter to the WH asking for Stephen Miller to be fired for his racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and..."
@randy • 5 days ago • comments: 101
Posted a new Comment on Trump Vents About Lives ‘Destroyed By A Mere Allegation’ As Two Aides Resign:
"It also explains that there always have been and always will be a small, but very loud, ignorant and cowardly crowd trying to keep immigrants out of America..."
@randy • 5 days ago
@randy is now Friends with @skrekk
@randy • 5 days ago • comments: 156
Posted a new Comment on Only God Can Make America Great:
@randy • 5 days ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on @skrekk:
"I sent you a  friend request. I hope you'll accept. Randy"
@randy • 5 days ago • comments: 101
Posted a new Comment on Trump Vents About Lives ‘Destroyed By A Mere Allegation’ As Two Aides Resign:
"Before WWII antisemitism, was wide spread in the U.S. A lot of it was left over from the openness of the Ku Klux Klan movement just a few years before when..."
@randy • 5 days ago • comments: 0
Posted a new Comment on By not standing for Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics, VP Mike Pence embarrassed America:
"But then how is it different when Kolin Kapernick kneels to protest police brutality? It's not."
@randy • 5 days ago • comments: 0
Posted a new Comment on By not standing for Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics, VP Mike Pence embarrassed America:
"Grand Forks did not have a big selection of radio stations when I was there. I got there in Feb of 74 and left in the end of Aug of 77. when I was snowed..."

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Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom
link   Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom    one week ago

I've been missin' that fur-face!  So glad to see you back.

Larry Hampton
link   Larry Hampton    2 weeks ago

Dearest Randolph Scott, nice to see ya Bud!


Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    2 weeks ago

Hey Randy,

I'm happy to see you back and active again - you've been missed. I asked Perrie if you were okay, and she told me you were just taking a rest for a while.  I just applied to befriend you and hope you'll accept.  Since you've been away I've created two new groups, in case you're interested.  Antique and Classic Cars,  and Folksongs and Folkways.  And I've been posting many many photography articles.


link   Randy  replied to  Buzz of the Orient   2 weeks ago


I have be taking a much needed mental health break and am back for what may be a limited time, but I'ill gladly accept your friend offer. My depression has hit me really hard the past few months and I am serious considering hospitalization for awhile, but we shall see. Right now I am home bound in the the house expect for trips I can not avoid like buying food and going to Jewish family services for therapy. I even have my meds delivered by mail now so I don't have to get dressed to go to the drug store. My wife has also become much more disabled and can barely walk, so I spend a great deal of my time nursing her.

Anyway, life goes on.


link   Spikegary    10 months ago

I just read your article on Veterans.  I've been mostly on the road for the last week plus.  I would have commented and I did try, but it seems comments are closed on the article.  I am retired U.S. Air Force, after serving 21 years and change.  I was armed during parts of my career as a Command Post Controller, at SAC bases and in USAFE.  Stolen Valor, even if he didn't outright say it is plain old wrong.  Sounds like he's a lazy bastard that thinks the world should take care of him.


link   Randy  replied to  Spikegary   10 months ago


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. That's exactly what he was doing. He was trying to portray himself as a veteran, without exactly saying it, to try to get extra sympathy from others for his claim for disability and the government not giving it to him. The simple fact is that he doesn't get disability for his leg because there is nothing wrong with it. But that's really beside the point. It just really pisses me off when someone who hasn't earned the title claims it. He never raised his right hand. He never went to Basic Training. He never served. He does not have a DD214. He is not a veteran. He has, however, removed all of the comments about defending his country in uniform from his Facebook page. I know he doesn't give a shit about my opinion, so others must have jumped on him about it to. Either way I hope he learned his lesson.



Raven Wing
link   Raven Wing    last year

Thank you for the FR, Randy. It truly is an honor. (smile)

Raven ~

link   Randy  replied to  Raven Wing   11 months ago

I thought we were already friends and was shocked not to find you on my list. The pleasure is all mine and I apologize for not noticing sooner. Happy

Raven Wing
link   Raven Wing  replied to  Randy   11 months ago

Thank you, Randy. We were Friends for some time, but, I left NT for several months and just came back last month at Perrie's request to take over the Cat-Adorer group for Stephi Cantley, who was unable to admin the group for a while.

When I left, all my contacts and Friends were dropped off as well as everything else. So...when I returned to NT everything had to start over again. And of course I wanted to get my good Friends back again. 

I don't look at my home page that often myself, so no worries for taking a while to see the FR. I'm just glad that we are now Friends again. (big smile)

Larry Hampton
link   Randy  replied to  Larry Hampton   2 years ago

Thanks! I just sent them an email saying that I was a Computer Operator for the 321st SMW (SAC) from January 1974 to August 1977.

Jonathan P
link   Jonathan P    2 years ago
link   Neetu2    2 years ago

 Hi Randy, I sent a "follow" request to you and since you haven't accepted it, would like to undo it. How the heck do I do that? 

link   Neetu2  replied to  Neetu2   2 years ago

Well, thanks, Randy. Thought you weren't interested and I never persevere, usually. :)

Bob Nelson
link   Bob Nelson    2 years ago


I've been posting to my Blog for the last week or so... getting almost no reaction.

Now, that could be because no one is interested in what I post (  tough guy  ). But it could also be because posts to Blogs don't show up in the "Newest Comments" and "Newest Discussions" pages. Blog posts appear briefly on the NT Home page, in "Latest Activity", but they quickly fall off and are lost forever.

So... if you have appreciated my posts in the past, please stop by at my Blog, and if you like what you see there you can: 

   1) Stop by from time to time...

   2) Subscribe via RSS. RSS is a really, really REALLY good way to get your news. YOUR news, whatever YOU want to get. I've posted a tutorial.



link   sixpick    3 years ago

Thank you very much Randy for accepting my friend request.

link   sixpick    3 years ago

Thank you very much for the friend request Randy. It will be my honor.

Nowhere Man
link   Nowhere Man    3 years ago

I though we were friends too! No problem. and I agree with your synopsis on the other. See my response? Grin.gif

Petey Coober
link   Petey Coober    3 years ago

I am going to need clarification . You deleted "flaming fruit" from the following comment . Was it the flaming or the fruit ?


J Martin
link   J Martin    3 years ago

Thanks Randy.

Steve Ott
link   Steve Ott    3 years ago

Gladly accept. Thank you sir.

Neale Osborn
link   Neale Osborn    3 years ago

Do you know the secret handshake??

retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    3 years ago

Glad to be your friend. I'm so tired of snow and Ice. Spring is overdue in my mind.

link   screminmimi    3 years ago

As with A.Mac, proof that people can be friends and hold differing opinions! Happy to accept your FR, MM. Thank you.

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    3 years ago

Count on my friendship every time!

deepwater don
link   deepwater don    3 years ago

Got you MM. Glad to be friends anytime.

link   Neetu2    3 years ago

Mickey, I thought we WERE friends! Did you fall off my list or something? Hmmmm, thank you, anyway, for the FR. Gladly accepted or re-accepted!Grin.gifGrin.gif


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